Amazing Son-in-law 2717 Charlie wade

 When Hunter (Hamid) heard that Charlie was going to send money to himself,

 he immediately said nervously: “Oh, my brother can’t help me. 

You healed my leg. This is already a great kindness. How can I still ask for your money? …”

Charlie smiled and said: “Aren’t you short of money? People who eat horses, guns and ammunition have to spend money,

 so I can help as much as I can. Brother, you don’t have to 

be so polite with me.”

Hunter (Hamid) still wanted to decline, but Charlie resolutely said: “Brother, if you don’t hold this money, 

you just don’t treat me as a friend, then we won’t have to contact 

me anymore!”

As soon as Hunter (Hamid) heard this, he immediately said without hesitation: “Brother! If this is the 

case, then I will be more respectful than fate! After your friend comes, I will do my best to entertain you!”

Zayne on the side heard this, and his heart was depressed to death.

“Charlie, bastard, is using my money to earn his favor?! 

One hundred million dollars! Although it is not too much, it can be said that less is not a lot! 

My f*cking 100 million dollars were paid out, and it turned out that Can’t personal affection be exchanged?”

Depressed, Zayne couldn’t help feeling: 

“Although Charlie looks a lot like his father Bruce, he has a completely different style of behavior. 

Bruce is an honest gentleman, even if others are doing some small actions behind him.

 He would never use the same method to fight back, but would always be upright and have a clear conscience, 

but this Charlie has a weird and changeable style and he doesn’t play cards according to routines at all!”

“If you want to take people’s lives like the Banks Family, even though it is cruel, it can be considered straight forward.”

“But he doesn’t, he likes to send people to kennels, 

black coal kilns, Changbai Mountains, Syria, this kind of gameplay is almost unheard of in the upper class of Eastcliff!”

“But…I am fortunate that this kid has such a bad taste, otherwise, if a shot really knocked me off, it would really be nothing and nothing…”

Thinking of this, he felt more or less relieved.

Zara and Xion looked at each other. Although they couldn’t bear their father going to Syria, 

they knew that this was Charlie.

At this time, Charlie looked at Deana and asked with a respectful voice: “Aunt Deana, I don’t know if I arranged this,

 are you satisfied?”

The reason why Charlie asked Deana was because he knew that Deana had loved his father for many years and had not lived so happily

 in his life, so he felt more or less sympathetic to Deana, plus that she was a peer of his father. 

One’s own elders naturally have to give a little more respect.

Deana hurriedly said: “Since Grace has made a decision, I naturally have no opinion.”

Charlie said earnestly: “Aunt , you and my father are still friends, 

you don’t have to call me like that, just call me Charlie.”

Deana nodded gratefully.

Deana nodded gratefully.

Charlie said again: “Aunt  just said about the divorce, 

please don’t worry, the Wade family ancestor worship ceremony,