Amazing Son-in-law 2742 Charlie wade

 The two of them got off the bus and walked directly into the office building. He Zhiqiu followed Charlie and whispered a little nervously: "Do you know where my father's office is?


      Charlie nodded his head: "Yes, you can go with me without worrying.


      At this moment, He Yuanjiang was pacing back and forth in his office.


      His only daughter was far away in Syria and her fate was not known, so he was naturally worried.


      He felt that his spirit had been stretched to the limit. If there was no news from his daughter today, he would have to take a leave of absence from school and go to Syria himself.


      He also knew that he was not capable of rescuing his daughter and might not even be able to reach the place where she was being held, but he still wished he could be closer to her in space, which would give him some measure of solace in his heart.


      Just as he was getting restless, there was a sudden knock at the door.


      His troubled thoughts were forcibly interrupted, so he had to step up to the door and open it with his hand.


      As soon as the door opened, he saw a young and fashionable woman standing outside the door, except that she was wearing a mask and he could not tell what she looked like, so he was surprised and asked, "Hello, what can I do for you?


      He Yuanjiang did not recognise his daughter standing in front of him.


      It wasn't that he was so unfamiliar with his daughter, but as far as he could remember, his daughter He Zhiqiu had never worn such fashionable and feminine clothes.


      She was a graduate of Stanford University, so her dressing style was almost identical to that of the programmers in Silicon Valley, with t-shirts with jeans in summer and sweatshirts and down jackets with jeans in winter.


      The girl in front of her, on the other hand, was a very sophisticated and dress-conscious kind of person, and her style was the same as He Zhiqiu's.


      Besides, he didn't even think about his daughter, after all, in his subconscious, she was thousands of kilometres away in Syria and would never suddenly come to him.


      He Zhiqiu also did not expect that her father would not recognise her.


      She looked He Yuanjiang up and down with her eyes wide with amazement and a few hints in her eyes.


      However, He Yuanjiang was not in the mood to carefully guess the meaning in her eyes.


      Seeing that the girl in front of him was only staring at him but not saying anything, He Yuanjiang did not have the patience to continue to spend time here and directly said, "If there is nothing else, please go back."


      After saying that, he directly closed the door behind him.


      Outside the door, He Zhiqiu's whole body was dumbfounded.


      He had never dreamed that his father would not recognise him after just wearing a mask.


      Not only did he not recognise himself, he even closed the door behind him.


     Charlie, who was leaning against the wall, looked at her with a smile on his face and asked in a low voice: "Well, are you convinced?


      He Zhiqiu puffed up and said, "Big deal, I'll just buy you dinner tonight."


      Charlie waved his hand: "Not tonight, I have to go home tonight, my wife is still waiting for me at home.


      He Zhiqiu was surprised and asked: "You are married?




      Charlie nodded: "I've been married for four years.


      He Zhiqiu's heart suddenly felt a bit empty, but she quickly adjusted to it and said: "Okay, then we can talk about dinner some other time, anyway, I will stay in Jinling and work for you from now on, so I can honour the bet anytime.


      Charlie smiled faintly: "Good, this meal will be remembered first.


      After saying that, he pointed to the door of He Yuanjiang's office and smiled: ''Do you want to give your father another chance


      He Zhiqiu raised his hand somewhat gamely and knocked on the door again.


      Duk Duk Duk.


      Inside, He Yuanjiang was obviously a bit annoyed and pulled open the door with a bit of anger, seeing the same girl, she asked, "What is it that you want?


      He Zhiqiu stomped her foot in anger and directly took off her mask, saying: "He Yuanjiang, you can't even recognize your own daughter!