Amazing Son-in-law 2761 Charlie wade

  At this time, the Banks family's butler Banks Anshun spoke up at the side: ''Master, I always feel that this matter is very fishy, the wade family 80% still can't get away with it.

Lord Banks let out a long sigh: 'Yes. Even if the wade family is responsible, we do not have any good way this time, after all, from the beginning, Zayne deliberately avoid the outsiders, there is no evidence to prove that he has been to Buckingham Palace, how can we bite this to determine that he is missing in Buckingham Palace? Even if this matter to the top, it is also we are unreasonable.

Banks Anshun depressed said: " Then we can not just eat this dumb loss ah, the second young master is missing, the first young master is also missing, when we Banks family has eaten this If word gets out, in the future in front of outsiders, Banks family will lose face!

Lord Banks clenched his fist, his heart always had nowhere to vent his anger.

Two sons have disappeared one after another, how can he not be angry.

However, the two sons are like stone sinking into the sea, so that people can not find any information and clues, how to look at this is full of strange.

Moreover, although Lord Banks also knows that the wade family must have inevitable involvement, but he still does not want to believe that all this is the wade family.

Because in his perception of the wade family, the wade family definitely does not have the ability to do so. ......

Take the situation of the second son James disappearance, at that time the Banks family's top expert, He Lao, stayed with James at the Aurous Hill International Hotel, fully safeguarding James's safety.

But even so, James still disappeared under the eyes of He Lao.

Afterwards, He Lao not only apologized but also concluded that the person who kidnapped the second young master was definitely stronger than him.

Just this one statement made Lord Bank's heart palpitate.

For one thing, he couldn't figure out how someone in Aurous Hill could be stronger than He Lao, and for another, he didn't believe that the wade family could have such a top expert under them.

So, he coldly said to Banks Anshun: "Aurous Hill this place is extraordinary, there may really be some great experts inhabiting here, I do not know if that old man Mai can find the relevant clues this time, I have invited a top metaphysical master from the UK, let him quietly go to Aurous Hill, if you can find clues, this person will be able to kill him, to get rid of my heart's trouble!

Banks Anshun couldn't help but ask: 'Master, then what do we need Mai and his great-grandson for? They have taken so much money from us, and they are not willing to help us kill, the cost performance is too low!"

Lord Banks was also inevitably a bit annoyed and said, "This old thing, Mai! I was looking at my father's respect for him . On top of that...

If he can help me find the mastermind this time, everything is fine, if not, I think he does not have to think about returning to the United States!

After several hours of flight, He Yingxiu(Xion's mother) finally arrived in Aurous Hill before dark.

As soon as the plane landed, Cameron's men directly used a helicopter to bring her from the airport to Buckingham Palace.

Hearing that she had arrived at Buckingham Palace, Cameron's immediately came to the door of Charlie's room and knocked on the door.

When Charlie opened the door, he said respectfully: "Young master, He Yingxiu has arrived, when will you see her?

Charlie opened his mouth and said: " Just now, where is the person?

Cameron replied respectfully: " I asked my men to send her to my office.

Charlie nodded: "Go, go to your office and meet her."

Cameron asked busily:" Young master, should we invite Miss Xion over as well?

"There is no hurry first." Charlie spoke, "I want to talk to her first.


Charlie and Cameron came to his office together, and Cameron opened the door first. At that moment, on the sofa of the office, there was a middle-aged woman who was 40 or 50 years old and had only one arm