Amazing Son-in-law 2709 Charlie wade

Xion’s room was not far from the rooms of Deana and Zara. They were all in the same area of ​​the executive floor, 

but there were a dozen rooms in between.

At this time, she naturally didn’t know anything about what happened in Zara’s room.

Recently, she has been seizing the time to practice martial arts.

Before, Charlie directly increased her Ren Vessel patency from 40% to 10%, which greatly changed her strength and foundation, 

so she couldn’t wait to take advantage of the good foundation that Charlie laid for herself. Improve your strength quickly.

At this time, Xion was wearing sports underwear in the room for morning exercises, and suddenly heard the 

door bell, subconsciously it must be Charlie, and ran to the door with excitement.

Just about to open the door, I heard Isaac Cameron’s voice outside the door: “Xion is awake?”

Xion’s hand that was about to touch the doorknob suddenly stopped, and asked a little disappointed: “Is there anything wrong with Charlie?”

Isaac Cameron said politely: “That’s right, our young master is here, and I saw a few acquaintances in another room. 

I would like to invite you to go there too. I don’t know if it is convenient for you.”

Xion heard that Charlie was looking for herself, and she was so disappointed just now that she was excited to the extreme,

 like a little girl who just fell in love, so she hurriedly said: “Mr. Isaac wait a minute, I will change my clothes. Come out now!”

After speaking, he hurried back to the bedroom. Although he was covered with fragrant sweat, he didn’t care about taking a shower. 

He wiped it quickly and changed his clothes when he went out.

Before going out, I went to the mirror and looked at the mirror carefully for a moment.