Amazing Son-in-law 2695 Charlie wade

 Zayne, who was so excited, couldn’t imagine that Charlie was next door to him at this time.

    The luxury suites of Shangri-La are very uniform in design. The overall layout is a square field shape. 

The two rooms on the left are the living room and the study, and the two rooms on the right are the bathroom and the bedroom.

    In other words, the bedroom where Charlie was located happened to be next to Zayne’s study.

    Under normal circumstances, the rooms of a five-star hotel will be silenced and soundproofed to ensure the quietness, privacy and comfort of the guests. 

Therefore, even if it is separated by a wall, ordinary people cannot hear the conversation next door.

    But for people like Charlie with extremely keen senses, just such a wall is really a little useless.

    Therefore, even if he had no intention of eavesdropping on the conversations of the people next door, 

he still didn’t say a word, and he heard the movement of Zayne’s room clearly.

    However, even at this moment, Charlie didn’t know who the next door was.

    Because Zayne’s subordinates called him the master, 

it was impossible for Charlie to infer the identity of Zayne just by using the word master.

    However, Charlie heard the words Ito yohiko clearly.

    He heard that the person next door actually wanted to meet Ito yohiko, and he was suddenly curious.

    Ito Yuhiko came to Aurous Hill in a relatively low-key manner.

 In fact, the outside world didn’t know it. In addition, he stayed at the Wade’s hotel, and there was no leakage of check-in information.

    Therefore, in this case, the person who can touch Ito Yuhiko’s whereabouts must be very difficult.

    So, he immediately sent a text message to Isaac Cameron, asking him to do everything possible to find out who was living in the next room, 

and at the same time, he must not be surprised.

    Isaac Cameron was just resting in the office for a while, and suddenly received Charlie’s WeChat, and immediately realized that there might be a serious situation, 

and then he hurriedly got up and turned on the computer and checked the information of the guests staying in the room next to Charlie with his own authority. .

    The check-in information showed that Charlie stayed next door, just an ordinary person, without any special identity.

    So, he immediately replied to Charlie: “Master, the person you asked me to check is a middle-aged person from Yuzhou.

 From the information, there is no special place, no case, no background.

    Charlie frowned and asked him, “Can you find out the company of this person?”

Isaac Cameron manipulated in front of the computer and said, “I can’t find out for the time being. There is no work unit in his file. 

It may be a self-employed person, or it may be working in a relatively small private enterprise.”

    Charlie asked again: “Can you find out if he has paid social security?

    Isaac Cameron thought for a while, and said, “I have a relatively secret channel. , Can find this information.

    Charlie said: “Then you can check for me now, whether he has paid social security, and if so, which company is paying him.

    “Okay! Isaac Cameron hurriedly started to inquire and checked for a long time. After that, he said to Charlie: “Master, 

I found out that he does have social security, and the social security base is very high. 

The company that paid him social security is a local financial investment company in Yuzhou.

    Charlie continued:” The background of this company! Check out the equity structure behind it!


 Isaac Cameron continued to inquire according to Charlie’s instructions. 

While checking, he said, “Master, I see that this company is wholly-owned by another technology company in Yuzhou. 

Behind the company, there is an investment fund and a partnership. This investment fund is Eastcliff AMI Capital!”

    Charlie asked him curiously: “

    AMI Capital? Whose family? Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “AMI Capital, that’s One of the many capital-operated companies of the Banks Family,

   “The Banks Family?” Charlie frowned, and said, “I heard someone next door calling another person called Master. So, maybe the old dog that lives next door to me is Lord Banks?!

    “This” Isaac Cameron said with some disbelief: “Master, shouldn’t Lord Banks come to Aurous Hill by himself?”

    Charlie laughed: “If it wasn’t for Lord Banks, it might be Zayne.