Amazing Son-in-law 2740 Charlie wade

  Wearing Chanel's custom-made dress and matching it with bottomed leggings as well as white leather shoes, He Zhiqiu's whole person had a few moments of noble and reserved feeling.


      In fact, her dress was worn by the European princess who had been very popular some time ago in public, which was very elegant and tasteful.


      Only, who could have known that inside such a reserved and noble dress of He Zhiqiu was a set of intimate clothing that made her feel very ashamed of herself.


      Charlie, who knew what was going on inside, could not help but say with a bit of smugness when he saw that she was dressed appropriately: "Aiya, it seems that I have a good eye, this outfit really matches you, and it seems to be the right size




      He Zhiqiu's face instantly turned red to her neck


      She thought to herself, "The outside does fit, but the inside doesn't. I don't know if you have a heart or a mind, but if you have a heart, then you're too mean."


      And the top was so obviously small that I could hardly breathe!


      But she wouldn't have dared to say such a thing.


      So, she could only nod awkwardly and said, "It's hard for Mr. Wade, the clothes and shoes all fit well.


      Charlie nodded his head and was a bit confused in his heart, the clothes and shoes fit, but he didn't know if the underwear fit.


      However, this kind of question cannot be asked, so he simply digressed and said to her: "It's late, let's go.


      "Okay," He Zhiqiu nodded gently.


      Charlie asked Cameron to send him a car key, so he drove He Zhiqiu to Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics in a Buckingham Palace Leslie.


      On the way, He Zhiqiu had been looking around curiously, especially when she reached the centre of Aurous Hill, she couldn't help but say: "Aurous Hill is only a second-tier city, how come it is so well developed and looks like a cosmopolitan city


      The company has been developing at a rapid pace over the years, and in addition to the first-tier cities, there are also a large number of approved first-tier cities, and Aurous Hill considered a quasi-first-tier.


      He Zhiqiu nodded and said with emotion: "I used to think that Aurous Hill was just a medium-sized city, but I didn't expect it to develop so well, it seems that the situation in the country is indeed very different from what the western media propagates.


      Charlie laughed: "That's natural, the western media are all lemons, they are so sour all the time.


      He Zhiqiu agreed and said, "It's true, they love to report those smear and smear content every day."


      As she said that, He Zhiqiu felt herself strangling more and more uncomfortable, and thinking about the shameful style, she couldn't help but feel a bit depressed, so she deliberately said to Charlie: "Mr. Wade, do you often buy underwear for your girlfriend


      Charlie didn't expect He Zhiqiu to suddenly talk about this, so while embarrassed, he also replied in passing: "How is it possible, today is the first time!


      He Zhiqiu pretended to be surprised and asked, "Really?


      Charlie nodded and said, "Of course it's true.


      He Zhiqiu also asked: "Then will you be embarrassed when you enter the shop"


      Charlie sighed: "It was quite embarrassing, there were prosthetic models wearing all kinds of lingerie everywhere, my eyes didn't dare to look around, I could only point out a set on a random model, then I hurriedly bought it back.


      He Zhiqiu nodded gently and thought to herself: "It seems that that style was not intended by Mr. Wade either.


      She then saw that Charlie seemed to be a bit restrained when talking about this matter, and could not help but laugh in her heart: "I didn't expect that such a powerful person as Mr. Wade would be embarrassed at times. I didn't expect Mr. Wade, who is such a powerful person, to be embarrassed."