Amazing Son-in-law 2705 Charlie wade

 Charlie and Isaac Cameron questioned and answered, leaving the scared soul of Zayne beside them without possessing them.

He really did not expect that Charlie’s hand was so dark,

 and he scolded angrily: “Send people to the kennel, is this the f*ck still a human? 

Send people to Changbai Mountain to dig ginseng?! This is the f*cking human. thing?”

In fact, whether it is a kennel, Changbai Mountain, or Black Coal Kiln and Sierra Leone,

 these people who are familiar with Charlie have long been surprised.

However, Charlie has always lived in the dark compared to Zayne, so Zayne knew nothing about Charlie’s methods.

It was also because of ignorance, so when I heard some clues at first, I was scared to death.

When he heard Charlie say that he was going to take himself to the executive floor, he was even more puzzled.

He didn’t know why Charlie took himself to the executive floor. According to his words, he took him to meet a few old friends, but who would these old friends be?

In doubt, Zayne was dragged into the elevator by Charlie.

Immediately afterwards, the elevator came to the top floor.

At this time, the passage from the elevator door to the executive floor has been completely martial 

law by Isaac Cameron’s men.

Charlie took the flustered Zayne and went straight to the room where Deana and Zara lived.

At this moment, Deana and Zara still don’t know anything about it.

Twenty minutes ago, Isaac Cameron’s men had just delivered breakfast to the mother and daughter.

These days, the mother and daughter have become accustomed to this kind of life like house arrest.

Although they could not go out, contact the outside world, or 

even have any way to obtain information from the outside world, it was difficult for the mother and daughter to adapt in the first time,

 but after a little while, the two fell in love with this isolation Simple life.

There is no WeChat, no phone, no visitors, no news, variety shows, and TV dramas. 

What the mother and daughter do the most every day is to snuggle and chat and read books. 

Over time, the relationship between the mother and daughter has a new kind of relationship. The sublimation.

After all, in modern society, it is not easy to think about a few days of isolation from the world,

 modern technology, communications, and entertainment.

Sometimes Zara would complain, saying that living here is not as good as prison. 

At least there is still time to relax in the prison. You can also watch TV and learn about the current affairs news of the outside world.

 But here, she doesn’t know the world at all. What happened.

After dinner, Deana was packing up the dinner plates, and said, 

“Zara, you can talk to the guard at the door for a while, and let them buy some books for help.”