Amazing Son-in-law 2743 Charlie wade

 When He Yuanjiang heard He Zhiqiu's words, his whole body was instantly shaken.


      When he saw He Zhiqiu's face, he shouted out in shock, "Zhiqiu is really you!


      Although He Zhiqiu was standing right in front of him, deep down in his heart, He Yuanjiang still could not believe that this woman in front of him was really his daughter.


      Because, in his heart, he was so sure that his daughter must still be in Syria.


      There was no possibility that she would suddenly appear in front of him.


      Especially since he had just spoken to Charlie, and even Charlie had not even seen her now.


      Moreover, the US had not sent anyone to rescue her, so there was no chance that the Syrian opposition forces, who had taken her daughter hostage, would release her back.


      To take a step back, even if the Syrian reactionaries really showed mercy, there was no way she would appear in Aurous Hill so soon.


      Therefore, in this instant, he thought that a time mistake had occurred, and the whole person was in a cloud of confusion, and did not know what to respond at once.


      He Zhiqiu was originally very excited and thankful to see her father, but for some reason, after the incident of her father not recognising her, she was suddenly a little unhappy in her heart.


      So, she looked at He Yuanjiang with a puff of anger and complained, "I'm a big living person standing in front of you, and you still don't believe me?


      He Yuanjiang said, "I believe you, I believe Coco. It's how you came to Aurous Hill that's impossible!


      He Zhiqiu shook his head helplessly, turned to look at Charlie wade who was standing against the wall and said to his father, "Here, how did I come to Aurous Hill, just ask him."


      He Yuanjiang was standing inside the door frame and had no idea that there was someone hiding outside the door against the wall. He hurriedly looked out to see, and it was Charlie wade who also happened to have removed his mask and met him at eye level.


      Charlie saw the shocked and puzzled look in He Yuanjiang's eyes, smiled and waved his hand, saying: "Hi, Uncle He.


      "Charlie" He Yuanjiang's entire body was even more jaw-dropped, hurriedly asking after him, "This


      What the hell is going on here?"


      Charlie smiled and asked him, "Can we talk inside?


      Only then did He Yuanjiang come back to his senses and said excitedly, "Quickly, quickly, quickly come in"


      Charlie and He Zhiqiu entered He Yuanjiang's office together, and He Yuanjiang then pulled He Zhiqiu and him to sit on the sofa.


      Charlie laughed to himself as he shook the mask in his hand, "It seems like I don't have much use for this thing either."


      He Yuanjiang said impatiently, "Oh, tell me quickly, what is going on? You just said that people are in Syria, so you two are lying to me together.


      Charlie laughed, "I just wanted to give you a surprise


      He Yuanjiang hurriedly said: "Surprise indeed, this is a big surprise!


      He said, he hurriedly asked: "Tell me, how exactly did you come back?


      The other side was quick to let Zhiqiu go.


      He said, "I don't think you've suffered anything over there, have you?