Amazing Son-in-law 2699 Charlie wade

 When Zayne heard this, his whole person was suddenly struck by lightning, and stood still in front of Charlie.

He never dreamed that Bruce’s son was still alive!

He didn’t even expect that Bruce’s son would actually appear in front of him!

In addition to nervousness, his heart at this time was a little more angry!

“Bruce! Bruce again! Ever since I met Deana, the three words Bruce have become my nightmare. Until Deana was in a car accident the other day and his whereabouts were unknown, 

I was a little free from Bruce’s shadow. But now there is another Bruce’s son?! Where did this guy come from?!”

Seeing Charlie and Bruce’s facial features and temperament are very similar, Zayne hardly doubted his words.

He stared at Charlie and asked coldly, “Even if you are Bruce’s son, what do you mean by appearing in my room now?”

“What do you mean?” Charlie sneered: “I came to you to settle accounts, what do you mean by me?”

“After all?!” Zayne saw that Charlie was not good at coming,

 and when he thought that he was in Wade’s hotel now and there was no one around him to help him,

 he couldn’t help feeling even more flustered.

So, he couldn’t hide his nervousness and said: “Your father and I are at best acquaintances. There is no friendship or hatred. What are you going to do with me?”

Charlie said coldly: “Today I will give you a calculation of the Anti-Leaf Alliance’s account. 

You were the one who jumped up and down to organize the Anti-Ye Alliance against my father, right?”

Zayne excused himself: “The anti-leaf alliance is just a saying at the beginning. It’s like airlines have SkyTeam and Star Alliance. 

Everyone is rivals. What’s the big deal with each other?”