Amazing Son-in-law 2659 Charlie wade

 After hearing what Charlie said, the man hurriedly blurted out and pleaded, “Friend! Friend! I didn’t mean it! I was confused just now, please give me another chance!

    Charlie shook his head: “I’m sorry, there is only chance Once! If you have another life, remember not to betray someone who treats you as a friend.

    The man turned pale with fright, and opened his mouth to cry for help in order to have another last fight.

    At this time, he regarded calling for help as his last chance.

    If you can attract other people’s ideas, you may still survive.

    He stepped back and said that even if he couldn’t live, he would at least create some trouble for the oriental

    man in front of him ! Once his whereabouts are leaked, he will probably not be able to leave here alive!

    So he immediately blurted out: “Help,

    but when When he opened his mouth and shouted out the content of the call for help, he was

    terrified to discover that the volume of his voice seemed to be restricted by some strange force, so that the call for help just now was almost inaudible! He looked at Charlie with horror. trembling and asked: “are you in the end is who is

    Charlie indifferent smile, said:”! the problem for you is not important, because you immediately become a wandering “

    finished, Charlie hurriedly changed his words again: “Don’t mean it, I made a mistake, I am not going to make you a lonely ghost, it is better to make you a living dead! After all he stretched out his finger and gently touched the opponent’s forehead. At one point, his whole person immediately lost all consciousness, and he fell to the ground all of a sudden, his eyes widened, and

    his eyes were staring. When Charlie lightly tapped his forehead just now, a trace of aura completely destroyed his brain. Let his whole person die in an instant brain. At

    this time, the person who was pinched by Charlie was so scared that

    he passed out. He had never seen a god like Charlie, who was incredibly powerful in his entire life.

    One sentence can make his companion immobile, and lightly–click to make his companion violently die instantly. This kind of person is even more terrifying than the devil!

    Charlie was shocked when he saw him, and said: “You so do not be afraid, as long as you can be honest with me, then I will spare your life, I mean it. “

    the man extremely panic, said:” I am I will

    . I have a certain old honest

    real honest old Really cooperate with you’

    Charlie saw that he was already stuttering severely, and then looked down at his legs, and found that his legs were violently swinging at this time, and the whole person was clearly scared.

    This made him a little bit scared. The head is big.

    Because if this guy keeps panicking so much, even if he can take him to the place where Ziva Hank is held, he will be seen by others as flaws.