Amazing Son-in-law 2723 Charlie wade

  Hamid did not expect that a huge sum of US$100 million would be nothing more than a "small token of appreciation" in Charlie wade's mouth.


      He was so moved that his voice choked up and he sobbed, "Brother wade, you're really my new parent. I owe this crippled leg to your miracle medicine, but I didn't expect that you would sponsor me with such a large sum of money.


      Charlie laughed: "Meeting each other is fate, and it is fate that you and I have met each other.


      As he said, Charlie added, "Right, old brother.


      I don't know what your plans are after you have this money.


      I'm not going to hesitate to say that since my leg was broken, my team has lost a lot of talent and I haven't had the chance to replenish it. Even if it's not, the main thing is to do upgrading on the equipment for single combat, as well as light equipment."


      Charlie spoke up, "Old brother, I advise you not to blindly expand your army at this stage for the time being."


      Why," Hamid asked, puzzled, "what is your opinion, old brother?


      Charlie said seriously: "The place where you are now entrenched can be said to be easy to defend and difficult to attack, plus the enemy's weaponry is not really well-equipped, so it's not that easy to attack you, so it doesn't really make much sense for you to blindly expand your army."


      After a pause, Charlie continued, "But in my opinion, the biggest problem you have now is that your defence is relatively weak.


      "You only have so many helicopters, one less than the other; the same goes for armored vehicles, one less than the other."


      Instead of that, you should put more effort into infrastructure, go all out on infrastructure, further improve your defensive capabilities. Then bury your head in the sand and build up your strength.


      "Infrastructure" Hamid asked in surprise: "Brother, what kind of infrastructure can I build in this mountain nest?


      Charlie laughed and said, "Of course, we should dig deep and accumulate food.


      After that, Charlie reminded:Know that although your opponent is overall stronger than you, but can't get any real weapons of great lethality, so at most some old warplanes and artillery, can't even afford to use missiles, so what you are fighting between you is not considered a modern war at all, but can only be considered a war model from the 1940s and 1950s, to the 1960s and 1970s.


      "If you were fighting a modern war, that base area of yours wouldn't stand a chance, the other side would send a few sorties of bombers or simply fire a few tactical missiles and just blow you to the ground.


      "But the good thing is that everyone can't afford to fight a modern war, so it only makes sense for you to do infrastructure"


      "And the more that happens, the more you have to strengthen your own bases