Amazing Son-in-law 2750 Charlie wade

  This is mainly because the Chanel dress that Charlie bought for her does not have pockets, so she did not know where to put the dress, and could only carry it behind her back first.

Seeing Charlie, He Zhiqiu some blushing said: "Charlie wade really is too thank you!

Charlie smiled faintly and said seriously: "It's all right, does it fit this time?

He Zhiqiu nodded with a red face.

The underwear really fit very well this time.

But she didn't quite feel like saying it directly.

So, she could only slightly lower her eyelids and said unnaturally: "Mr. Wade, how much did it cost in total, please calculate it, I will return it to you later!

Charlie waved his hand: "There is no need to be so polite between you and me, I am also your future boss anyway, consider it a gift for your induction."

He Zhiqiu is even more bashful, thinking in his heart: "The induction gift to send clothes is still justifiable, but to send stockings and underwear is what kind of thing '

But thinking about it, if you no longer entangled, this matter is now considered to be over, but if you have to return the money to Charlie, then this matter is not yet finished.

Such an embarrassing thing, she just want to turn the page as soon as possible, do not want to have any more continued ......

The set.

So he hurriedly said gratefully: "Since Mr. Wade has said so, then I will not be polite to you.

After saying that, she hurriedly turned around, while hiding that clothing in front of her body again, and returned to her seat with her head bowed.

At this time, He Yuanjiang pushed the door in, said with a smile: ''went to look around, really do not know how to choose, Mr. Albert recommended a few special dishes, but I'm not sure if it fits your appetite.

Charlie laughed and said: ''Their food tastes good, if you feel really not to your liking, you can try something else.

As we were talking, Albert personally came in with four bottles of the reserve grade thirty years Maotai wine and respectfully said: ''Master wade, Professor He, you two drink these four bottles of wine first, not enough I will get!

He Yuanjiang said: "Mr. Albert, I can't drink that much, when I was young I could drink about a catty, now I can drink six or seven taels, not to mention the high degree of Maotai, I reckon I can only half a bottle at most.

Albert laughed: "Professor He, although the degree of this wine is high, but drink not head, you can be open to drink a few more cups!

He Yuanjiang was in an extraordinarily good mood and said: "Good! Then drink a few more cups!

Hearing this, Charlie took the initiative to pour a glass of white wine for He Yuanjiang and himself, and instructed Albert: "......

Albert, you prepare some drinks for Miss He.

Albert was about to go get it when He Yuanjiang spoke up: "Zhiqiu, Charlie is your life-saver, you also drink, just in time to toast him a few cups!

He Zhiqiu hesitated a little, then nodded and said: "Yes, Dad."

Charlie said: "Zhiqiu has not rested well, according to my opinion, white wine forget, Hong Wu go get a bottle of red wine over.

Albert said: "Okay, Master wade, I'll go now.

He Zhiqiu looked at Charlie gratefully and said: Mr. Wade, then I will toast you with red wine later!

Charlie laughed and said: ''We two are peers, from now on we should not be so polite to each other, just call me by my name directly.

He Zhiqiu nodded gently and said: ''Then I will call you Mr. Wade in the future at work, and your name in private.

Charlie smiled faintly and did not say more.

After Albert brought the red wine over, He Yuanjiang then picked up the glass and said to Charlie: "Charlie, this girl of mine, is my only bloodline, toast you with Zhiqiu, thank you for saving my life!

Charlie hurriedly stood up, picked up the wine cup and said: "Uncle He is too much, thank you words do not say, all in the wine."

He Yuanjiang immediately said: "That's right! It's all in the wine, come on, I'll drink first!