Amazing Son-in-law 2714 Charlie wade

 Everyone was afraid that Charlie would suddenly mention a third-world country in Africa.

 If it was sent to the poorest country in the world such as Congo, 

Zimbabwe, or Liberia, it would really be an inexhaustible suffering.

Thinking of this, Zayne couldn’t help but begged: “Mr. Wade, please don’t send me to Africa… I am old and can’t bear that kind of toss…”

Charlie heard this and said with a smile: “Mr. Banks thinks too much, I don’t have anything to do in Africa, 

even if I want to send you there, there is no suitable place.”

Zayne was finally relieved.

In his opinion, as long as you don’t go to Africa, you can basically make sense.

Even in Myanmar and Cambodia, all aspects of conditions and security are better than those in Africa.

So he hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wade, where are you going to send me?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said three words faintly: “Syria!”

When Zayne heard these three words, he felt a buzz in his head, and a huge force rushed straight into his forehead.

He murmured in a flustered heart: “Syria?! Isn’t that a war?!

 Going to such a place at this time, can safety be guaranteed?”

Zara blurted out nervously: “Sir, the situation in Syria is turbulent. 

Not only are there opposition and other armed forces in the country, but the United States seems to have frequent military operations. 

It is too dangerous. Can you change the place?”

Charlie shook his head: “If you don’t have to change, go to Syria.”

Xion saw that Zayne was very nervous, so he comforted: “Don’t worry too much. Although the situation in Syria is relatively turbulent,

 the capital Damascus is relatively safe, and the opposition and other armed forces have not attacked there.”

With that said, she added: “Damascus has a long history, and its modernization is progressing well. After all, Syria’s GDP per capita is not low.”

Zayne heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. Although he had never been to Damascus, he felt pretty good when he heard this.

Therefore, he not only secretly thought: “In my impression, although Syria is a country of war all the year round, it is not very poor, 

after all, it is also a middle-income country.”

“If you go to Damascus, the capital, you can also experience the exotic customs. If Zara can really become the Patriarch of the Banks Family, 

then I will be the Patriarch’s father, and I will continue to live the life of a master when I come back!”

Thinking of this, he was overjoyed, and said quickly: “Since Mr. Wade has arranged this, then Banks has nothing to say.”

Charlie looked at Zayne and said with interest: “Oh yes Mr. Zayne, I forgot to tell you that my friend is an armed leader of the Syrian opposition. 

He just beat the government forces a few days ago. I won the battle, and I won. There is indeed something, and he, who studied in China for many years, 

speaks Chinese very well. After you go, it will be easier to communicate with him.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “But after you arrive in Syria, you must be more careful.

 Once the war starts, you must protect yourself. You have no eyes and don’t get hurt by mistake.”

Zayne suddenly collapsed when he heard this: “What?! The opposition?!

 Mr. Wade, what do you want me to do with the opposition?!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Didn’t you say it? I will send you a past experience and experience life. 

You have lived so dignifiedly for so many years, you might as well change your way of living!”

Zayne said in a panic, “But if your friend loses, what should I do? Maybe I’m going to die there…”

Charlie thoughtfully said: “You really have some truth in what you said.

 By the way, do you have any US dollar assets that you can call overseas at any time?”

Zayne thought for a while and said, “Most of the assets of the Banks Family are under the hands of the old man, 

but I can also transfer tens of millions of dollars. The amount is not large, and he can’t find it.”

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Charlie said immediately: “Very good, then when you arrive in Syria, 

transfer the money to my friend by the way, as it is to support others’ revolutionary cause.”