Amazing Son-in-law 2716 Charlie wade

 While depressed and confused, Charlie said: “First of all, the basic package cost of this Syrian vacation package is

 50 million U.S. dollars, as I have just said.”

“However, for the US$50 million, I can only enjoy the most common meals and accommodations in the local area.

 I estimate that most of my time is to eat some noodles. If it is good, I can eat meat once in two or three days. 

As for accommodation, it is usually Earth house, but your minimum package does not include indoor accommodation. 

You can only live in the cowshed over there.”

Zayne’s heart is gone.

“This black-hearted Charlie! For fifty million dollars, he doesn’t even have to eat meat every day?”

“That’s fine! The point is that you can’t even live in a dirt house? 

You can only sleep in the bullpen? Is that still alive?”

Charlie continued at this time: “If you add an additional 10 million U.S. dollars and choose a 60 million U.S. dollar package, then you can upgrade your meal to one meal a day. 

As for accommodation, you can upgrade to a windowless cellar. room.”

Zayne’s eyes were about to fall out.

He cursed with indignation in his heart: “This beast, his heart is so f*cking black! 60 million dollars, 

one meal a day, living in a windowless cellar?! Is this the fucking still alive?”

Thinking of this, he choked up and said: “Mr. Wade, this service is too bad, can you give me a better set meal?”

Charlie said helplessly: “Don’t you just have to make tens of millions of dollars? With such a small amount of money,

 you can only enjoy this kind of service.”

Zayne hurriedly waved his hand and said, 

“Mr. Wade, as long as the treatment can be better, money is not a problem!”

Zayne now wants to understand.

“In the past, the Banks Family had a large amount of accounts. I didn’t dare to do anything privately. 

It was necessary for the father to nod and approve, but that was because the father would regularly audit the accounts. 

The misappropriation of the Banks Family’s public funds not only could not hide it, but also Cause trouble.”

“However, the fact that Charlie asked me to go to Syria this time must be a certainty. 

There is absolutely no room for this guy to relax.”

“Since I have to go, then after I go, Zara must find a way to inherit the Banks Family.”

“If Zara can’t inherit the Banks Family, then I definitely won’t be able to come back.

 If I don’t come back, am I afraid that the old man will trouble me?”

“It can be seen that if Zara inherits the Banks Family, then after I come back, I 

will not be afraid that the old man will trouble me, because he must be in Charlie’s hands at that time!”

“In other words, even if he is not in Charlie’s hands, and my daughter becomes the Patriarch of the Banks Family, 

it is still the turn of the father to trouble me?!”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, you can just tell me what the highest package is and how much it costs. 

I will try to find a way for the money. Anyway, I won’t be able to come back after looking at it for a while. ,

 I’m not afraid that the old man will know that I will settle the bill…”

Charlie smiled and said, “You said that earlier, and I will introduce you to our luxurious package.”

As he said, he immediately introduced: “The cost of the luxury package is 100 million US dollars. 

There is wine and meat every day. A small yard with a separate dry toilet will be given to you. 

This will ensure that your privacy will not be disturbed. It is absolutely The local service is of the highest standard. 

How about Mr. Banks, do you want a set?”

Zayne thought of being able to eat a full meal, have meat, and live in a small yard by himself.

 It sounded a lot better than the cowshed and cellar mentioned earlier, so he gritted his teeth and said, “Yes! This one!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Then wait a moment, I’ll call that friend of mine.”

After speaking, a call was made to Hunter (Hamid).

Hunter (Hamid) received a call from Charlie and asked with some delight: “Brother Charlie, you should have returned to China, right?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I’ve come back.”

Hunter (Hamid) sighed with some regret: “Hey! It’s a shame that you didn’t improve your relationship with you this time! 

I have not had time to thank you, brother!”

Charlie said with a smile: “It’s just a matter of raising a hand, 

don’t be so polite.”

Hunter (Hamid) asked hurriedly: “When will my brother come here again when he has time?”

Charlie wondered who would go to the place where birds don’t shit.

But he still said politely: “Don’t worry, brother, if you have a chance, you will pass by.”

After speaking, Charlie said: “By the way, brother, I called, because there is something I want to ask you.”

Hunter (Hamid) said without hesitation: “Brother, if you have any requests, please tell me!”

Charlie smiled and said: “That’s it. I want to send a friend to you to experience life. 

After he goes, you have to trouble my brother, you arrange for someone to take care of him.

 In short, you can’t let him escape.”

Hunter (Hamid) is also a smart man, and he almost immediately understood what Charlie meant, and hurriedly said, “No problem! I am all soldiers

 with live ammunition. Even a fly will not let it fly away! Just send it here.

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 That’s it!”

“That’s great.” Charlie said with a smile: “I am embarrassed to trouble you so much. 

You will give me an account later, and I will arrange for someone to send you some money!”