Amazing Son-in-law 2731 Charlie wade

  In response, He Hongsheng, the head of the He family and He Yingxiu's father, looked a bit puzzled and spoke: "Yingxiu, these days after you went to the southeastern coast, your big brother approached me for a chat.

        He Yingxiu asked, "Dad, what did big brother talk to you about?"

        He Hongsheng sighed and said, "In order to find Xion, our family has sent out most of our manpower and spent one to two hundred million dollars on various expenses, but there is still no news so far, which has delayed the children's practice, not to mention that our family has now turned against the Su family and lost its source of income.

        The cost is even higher because there are so many people and so many mouths to feed, drink and sh*t.

        He Yingxiu lowered her head slightly.

        In her heart, she knew that the He family could not keep making continuous investments to find Xion, their granddaughter.

        After all, the He family as a whole was not a very wealthy family, and their daily expenses were extremely high.

        So she said to He Hongsheng, "Dad, I understand what you're saying, why don't I go and look for her myself?

        He Hongsheng sighed: "If you look for yourself, it will only be a psychological comfort at most, you also know that looking for someone is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

        He Yingxiu fell into silence for a moment.

        He Hongsheng hesitated for a moment, helplessly said: "really can not, you go to Zayne, Xion is sold by their Banks family, even if he is not directly involved, but also to bear some responsibility, we are not with them now who is right and who is wrong, first let them come up with a certain amount of money and resources, to find Xion.

        He Yingxiu said with a complicated expression: "Dad, I don't want to meet with Zayne anymore

        He Hongsheng asked in surprise: "Could it be that this matter of Xion, with the Banks family, is just forgotten"

        He Yingxiu let out a bitter smile and said, "Zayne is just a puppet that the Banks family's master calls on and waves away, looking for him won't solve anything, and the Banks master acts in a cold and ruthless style, Deana is the second young lady of the Thorne family, the master doesn't even spare her, if I go to the Banks family for a statement, I'm afraid it will involve the entire He family.

        He Hongsheng helplessly lamented: "The shamelessness of the Banks family is indeed far beyond my perception, now Lord Banks's reputation has been completely ruined, I am afraid he will act even more broken in the future, before there is still more or less regard for a little face, in the future may be completely shameless.

        After all, he said again: "We are now breaking with the Banks family and losing the biggest source of income. We still have to find a new master as soon as possible. Although the martial arts family has a good reputation, But there is nothing to make money. You can only rely on a big family that is willing to spend money. What do you think about this? 

    He Yingxiu shook her head and said, "Dad, don't hide it. You said, what I think in my mind every day is Xion. I can’t concentrate any energy on other things at all. These days when I’m on the go, I don’t even have the energy to think about what to eat for a meal, every time I feel hungry to exhaustion. , Just look for the nearest restaurant within my sight, and then fill up

    her belly in the fastest time. After that, she bowed apologetically and said, "Dad, I can’t help you during this period of time. To share your worries, please bear with


        He Hongsheng nodded and said comfortingly, "You don't have to blame yourself too much, I understand this kind of thing very well.

        The only thing is that you are the only one in the family who sees things in depth, your brother and your brother see that the martial arts training is so developed and simple-minded, plus they have not read any books, so they do see things superficially.

        He Yingxiu asked, "Dad, do you have any general plans now?