Amazing Son-in-law 2737 Charlie wade

Charlie didn't know what was wrong with the underwear he had bought, as he had just taken a look at the front, thinking of a quick fix, so he simply pointed it out in passing.


      However, if he had gone around to the back, he would have found that the underwear was actually a thong shape made up of two strings


      After buying the clothes, Charlie returned to the hotel's guest room department, seeing that it was almost 12 noon and He Zhiqiu(Ziva) had not moved in her room, so he went straight to the door of her room and pressed the doorbell.


      The doorbell rang for several minutes before He Zhiqiu woke up.


      After waking up, she stretched beautifully, her body feeling indescribably comfortable.


      Then, wrapped in her bathrobe and sleepily coming to the door, she looked through the cat's eye and found Charlie standing outside the door, hurriedly opened the door and respectfully said: "Mr. Wade!


      Charlie smiled faintly and asked her, "How did you rest?


      He Zhiqiu said, "I feel that the sleep I had just now was the most relaxing and comfortable I have ever had in my life.


      "The first time I saw you, I was able to see you.


      The moment He Zhiqiu heard this, she hastily agreed, saying: "Yes, yes, then I'll go and change my clothes.


      The clothes she wore were dirty and torn, and they were even stained with the blood of someone. If she wore those clothes to meet her father, she was afraid that they would make him feel bad.


      When she was hesitant and didn't know what to do, Charlie suddenly remembered something, raised his hand, handed her some bags in his hand and said: "I bought you a new dress just now, I don't know if it fits, if it doesn't fit, you can make do with it first, let's go see your father first, then I'll take you out to buy something that fits.


      He Zhiqiu didn't expect Charlie to be so considerate. Just when she was worried about her clothes, he took out the new clothes he had bought and gave them to her.


      In her opinion, this act was not only considerate, but also a gift in snow.


      In her eyes, Charlie's image instantly became even taller.


      So she hurriedly said gratefully: ''Thank you so much Mr. Wade!


      Charlie smiled faintly: ''No need to be polite, then I will go back to the opposite room and wait for you, come and call me when you are ready.




      When He Zhiqiu returned to her room, she hurriedly wanted to see what kind of clothes Charlie had bought for her.


      She had been brought up in a privileged and materially privileged way, so she had long been accustomed to designer luxuries, so what she was really looking forward to was Charlie's vision and aesthetics.


      After all, she felt that the clothes that a man bought for a woman must be something that the man himself thought looked good and would like to see the woman wearing afterwards.


      So, from these clothes, one should be able to see Charlie's aesthetics and intentions as well.


      So, she first opened a few Chanel bags.


      Taking the clothes out one by one from inside, she realised that it turned out to be a set of high-fashion dresses, as well as a pair of black bottomed silk stockings.


      Seeing the stockings, He Zhiqiu couldn't help but blush a little.