Amazing Son-in-law 2694 Charlie wade

Rejuvenation pills are far from being able to catalyze aura.

However, this Peiyuan Pill is a pill that truly contains aura.

Although it is the most basic entry level among the pill containing spiritual energy, the materials it needs are, without exception,

all extremely rare treasures of heaven, material and earth.

Among them, the most demanding ones are Ganoderma lucidum that needs at least more than 1,000 years,

snow ginseng for more than 1,000 years, and Ambergris for more than 10,000 years.

I don’t know if it’s easy to find the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum, but Charlie has one of the thousand-year-old snow ginseng. At the beginning,

Liam was shunned by his biological father and half-brother in the Weaver family. In order to gain a foothold in the Weaver family, he passed his mother’s treasure and gave his thousand-year-old snow ginseng to myself, and I kept the snow ginseng without using it.

However, Ambergris, which has been more than 10,000 years old, is indeed too sad.

As we all know, ambergris is the secretion of sperm whales, it is the best raw material for spices, and it is also a blind medicinal material.

Simply buying ambergris is not a problem, you can buy it if you have money.

However, buying Wannian Ambergris is almost like dreaming.

Because the sperm whale itself does not have a lifespan of 10,000 years.

The longest life span is 70 years, which is remarkable. According to this time, the 10,000-year ambergris would have to be the sperm whale

that died 10,000 years ago. It has grown before death.

The history of human civilization is not as long as 10,000 years.

Where can I find a secretion left in the body of a sperm whale 10,000 years ago?

At the thought of this, Charlie couldn’t help but grow up again.

Such a difficult medicine can only be used to refine the most basic aura pill.

Wouldn’t it be even more impossible to refine a higher-level aura pill?

Thinking of this, Charlie couldn’t help sighing, and thought to himself: “Why don’t you say hello to Mr. Quinton.

He has been in the medicinal material business. You may not be able to find Ambergris for 10,000 years,

but Ganoderma lucidum for a thousand years shouldn’t be a problem.” As for Ambergris, you can look for it slowly.”

So, he immediately sent a WeChat message to Mr. Quinton, asking him to try to find these two things for himself.

Mr. Quinton quickly replied: “Master Wade, Millennium Ganoderma is very easy to find.

I know a Hong Kong medicinal material dealer who has collected many old-year medicinal materials.

Thousand-year Ganoderma, 100-year-old tangerine peel and 100-year-old Pu’er are all in stock.

Although the price is not cheap, But if the millennium Ganoderma is sold by gram, it costs tens of thousands of dollars per gram.”

“As for ambergris, they are often sold, but most of them are of relatively ordinary quality.

The best one I remember is a white ambergris with a thousand years of history that was auctioned at Sotheby’s a few years ago.

However, Ambergris has a history of thousands of years. I have made medicinal materials for so many years and I have never heard of it…”

Charlie didn’t feel disappointed after hearing it.

He smiled slightly and said, “Then you can help me get the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum.

As for Wannian Ambergris, can you help me acquire it.”

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“No problem.” Mr. Quinton agreed without hesitation.

Charlie thanked him, but didn’t continue to communicate with Mr. Quinton.

Just as he was about to rest, someone rang the doorbell of the next room.

Zayne, wrapped in his nightgown, saw that it was his own subordinate, and he opened the door to let the other person in.

After the other party came in, he whispered: “Master, I’ve heard that Ito Yuhiko’s men have reserved the Kiharu Lake Golf Course, which is five kilometers away. Ito Yuhiko may go to the golf course to play golf at around nine o’clock. See if you have prepared in advance. Then, go there quietly to meet him?”

Zayne excitedly said: “Golf course? Great! It just happened to avoid Shangri-La Hotel. It’s a great opportunity to meet Ito Yuiko quietly!”