Amazing Son-in-law 2715 Charlie wade

 Charlie has just returned from Hunter (Hamid), so he is very clear about Hunter (Hamid)’s current situation.

Hunter (Hamid) must be very short of money.

The two-thousand-man army, without exception, 

is a master who only spends money but does not make money.

Those helicopters, and those armored vehicles, once started, are even more money-burning machines.

With so many people, so many equipment, 

people fed by horses, it’s all money.

Moreover, the spheres of influence of these opposition parties are generally those in remote areas and endless hills and nests.

 There is no way to make money at all, so they can only rely on the siege of the city or the funding of foreign capital.

In fact, Charlie also has a lot of spare money in his hands, and it is not a big 

deal to really spend tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars to fund Hunter (Hamid).

If this elder brother wins the revolution in the future, he may be able to get a big return from his small investment.

But Charlie was more mindful.

The business like Hunter (Hamid)’s is part of the internal affairs of other countries, 

and generally speaking, normal countries will not interfere, let alone individuals.

If you directly fund Hunter (Hamid), there will be traces of the fund exchanges. 

In the future, if someone makes a big fuss about this and says they interfere in other countries’ 

internal affairs, it will be more or less a trouble.

It happened to meet Zayne to deliver him to the door, so Charlie planned to use him to give Hunter (Hamid) a favor.

Send Zayne over, ask Hunter (Hamid) to find an errand for Zayne, 

watch him 24 hours a day, let him stay honestly in Syria, and ask Zayne to bring Hunter (Hamid) with tens of millions of dollars. 

Hunter (Hamid) must have remembered his own favors, so he had invested in his revolutionary cause.

As for whether the Banks Family will get into trouble because of their financial dealings with Hunter (Hamid) in the future,

 that is not something to worry about.

Therefore, he immediately said to Zayne: “Give you two hours to prepare.

 At least 50 million U.S. dollars will be prepared. I will arrange a plane to send you to Syria. 

Before you arrive in Syria, the 50 mill U.S. dollars will have to be paid to my friend’s account. 

Go, otherwise, when you arrive in Syria, I will let them tie you to the armored vehicle 24 hours a day.”

The expressions of the two girls in the Banks Family were very embarrassed.

Charlie didn’t seem to care that they would get angry and dissatisfied after hearing these insulting words about Zayne.

After listening to Zayne, he was frightened in a cold sweat and blurted out: “Mr. Wade,

 I can give the money, but can you not let me go to the front line…”

Charlie nodded and said: “In this way, I will introduce you the specific price range and service details of this Syrian holiday package.”

Zayne looked dumbfounded.

“Why is there a set stall? What is Charlie doing?”