Amazing Son-in-law 2721 Charlie wade

  Xion had always had a somewhat low self-esteem growing up.


      She grew up without a father and grew up in the her family until she was eighteen, when she was finally sent to her father's side as a bodyguard.


      After she came to the Banks family, she saw Zayne's overwhelming affection for Zara every day, and every time she saw it, her heart was envious.


      She knew that that man was not only Zara's father, but also her own father.


      But she could not call him "Daddy" in front of him, nor could she even pamper him in front of him.


      He would only show his love and affection as a father when no one else was present, and once there was a third person around, he would immediately change back to that face of the Banks family lord.


      Therefore, Xion was particularly envious of Zara.


      She felt that Zara was a swan who was loved by all and was from an extremely noble background.


      She was just the ugly duckling in a fairy tale.


      And she was only the first half of the ugly duckling, there was no chance of her becoming a swan.


      A bastard daughter, in high society itself, is synonymous with the lower class.


      Even if everyone now knew that she was Zayne's illegitimate daughter, they would only look at her with contempt, so there was still a world of difference between herself and Zara.


      Now, instead of looking down on her, her sister Zara even took the initiative to call herself a sister, which made Xion's heart warm and touching.


      So, she held Zara's hand and cried, "Sister, if anyone bullies you in the future, just tell me, I will take it out for you I have no other skills, and I have never been to school, but I have some fighting and killing skills.


    no matter who bullies you at that time, I will teach him severely for you

      Zara smiled knowingly, and said: "With your words, sister will feel relieved. In the future, sister will also have a super expert protection. If anyone dares to bully sister again, sister will ask you to help


      Xion nodded vigorously.


      At the side, Deana hesitated for a moment, but still spoke up and said, "Xion, in the future, when you're around Charlie wade, you must control your temperament properly, don't always fight and kill like you did before."


      Xion nodded in shame and said with an educated face, "Don't worry, Auntie Deana, I won't do anything harmful in the future.


    After that, you can change your identity and start again.


      Xion nodded gently with a slightly bewildered look on her face.


      In fact, she knew very well in her heart that, in reference to the crimes she had committed, the Japanese would never give up their search for her in their lifetime.


      Even if she had a face-lift and a new identity, she would not be absolutely safe, because her dna had already been taken when she was arrested, and this was something she could never change.


      Xion has watched many criminal investigation programmes, there are many criminals who have been at large for more than ten or even twenty years, for such a long time, they have changed their environment, new identities, and some have even completely changed their appearance, but the police still rely on dna to bring them to justice.


      Therefore, she had always felt that she had only escaped from Japan for the time being, but that incident could possibly stay with her for the rest of her life.


      At this time, Charlie wade said: "Auntie Deana, Miss Banks, you two should stay in your room and rest, I will arrange for someone to send you away in the evening.


      Deana was busy saying: ''Thank you so much Charlie wade.


      Charlie wade smiled slightly: "It's all as it should be.


      Zara said with courage at this time: ''Your Excellency


      Charlie wade looked at her and waited for her next words.