Amazing Son-in-law 2725 Charlie wade

  Relatively slow military development, relatively weak military power and relatively low military quality are the common problems of some small war-torn countries.


      The disparity in economic power between countries is huge, and the disparity in military power is even greater.


      Hamid himself did not come from a real military academy, and because he was in a relatively backward and chaotic environment, he did not have any strategic thinking at all.


      The only strategy he could think of was to stay alive as long as possible.


      The reason why he was not destroyed in the siege two days ago was because the government forces had made a mistake in intelligence, thinking that the village was just a small stronghold, but they did not expect it to be Hamid's main base, and that Hamid's base was easy to defend and difficult to attack, and that was why he failed.


      But just because it was easy to defend doesn't mean it couldn't be attacked.


      The first time was the opponent's slight of hand, but if the next time the opponent made sufficient preparations and made a comeback, and Hamid did not take care to defend properly, the odds were that he would be dumpling.


      Although Charlie's friendship with Hamid was still shallow, he did not want to hear the news that he had been killed one day.


      Besides, Zayne was sent there immediately, so it would be more or less embarrassing if he had just arrived in Syria and died not at his own hands, but at the hands of Hamid's rivals.


      After all, Charlie still wanted to keep Zayne as a back-up.


      In case Zara was not capable of inheriting the Banks family, then he could still let Zayne back.


      As for what terms Zayne would have to pay when the time came, all the initiative was in Charlie's hands.


      So in other words, a considerable portion of Zayne's US$100 million was also used to strengthen his personal security.


      But this US$100 million from Zayne was a great favour for Charlie in exchange for a heavenly favour.


      Because this US$100 million, as well as this series of strategic guidance given by Charlie to Hamid, meant a great deal to Hamid.


      So, while Hamid was moved, he humbly asked Charlie: "Brother wade, I understand the importance of infrastructure, but according to what you said, how do I implement it?


      He said, "I'm sorry, most of the soldiers under my command have not read any books, let alone asking them to come up with a plan."


      Charlie smiled and said, "This situation is also understandable.


      After saying that, he further explained: "When I went to your place, I probably observed the topographical features of your place, except for a relatively narrow junction into the mountains to the north and south, the rest is almost entirely surrounded by mountains, there must be at least seven or eight mountains


      "There are eight mountains in total, the two on the east and west sides are the highest, the others are relatively shorter, but they are all relatively steep, heavy equipment and armored vehicles definitely can't run up.


      The first stage is to build eight frontal fortifications and eight counter-slope fortifications on these eight hills, to put it bluntly, one frontal and one counter fortification on each hill, and then separately on the hillsides on both sides of the north and south entrances, add two more frontal fortifications each.


      "The fortifications must be built as strong as possible, relying on the structure of the rocky hills and then using reinforced concrete to make permanent fortifications that will ensure that ordinary artillery fire cannot destroy them.


      Hamid asked, "What about the second and third stages?


      Charlie said: "The second stage is to at least double, the fortifications, to ensure that at least half of your soldiers can directly hide in the permanent fortifications, in this way, let's say the opponent's artillery fire is heavy and intensive, your soldiers can still be saved in the permanent fortifications."


      As for the third stage, you have to make it so that all your soldiers can survive inside the permanent fortifications for a long time, and the permanent fortifications have to be built more and more and bigger, so that eventually every fortification on every hill is able to interoperate internally, and the permanent fortifications can not only be used for defence and living, but also for storing strategic supplies, and when you achieve this, you can rest easy