Amazing Son-in-law 2762 Charlie wade

  This woman, is Xion's birth mother, He Yingxiu.

He Yingxiu was also a standard lady of the house, her appearance is a first-class beauty, plus years of martial arts training, tall and well-proportioned, but the lack of an arm does look a bit incongruous.

He Yingxiu at this time see Charlie and Cameron walked in, hurriedly stood up, expression and attitude more or less a few formal.

In her opinion, the other party is, after all, the young master of the wade family, noble status, and herself, just a member of a martial arts family, and also a disabled person, so the heart is also a little inferior.

As soon as Charlie entered the room, he walked towards her with a smile and spoke, "How do you do, you must be Ms. He Yingxiu He?"

When He Yingxiu saw Charlie, she also guessed from the details of Cameron opening the door for him that this person should be the young master of the wade family.

So, she said very humbly: "Young Master wade, I am just an insignificant female member of the He family, I cannot afford to be so polite to you, Young Master wade!

Charlie smiled faintly: "Ms. He does not need to say that, in terms of age, you are my elder, I naturally have to give respect.

He Yingxiu indeed did not expect Charlie was not half ......

The first impression of the young master's frame, deep inside, was good.

Moreover, she vaguely felt that the young young master in front of her, although she could not see any martial arts cultivation, but always gave a sense of unfathomable, should not be ordinary people.

So, she asked very respectfully: "Young Master wade, I wonder what exactly you are looking for me for?

Charlie smiled and said: "Please sit down first Ms. He, don't stand and talk.

"Good," He Yingxiu nodded and sat back down on the sofa.

Charlie also sat down opposite her and said: "I heard that Ms. He's family is a very famous martial arts family in China?

He Yingxiu said: "Young Master wade, our family does practice martial arts for many years, but it is not very famous, after all, many families in the country crouching tigers hide dragons, there should be many stronger than the He family.''

Charlie laughed:" Ms. He need not be so modest, as far as I know, the He family is one of the four major martial arts families in China, to be ranked in the top four, proves that it is definitely not a vain name.

He Yingxiu smiled lightly and said: ''Martial arts family originally ......

In the end, it is still necessary to survive with a real top family, otherwise, once a family like ours is without the financial support of a top family, I am afraid that the family's descendants will not even have the conditions to cultivate the martial arts."

She looked at Charlie and asked curiously, "Young Master wade, you asked to see me by name, I wonder what is the matter? Is it because the wade family is interested in cooperating with our He family?

Ye Chen smiled: "Of course I want to cooperate with Ms. He and the He family in depth, but I do not represent the wade family, but I represent myself.

He Yingxiu was a bit puzzled for a moment, this young master of the wade family in front of him, yet he said that he did not represent the wade family, could it be that he had already set up his own business?

At this time, Charlie said again: "Right Ms. He, I invited you over this time, mainly to let you come over to meet an old friend, as for the cooperation, we can talk about it in the long run.


An old friend? He Yingxiu asked in surprise: "Young Master wade, I wonder which one is the deceased person you are talking about?

Charlie smiled and said: ''Don't be anxious yet, Ms. He, you will know who it is when she arrives later.

After saying that, he gave a wink to Cameron and spoke: "Old Cameron, go and invite the person over