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 and then looked down at Zayne, seeing Zayne’s fifty-something face, suddenly returning to reality from the dream.

She looked at Zayne, her expression and eyes were so calm that Zayne was inexplicably flustered.

Immediately, she spoke in the same calm tone: “Zayne, after so many things, can the divorce agreement be signed?”

Zayne was immediately ashamed and choked: “Okay… I sign… When I return to Eastcliff, I will sign it immediately…”

Deana nodded and said, “When you finish signing, there will be a cleanup between you and me.

 I will not investigate everything that happened before.”

Zayne burst into tears and said, “Deana, the kidnapping and car accident 

were arranged by my father alone, and it has nothing to do with me!”

“I know.” Deana smiled slightly: “A couple, I know that even if you hate me, you may not really kill you.”

Zara rushed to Zayne at this time and blurted out: “Dad, why did Grandpa do this? Why did he kill his mother?!”

Zayne said with shame: “Your grandpa… his style of behavior is like this… 

and he was only targeting your mother, not you, but I didn’t expect that you were also…”

Zara couldn’t hide his anger and blurted out: “What’s the difference between targeting my mother and targeting me?!

 He made people kill my mother. Didn’t you think that I would seek revenge from him in the future?!”

Zayne was speechless at once.

After hesitating for a moment, he sighed and said, “What can I do? 

Your grandpa says I will leave Australia overnight; if he says another word, I will leave Australia overnight, and all 

the resources of the Banks Family will be exhausted. In his grasp, everyone in the Banks Family was also played by him…”

Zara questioned angrily: “Xion is also your daughter.

 She is still alive and dead because of her grandfather’s gift. Mom and I almost died in Aurous Hill. 

He also instigated three people and three lives. Isn’t that enough? Can you avenge us?!”

Ashamed, Zayne covered his face with both hands and cried bitterly: “I…I want it too! But what can I do? Leave the Banks Family and break 

with your grandfather. 

I am afraid that the resources I can mobilize are less than one percent of the Banks Family. Not to mention revenge for you,

 even self-protection is very difficult, so I…so I can only bear the humiliation, and everything will be considered long after I get the position of Banks Family Patriarch…”

Zara shook his head, and said with an expression of extreme disappointment: “Dad, 

I know you, even if you get the Banks Family Patriarch, you will not avenge us. You will only be your Banks Family Patriarch. Everything else is just a passing moment.”

Zayne waved his hand vigorously: “No…no…how could I be such a person…”

Charlie said coldly at this time: “I also said that you are not such a person. 

What are you doing when your two daughters are unclear about the life and death? In front of your wife and children, 

tell me why you came to Aurous Hill?”

Zayne blurted out: “I came to Aurous Hill, naturally looking for the whereabouts of their wives!”

“Did you find it?” Charlie sneered: “My eyeliner is everywhere in Aurous Hill. 

I never heard that you are really looking for their wife. I only know that you came to Aurous Hill quietly and stayed quietly in Shangri-La. 

It’s looking for a chance to get closer to yohico Ito from Japan!”

“As for why you are looking for him, it is because your Banks Family’s shipping permit has been revoked,

 and now you have suffered heavy losses every day, so you want to cooperate with the Ito family to quietly transition the blocked shipping 

business to Japan. Am I right? !”

“I…I…” Zayne was at a loss for a moment and hesitated: “This is the task my father gave me. I dare not refuse…”

Charlie sneered: “Come on, Zayne, Zara was right what you said just now. 

What you really value in your eyes is the position of the Patriarch of the Banks Family. It’s not a love affair at all. For this position, you do everything.

 You can sacrifice, including your dear ones!”

Zayne strongly denied: “No! Not what you said! I am willing to do anything for my daughter, but I was really incapable before! I am incapable!”

“Oh? Really?” Charlie looked at Zayne and asked with a sneer: “Zayne, you said you are willing to do anything for your daughter, are you serious?”

Zayne said without hesitation: “I swear to heaven!”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “I remember you just said that you are willing to use your life to replace your two daughters.

 Then it is time to test whether you are sincere.”

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After speaking, he turned around and said to Isaac Cameron outside the door: “Go, and invite another guest over!”

Isaac Cameron naturally knew that the other guest he was talking about was Xion!

So he said without hesitation: “Good young master, wait a minute, I’ll go please!”