Amazing Son-in-law 2747 Charlie wade

When Charlie parked his car at the entrance of the Heavenly Fragrance House, Albert had already arrived.

Once he saw Charlie coming, he hurriedly greeted him with the manager of Tian Xiang House and said respectfully, "Master wade, the diamond box has been arranged for you."

Charlie nodded, pointed to He Yuanjiang(Hank) beside him, and He Zhiqiu(Ziva) who just got off, and said: "Albert, let me introduce to you, this is Professor He Yuanjiang of Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics, and the one behind is Professor He's daughter, Miss He Zhiqiu He.

Albert hurriedly went forward and politely said: Professor He, Miss He, my name is Don Albert, it's a pleasure to meet you both!

He Yuanjiang and He Zhiqiu also politely nodded with Albert to show their goodwill!

Charlie said: " Albert, in the future, if Professor He and Miss He need any help in Aurous Hill, you must go to more trouble.

Albert did not say a word and said: "Master wade, don't worry, with your words, in the future, Professor He and Miss He just ask, I Albert will do my best!"

Charlie nodded and said to him, "You first take Professor He and Miss He into ......

Go, arrange the meal and drinks first, I'm going out for something else, I'll be back in 10 minutes.

After that, he said to Professor He: "Uncle He, you and Zhiqiu go in first and sit down, I'll be back in a minute.

Okay." He Yuanjiang nodded and said, "Then we'll go in first and wait for you, don't be in a hurry on the way.


Charlie handed the father and daughter duo to Albert, rushed back to the cab, started the car, turned around and headed to the mall that he had just passed.

With the experience of buying underwear in the morning, Charlie relaxed a lot this time, as soon as he entered the store, he directly approached the salesman to ask, because the set bought in the morning was black, so he bought a separate black upper body underwear this time.

As for the size, in view of the morning body has been damaged by He Zhiqiu, so he simply added two sizes directly, from A to C.

After buying the underwear, Charlie will hoof back, in front of the Tianxiang House re-parked the car, ready to get out of the car, suddenly realized that he could not directly carry the bag of underwear directly to the box, otherwise by He Yuanjiang ......

Seeing that, he might also think he was a rascal.

So, he took the underwear out of the bag and folded it up and stuffed it into his pocket.

This way, although the pocket is bulging, but the good thing is that others will not think that it contains a female underwear.

At this moment, He Yuanjiang and He Zhiqiu were sitting and chatting in the diamond box.

He Yuanjiang wanted to know the details of his daughter's abduction in Syria, so he asked a series of questions.

He Zhiqiu answered somewhat distractedly, but all that was on her mind was the matter of her underwear.

It was the first time she had ever encountered such a dilemma, with her disconnected underwear hanging crookedly inside her clothes, and how uncomfortable it felt.

At this time, Charlie pushed the door and walked in.

Once you see Charlie, He Zhiqiu heart is more annoyed.

Not hate Charlie, the main is Charlie bought her this set of underwear, indeed she pitted a bad enough.

The bottom one is extremely revealing, bite the bullet and put up with it, but the top one is really going to kill people!"