Amazing Son-in-law 2698 Charlie wade

 Generally, the room card will be authorized for as long as you stay. It is easy to manage and can prevent being used by others.

In other words, the door lock of each room is actually controlled in the hotel management system.

Although you cannot directly control the opening or closing of a door, you can directly write the administrator’s highest authority in the room card, so that this room card can open all the doors of the hotel.

However, there are exceptions. If the occupant in the room opens the anti-theft lock in the room, even if the door is swiped, the door cannot be opened.

However, many people do not have such safety awareness, so they rarely use this lock actively.

Zayne did use the lock last night, but after his subordinates came in just now to report, he didn’t lock the lock again, but hurried to the bathroom to wash.

This was mainly because he was somewhat careless and didn’t know that he had been exposed.

Therefore, when Charlie got the room card and swiped the door of Zayne’s room lightly, the door lock opened.

At this time, Zayne was still tidying up his clothes and appearance in the cloakroom.

When Charlie opened the door and entered, he hadn’t realized it at all.

And Charlie had already used his perceptual ability beyond ordinary people to feel his position in the room clearly.

At this time, Zayne, at the upper right of the Tian-shaped room, where the bathroom and cloakroom are located.

After Charlie came in from the upper left, he went directly to the living room at the lower left and sat down.

Right across from Charlie is the bedroom door of this luxurious suite.

Zayne dressed up at the upper right, and needed to go back to the bedroom later before he could walk out of the door in front of Charlie.

So Charlie simply sat there, on the sofa opposite the door, stretched out his hands with Erlang’s legs tilted, and put them

on the back of the sofa, waiting for him to appear.

At the same time, the signal jammer has also been turned on, and all the surrounding mobile phones are in a state of no service because they cannot search for signals.

Although Zayne’s mobile phone is still connected to the hotel’s wireless network, the wireless network

itself has cut off the network. In other words, although he is still connected to the WiFi, he can no longer access the Internet.

But Zayne didn’t pay attention to this.

He tidyed up his suit and tie in front of the mirror, and after making sure that he was dressed appropriately,

he took out a fake beard and stuck it under his nose.

Later, he took out a pair of gold glasses from his pocket.

After putting it on, he looked like a returning overseas Chinese.

Immediately afterwards, he put a top hat of the same color as the suit on top of

his head. He felt that this way, it would be more foolproof.

When he was ready, Zayne picked up the phone and prepared to go outside, but he looked down at the phone and found that the phone is now in a non-service state, which made him surprised,

and wondered: “How can this hotel connect to a cell phone signal? Is it all gone?”

As he said, he opened WeChat again, and found that the top of WeChat was not connected.

He couldn’t help being surprised. He whispered to himself: “No! The WiFi logo is on.

The network is connected, why can’t it be connected? How about wechat?”

uffering, he quickly walked out of the cloakroom, walked through the bedroom to the living room, and used the hotel’s landline to call his men.

However, when he stepped out of the bedroom, his whole figure was suddenly startled! The speed of the heart beating doubled in an instant!

Because, he saw that there was a person sitting on the sofa in the living room!

Moreover, the appearance of this person is indescribably familiar.

Panicked Zayne, pretending to be calm and asking: “Who are you?! Why are you in my room?!”

Charlie looked at Zayne with a smile, and said with a smile: “You are Zayne, right?”

Zayne saw that the other party directly reported his name, and asked extremely vigilantly: “Who are you?! Do you know me?!”

Charlie smiled and said: “Actually, we have seen each other,

but you may be too old and out of your mind, so you can’t remember it.”

“I have seen it?!” Zayne frowned, his heart was extremely nervous, but his mouth was forced to say calmly: “Why don’t I remember that I met you?”

Charlie picked up an apple from the coffee table, took a bite and said, “Think about it carefully.

We met at the elevator entrance of the Tokyo Hospital. Have you ever remembered it?”

Zayne squinted his eyes, while watching Charlie vigilantly, he quickly recalled the memory in his mind.

Soon, he remembered the scene Charlie said!

He pointed to Charlie and exclaimed: “You…you are the kid who makes me feel very familiar in Tokyo!”

Charlie nodded slightly, and asked him with a smile: “Why do you think I am familiar?”

Zayne said coldly: “Because you look like a short-lived ghost I knew before, but has been dead for a long time!”

Charlie’s expression became extremely cold in an instant, and he said coldly: “Zayne, if you kneel down and slap in the face right now,

I will assume that you haven’t said the sentence just now, otherwise, I will blow your mouth!”

Seeing Charlie’s cold expression on Zayne’s expression, he couldn’t help being a little surprised, and couldn’t help asking

, “You…Who are you from Bruce?!”

Charlie stood up and said word by word: “Bruce, it’s my dad!”