Amazing Son-in-law 2756 Charlie wade

   Speaking of this, Lord wade gave a sarcastic laugh and said, "For example, in the case of him and his aunt, his own aunt, but so what? When she went to Aurous Hill, she bypassed him and went to meet Charlie's mother-in-law, telling her what to do and meddling in his marriage, so Charlie could detain her for half a month and make her suffer in Aurous Hill."

After saying this, Lord wade shook his head while laughing and lamenting, "Aiya! She has lived for forty to fifty years, these forty to fifty years have never suffered anything, and not even a little bit, but as a result, she fell into the hands of Charlie and had a full meal in one breath ......"

The first time the words fell, Ye Zhongquan's expression became serious again and he spoke: "But Charlie is a bit impulsive this time! It's so irrational to make a direct move against the Banks family! The Banks family is only suffering from damage to its reputation and ocean shipping, but the rest of its business is still running normally, and it's not time to break its bones yet, and for him to directly strike at Zayne, isn't this forcing the Wade family to go to war with the Banks family?" 

Stephen Thompson followed Lord wade words at this time and said, "Master, if we really start a war, it's not a bad idea, anyway, the Banks family has always been our biggest rival,......

Although we have been living together peacefully for twenty years, sooner or later we will turn against each other in the future."

Lord wade waved his hand and said, "Although that's true, it can't be done like that. Our conflict with the Banks family is, frankly speaking, a conflict of money, a conflict of interests, a conflict of status, but not a conflict of death and life. And we don't have any advantage in martial arts fighting, in case the Banks family gets desperate and makes a move against us too, then we'll be in big trouble."

Saying that, he took out his mobile phone and spoke, "I'll call Charlie first and ask what exactly is going on."

At this moment, Charlie was meditating and resting at Buckingham Palace.

The excessive amount of aura he had consumed in Syria earlier always made him feel more or less mentally regressed and had a feeling of not having woken up.

He also wanted to try to absorb the so-called heaven and earth aura from his surroundings according to the method mentioned in the Nine Mysteries of Heaven Sutra, but how could there be any heaven and earth aura in this modern, iron-walled metropolis?

The ground is a dozen meters below the underground garages and foundations, with very little soil, and even those green trees were transplanted from behind.


There is no point in having such trees, even if they are a hundred years old, because these ancient trees suffered a huge loss of their own aura when they were artificially transplanted, and when they were transplanted into the city, with its shallow, heavily polluted soil, it would be nice to be alive, so how could there be any aura left to speak of?

The feeling was like being thrown into the middle of the Sahara desert, with the unobstructed burst of sunlight above his head and the endless dry desert beneath his feet, even the moisture in the air had long since evaporated to the extreme, trying to find water here was not a fool's errand, was it?

The phone rang and he opened his eyes from his disappointment, glancing at the phone screen, his brow furrowed again.

"Lord wade?"

"It seems that the old man has come to ask for help."

Charlie let out a light hum and pressed the answer button.


Lord Wade's voice came through.

Charlie then asked, "Is there something wrong?"

Lord wade blurted out, "Charlie, tell grandpa the truth, did you do the disappearance of Zayne in Aurous Hill?"

Charlie let out a hint and said blandly, "Yes, I did it, what's wrong?"