Amazing Son-in-law 2733 Charlie wade

  Hearing that it was the wade family calling, not only did He Yingxiu not dare to believe it, He Hongsheng, who was at the side, was also full of shock.


      Just as He Yingxiu was astonished, Cameron opened his mouth and asked, "Ms. He, I wonder if it's convenient to talk now"


      He Yingxiu came back to her senses and hurriedly replied, "It's convenient, please go ahead.


      Cameron smiled and said, "Our young master would like to ask Ms. He to meet him for a chat, I wonder if she has time."


      He asked, "I don't know what your young master wants to talk to me about.


      Cameron said: "Of course, we want to talk about cooperation. Our young master would like to discuss whether there are opportunities for in-depth cooperation between the wade family and the He family.


      She was planning to go to the coast of the Jiaodong Peninsula to look for clues about her daughter, so she really didn't have the heart to talk about cooperation with the young master of the wade family at this time.


      However, when she thought of the special situation of the He family, she needed to find a strong attachment, so she hurriedly said, "Mr. Cameron, what time and place would your young master like to arrange a meeting? If my time does not permit, can I ask the rest of the He family to go over to meet with him"


      Cameron said, "Our young master is in Aurous Hill, sooner the better, but if it's someone else, forget it, our young master wants to meet with Ms. He by name.


      When He Yingxiu heard this, her face suddenly looked difficult.


      She was going to the Jiaodong Peninsula, while Aurous Hill was the other direction, so if she agreed to go to Aurous Hill herself, she would definitely delay her plans and journey to find her daughter.


      However, her father, He Hongsheng, hurriedly gave her a wink, signalling that she must say yes.


      Seeing her father's face full of tension and expectation, He Yingxiu struggled for a moment and had no choice but to say, "Well then, since Young Master wade thinks so highly of me, then I will go to Aurous Hill to meet him.


      The nearest airport is still a few hundred kilometres away from me, and there is no direct flight from there to Aurous Hill, so the soonest I can get to Aurous Hill is tomorrow.


      Cameron said: "If it's convenient for Ms. He, I can arrange a private jet to pick you up.


      After a pause, Cameron added: "How about this, Ms. He, give me your current address, I will arrange for a helicopter to take off from the nearest airport to pick you up, then arrange for a private jet to wait at the airport, after the helicopter picks you up at the airport, the private jet should also arrive, at that time, you can directly take the private jet to Aurous Hill, if it is fast, you can arrive tonight.


      "So urgent" He Yingxiu was a little confused for a moment.


      She couldn't figure out why the young master of the wade family was in such a hurry to see himself.


      Even if he was really keen to reach a cooperation with his own family, there was no need to be in such a hurry.


      Because, according to this kind of planning by Cameron, it would cost the wade family millions just to pick themselves up and go to Aurous Hill.    

      Firstly, the helicopter would have to fly a total of 700 to 800 kilometres round trip, and then the private jet would have to fly more than 5,000 kilometres round trip, which is a bit of a big deal.


      But for He Yingxiu, the timing couldn't be better, because she had originally planned to go to the Jiaodong Peninsula, and even if she left today, it would be night time when she arrived at the airport after driving several hundred kilometres, and that airport is not very big, with no more than ten flights a day.