Amazing Son-in-law 2724 Charlie wade

  "For example, you can mobilise your soldiers to build a large number of anti-aircraft and anti-artillery shelters in the villages, and then procure a batch of industrial and mining equipment to build frontal fortifications, as well as anti-slope fortifications, in the mountains, using the mountains as cover.


      "In this way, whenever the other side bombards you, you can hide in the fortifications and let the other side hit you as much as they want, and you can minimise your losses.


      "Even if they can penetrate your valley, your soldiers will be able to cover the entire valley with fire from the backslope halfway up the hill, making it impossible for them to come back.


      Hamid at the other end of the phone, hearing this, already had both eyes shining.


      Charlie continued at this time: You strengthen your own defense, let yourself become a barrel of iron, then they will not be able to defeat you, and then will certainly give up with you, choose to start a war with other opposition forces, and you, also try not to take the initiative to attack, just hunker down in your base, the enemy comes, I block, the enemy withdraws, I feed, is that way, you can not only well preserve the strength, but also have the opportunity to rely on a strong defensive capabilities, you will be able to absorb the defeated stragglers."


      Hamid said excitedly, "Brother, where did you learn all this from?


      Charlie laughed, "I learned it from our old Chinese ancestors, they told you to do good infrastructure and defence construction, while not taking the initiative, it's called digging deep, accumulating grain, and slowly claiming the throne."


      Saying that, Charlie added: "Let you sit back and wait to collect other armed opposition scattered soldiers, this is called watching the fire from across the shore, in other words, it is also called dying in the way of the poor.


      Hamid lamented: ''I can further strengthen my defensive capabilities by following the experience taught by my old brother, but if my brother troops ask for help, then how can I really mean to watch the fire from across the river


      Charlie laughed: "What's so embarrassing about that other people fight other people, just look at it.


      Hamid said awkwardly: "I'm afraid that will make the whole opposition camp spit on ah.


      The most important thing is to survive, we don't take the initiative to find things, and don't get too close to the other opposition, and do our best to preserve our strength, so that if one day the opposition fails, and you are a hard bone that the other side can't even gnaw, then there is a great probability that they will recruit you, and once they recruit you, it's a good thing, so you can The first thing you need to do is to negotiate with them and get an official position.


      The first thing you need to do is to get a good deal.




      Hamid was silent at the other end of the phone for a long time


      What Charlie said about these strategic tactics was something he had never thought of before.


      Their current strategic situation was relatively simple, nothing more than a chaotic fight, and several forces that were incompatible with each other would definitely fight whenever they met.


      However, most people only cared about the immediate future and simply did not have a long-term systematic strategic plan.


      On the contrary, although Charlie grew up in a peaceful era and had never seen what it was like to fight a war at all, he had studied various allusions in Chinese history since he was a child and had a certain theoretical basis for various strategies.


      Moreover, the several wars fought by the Chinese nation against foreign enemies had produced many classic battles and further highlighted the unique Chinese strategic thinking, so Charlie synthesised these bases of his own knowledge and soon had a relatively more accurate judgement of Hamid's current situation.


      As long as Hamid could carry out his strategic instructions of digging deep, accumulating grain and claiming the throne slowly, then he himself would have a chance towards success, regardless of whether the opposition could succeed or not.

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      After hearing this, Hamid was greatly inspired and said, "I'm really enlightened after listening to you. I'll arrange to purchase a batch of light industrial and mining equipment and immediately start building fortifications on the key passes and surrounding hills, as well as purchasing more weapons, ammunition and food and drugs to prepare for a long-term defense of the base.