Amazing Son-in-law 2697 Charlie wade

 Just as Zayne was expecting that he could use his own power to turn the Banks Family’s turmoil on his own,

but he didn’t know that a big net had wrapped him tightly.

Charlie already had a two-handed plan at this time.

If the person next door is Zayne, then he has a special package specially prepared for Zayne;

But if the person next door is not Zayne, but someone else in the Banks Family,

then he should go directly to Don Albert’s kennel and be a company with James.

Isaac Cameron screened out the rooms that were booked before and after that time and the rooms that hadn’t

checked out one by one according to the time of booking the next room In addition to the person next to Charlie,

there are four other subordinates. Of these four people, two live opposite the room next to Charlie, and the other two live next to Charlie.

At this time, many of Isaac Cameron’s subordinates were already lying in ambush in nearby rooms.

Once Charlie gave orders, they would immediately control these four subordinates.

In addition, Isaac Cameron also made people prepare to shield and cut off the network signal.

When Charlie ordered, he could immediately protect the room next to Charlie and the surrounding rooms, and lose all communication networks at the same time.

The mobile communication signal will be shielded, the wireless WIFI network will be cut off,

and even the traditional network cable interface will also be disconnected from the network.

At that time, make sure that the people in this room will not respond every day, and the ground will not work.

In order to meet the “Master” from the Banks Family for a while,

Charlie walked out of the room after getting dressed neatly.

At this time, a waiter arranged by Isaac Cameron walked over and handed Charlie a room card.

This one is the universal room card for the entire Shangri-La.

Nowadays, almost all hotels adopt electronic room card system for the convenience of management.

The door lock needs to be opened with an authorized room card at the front desk of the hotel.