Amazing Son-in-law 2751 Charlie wade

  He Yuanjiang was indeed very happy today.

Not only was his only daughter out of danger, but she had returned to him in peace.

What was more important was that after this time, she must know more about the dangers of the world and would no longer blindly pursue some unrealistic ideals like she did before.

Moreover, her daughter had also promised Charlie that she would stay and help him, which meant that she could have a long period of time to live with her daughter in the safe and peaceful city of Aurous Hill.

He was so happy that he naturally had a few more drinks.

After three rounds of wine, He Yuanjiang became a little drunk.

He thanked Charlie three times in quick succession and finally focused the conversation on his daughter_s body.

He looked at his only daughter with eyes that were three parts drunk and seven parts doting, and sighed: Zhiqiu, you and Charlie are about the same age, but Charlie has been married for four years, so it's time for you to take your personal problems seriously, right?

He Zhiqiu had drunk half a bottle of red wine, and although she was not drunk, her face was already flushed.

Hearing that her father was suddenly concerned about her own life, she said awkwardly, "Dad, there's no need to be so anxious about this kind of thing, there are so many friends around me, and at my age I'm still studying in school.

As she said that, she suddenly remembered that since ......

I once lied to my father, and hurriedly said: "And then again I have told you that situation.

He Yuanjiang looked at her and paused for more than ten seconds before he finally sighed and said with some emotional emotion: " Even if you like girls, you should find a girlfriend at this age, right?"

"". He Zhiqiu didn't expect her father to say these words in front of Charlie, so she felt incomparably embarrassed and didn't know how to reply at once.

Charlie suddenly remembered what He Yuanjiang had told himself before, that He Zhiqiu, the girl, did seem to be very rebellious, and her sexual orientation was not quite the same as ordinary girls.

Thinking of this, the first thing that came to Charlie's mind was the other two women's hostages that he saw in Syria's Hamid.

So he asked off the cuff: " Zhi Syria your two female companions, would not have your other half, right?"

He Zhiqiu a - listen to this, the whole person immediately confused, a few seconds will come back to consciousness, shamefacedly said: "Mr. Wade what you say. Those are my classmates how can there be another one of me?

She did not expect, Charlie heard this, all of a sudden relieved, lamented: "Oops, no good, no good."

He Yuanjiang at this time himself smothered a glass of wine, and then raised his hand in mid-air constantly gestured and said: "In fact, Dad now also look away, now this society, this situation is not ......

It is very common, many countries have legalized marriage, including the United States, if you find the other half of your choice, you can completely get a marriage license in the United States.

He Zhiqiu was so embarrassed that he quickly said, "Oops, I think you must have drunk too much, why don't you drink less?"

I didn't drink too much," He Yuanjiang said seriously: "In fact, these words have been bottled up in my heart for a long time, and I've always wanted to tell you, but I just haven't found the opportunity to do so.

He said, not waiting for He Zhiqiu reply, he continued: "Dad really hope is that you can be happy and healthy, not necessarily live into the way I want you to live into, life is short, you live in accordance with your own favorite way to live.

When he said this, he at least poured himself a glass of wine and drank it all in one gulp, then said: "Dad has also paid attention to some girls abroad during this period of time, who are in the same situation as you, and I found that their lives are also very happy and joyful, and they also have the understanding as well as support from their friends and family around them, and some of them have even gotten legally married and live together openly, and there are even quite a few I think this is also a very good solution, as it can meet this need of your choice of spouse and also allow you to continue your bloodline, killing two birds with one stone, don't you think?

He Zhiqiu's expression was already jaw-dropping.