Amazing Son-in-law 2732 Charlie wade

  He Hongsheng said: "I probably thought about it, or put the cooperation of the main family within the scope of Eastcliff to find, Eastcliff big family, in addition to the Banks family, but also the wade family, Gu (Sun) family, really can not, we can also cooperate with the Thorne family, after all, the enemy of the enemy is a friend, I believe that the Thorne family must also have such an intention, Deana now life and death is unknown, this matter they can not eat this The matter is not likely to be a dumb loss for them.

        He Yingxiu nodded, forced himself to think for a moment and said: "Dad, these three families are very strong, it is good if we can cooperate, but I still don't recommend cooperating with the Thorne family.

        He Hongsheng asked, "Why?

        He Yingxiu said, "The Thorne family is in a special situation, not only is their offspring doing good business, but they also have someone in a high position, so even if they are extremely unhappy with the Banks family, they are unlikely to cooperate with a martial arts family like us, if word gets out, it will have an impact on their reputation, and it is not easy to explain to the public."

        He Hongsheng suddenly understood and said offhandedly, "No wonder I always feel that the Banks family is a bit unlucky in this situation now, the ocean shipping business is so big and strong, yet the license was suddenly revoked, it seems likely that it was the Thorne family's handiwork.

        Yes. He Yingxiu said: "The Thorne family people will definitely choose reasonable and legal means, even if they are using the rules of the game, they must be within the realm of reasonable and legal, but we, the martial arts family, in their eyes are people who wander in the grey area at the edge of society, they will definitely draw a line in the sand with us.

        He Hongsheng nodded and said, "I understand, it seems that we still have to find a breakthrough point in the wade family and Gu family. We have to find a breakthrough point on the wade and Gu families.

        After finishing talking, he stood up and said: "Yingxiu, in this way, I will transfer you a thousand more privately. you go to Jiaodong Peninsula and look for it again. If you still can’t find it this time, Dad suggests that you also face reality appropriately. If your whereabouts are unknown, you can’t watch yourself and the whole He family languish.

        He Yingxiu nodded gratefully and choked up, saying: "Dad, thank you!

        He Hongsheng waved his hand and said, "Don't tell your brother and the others about this, understand?

        "I understand, Dad.

        He Yingxiu had just finished speaking when his mobile phone suddenly rang.

        A Aurous Hill landline number with a tail number of six eight was calling.

        She was a little surprised, but pressed the answer button and spoke: "Hello, who is this

        Cameron politely on the other end of the phone, asking: "Is this Ms. He Yingxiu?

        "Yes, this is me, who is this?

      Isaac Cameron was busy saying: "Hello Ms. He, introduce myself, my surname is Cameron, I am the head of the Eastcliff wade family in Aurous Hill"

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   "People of the wade Family" He Yingxiu was shocked to speak. She could never have imagined that she would be talking to her father about the wade family, or even that her father would want to get in touch with the wade family, and then someone from the wade family would call her on her mobile phone.