Amazing Son-in-law 2707 Charlie wade

 Seeing a figure roll directly into the room from his feet, Zara was also taken aback.

However, she didn’t care to see who the man rolling by her feet was, instead she focused all her attention on Charlie’s face.

Seeing Charlie really standing in front of her, Zara’s whole body seemed to be completely captured by him in an instant.

 The longing for many days at this moment is like a spring, from her heart, straight into her The eye sockets, immediately afterwards, 

turned into bean-sized teardrops and rolled down.

She knelt on the ground almost without thinking, and said with a choked voice, “Thank you, for saving my life twice!

 Thank you for saving my brother saving my mother…”

Charlie expressionlessly pointed to Zayne with a swollen nose on the ground not far away, 

and said coldly: “Don’t rush to thank me, you see who he is!”

Hearing this, Zara subconsciously turned around to look, and the whole person was struck by lightning!


Zara never dreamed that the person kicked in by Charlie turned out to be his father, Zayne!

At this time, Zayne was also completely dumbfounded!

Zara’s whereabouts have been unknown. 

Although the old man guessed that he might have been saved by the Japanese master, Zayne did not understand this layer of mystery.

 In his mind, Zara’s life and death judgments were originally half and half, but he did not expect that , She was really alive!

And, it’s in Wade’s hotel!

Zayne was tortured several times by Charlie’s soul just now, 

and the whole person was in extreme guilt towards his two daughters.

 Now that Zara is still alive, he burst into tears: you really are. Still alive… Dad can’t help you!”

At this time, Deana with a shocked look had already come to Zayne’s side. She looked down at Zayne,

 and then looked up at Charlie at the door. The whole person suddenly felt like a world away.

Charlie really looks a lot like Bruce.

Standing in front of Deana made her feel as if she was back thirty years ago.

All of a sudden, I returned to the time when I loved Bruce and dreamed of marrying him.

At this time, Zayne saw Deana walking out of it, and the whole person was even more struck by lightning.

He looked at Deana and blurted out subconsciously: “Deana…you…you are also alive…”

Deana was awakened by this sound and recovered from the memory,