Amazing Son-in-law 2719 Charlie wade

 Zara doesn’t know what her mother is thinking, but in her heart now, there is indeed 

a kind of excitement to get her wish, as well as expectations and fantasies for the future.

She thought in her heart: “Although it sounds clich├ęd and bloody to say that heroes save the United States,

 it’s also because most people don’t have the chance to encounter this kind of thing, when this kind of thing happens to themselves.

 In order to feel the lethality behind this, thinking that his life was saved by him, I can’t help but develop a mentality of commitment to him…”

“More importantly, my benefactor saved me more 

than once, but he saved me twice! Brother once, mother once, and this half-sister next to him…”

“One life-saving grace has been unforgettable for a lifetime, not to mention so many times repeated.”

“It’s just that I don’t know if Grace has any meaning to me in that respect, or is he still single now?”

Zara’s thoughts were confused, and she wanted to ask Charlie, but she didn’t know how to speak.

Charlie took the lead in breaking the silence.

He looked at Deana and said with respect: “Auntie 

, I am a bit sorry for allowing you and your daughter to stay here during this time and for 

not allowing you to contact the outside world.”

Deana hurriedly said, “Charlie, don’t say that. 

If it weren’t for you, Auntie and Zhiyu would have died long 

ago, so how could they have survived without incident.”

After speaking, she added: “What’s more, you don’t allow us to contact the outside world to protect our safety. Auntie understands this very well.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Aunt  can understand it, it’s best.”

Having said that, he said again: “As for the moment, although it is still not sure, after the Banks Family learns the

 news that you are still alive, the Banks Family will continue to attack you, but the Banks Family’s

 behavior towards you before It has been exposed by me, and I believe that as long as the Banks 

Family is not completely crazy, they should not dare to attack you again.”

Deana pursed his mouth, nodded lightly, and said: “It’s all thanks to you, otherwise Auntie and Zhiyu 

must be dead for unknown reasons…”

Charlie smiled and continued: “Auntie, in principle, both you and Miss Zara are free to leave, 

but I still have a gratuitous request. I hope you can agree.”

Deana said hurriedly: “Charlie, you and Auntie don’t have to be so polite, just mention anything if you ask!”

Charlie said: “Zayne will be sent to Syria soon, so he will be completely missing in the eyes of the Banks Family and in the public eye.

 The Banks Family will definitely search for his whereabouts when the time comes. If I ask you 

 When the young lady leaves, the Banks Family will definitely believe that Zayne’s disappearance is related to the two. 

At that time, they also hope that the two can keep a secret for me temporarily.”

Deana nodded without hesitation and said: “Charlie, don’t worry, Zara and I will never avenge revenge.

 If anyone asks about our whereabouts these days, I will say that I was rescued by an unknown mysterious person. 

If they I feel that Zayne’s disappearance is also related to this, so let them guess for themselves. Anyway, I will deny it to the end.”