Amazing Son-in-law 2627-2628 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2627

Aurous Hill Pailou is an authentic local catering brand in Aurous Hill. There are several branches in Aurous Hill that specialize in authentic Aurous Hill cuisine and are deeply loved by locals.

    When he came to the entrance of Aurous Hill Archway, Hank introduced to Charlie: “My ancestors were all native Aurous Hill natives for three generations. From my birth to adolescence, I have been living in Aurous Hill. Later, I went to the United States to study and took root In the United States, I recently returned to live after a few decades away. I suddenly felt that the food in my hometown was too tempting. I didn’t get tired of eating it. Although the school’s teachers’ cafeteria provided all kinds of food for free, I would still have it at noon every day. Come here and have a bite of authentic Aurous Hill cuisine.”

    After speaking, he asked Charlie: “But you have been living in Aurous Hill for so many years, have you already been tired of eating?”

    Charlie smiled slightly and said: “In fact, I have never pursued food. In the ten years of the orphanage, I did not feel anything wrong with the soup and water every day. Later, when I went to work at a construction site, I felt pretty good even with steamed buns every day.”

    Hank couldn’t help sighing. “The days you lived before you were eight years old, few people in this world can compare, and you fell to the bottom for so many years. How did you adapt?”

    Charlie smiled: “When my parents were very young, Educate me not to be happy with things and not to grieve with myself, so for me, there is nothing to adapt to. Just let me settle for what I have come. Whether it’s pampering or eating chaff, it seems to me that it is all It makes no difference.”

    Hank said with emotion: “You are really exactly the same as your mother. When we were undergraduates, your mother not only won the full scholarship by her ability, but she also worked in the restaurant outside the school every day. She was also very frugal in food and clothing, and never was extravagant.”

    “I remember at that time, at the end of each semester, your mother would use the money she saved during the semester to travel, and she was a backpacker who traveled poorly. At that time, we all thought that your mother’s family conditions must be very poor. Later we learned that the strength of your mother’s family is the best in the world…”

    Charlie said with a smile: “I remember her, she is indeed very frugal, she always teaches me how to save money, not to waste, not even a grain of rice left when eating, and my dad. It’s very similar. The two of them actually have no pursuit of material things.”

    Hank agreed: “So your mother and your father can get together. When they should be young and frivolous, they are already out of material pursuit and low-level. Interesting, unlike us, when I was young, what I thought about every day was to make money and collect fame.” 

With that, Hank stepped into the hotel first and made a please gesture to Charlie.

    Charlie hurriedly followed him in, when the lobby on the first floor of the hotel was already full of people.

    The local restaurant in Aurous Hill is quite similar to the tea house in Eastcliff. Basically, the first floor is a lobby with many tables and people, so the environment is relatively noisy, but most people like this messy feeling.

    And in the very center of the first floor, there is a small stage for people to play and sing local operas. At this time, two actors are singing Kunqu opera on the stage.

    After Hank came in, he pointed to the stairs and said to Charlie: “Charlie, I have reserved a seat on the second floor. The upstairs is cleaner, let’s go up.”


    Moved to the second floor with a little environment. A little cleaner, when a waiter saw the two coming up, he hurried to the front and said politely: “Professor hank, you are here!”

    Hank nodded and smiled: “It’s still in the old position. I said hello to your manager. “

The waiter said: “Our manager has already told me, you two will come with me.”

    The seat Hank chose is a deck by the window, a small square table made of logs, four sides can sit four Individuals, so the two sat leaning against the window.

    Hank pushed over a menu and said to Charlie: “Charlie, come order and see what you like to eat.”

    Charlie waved his hand and said with a smile: “Uncle hank, it’s better for you to come, I’ll eat what you order.”

    After speaking, he suddenly found two familiar figures not far away, by the same window.

    These two figures, one old and one young, were the ancestors and grandchildren he saw when he was in Hank’s office.

Chapter 2628

Charlie was slightly surprised in his heart, but he didn’t show any clues, but he naturally closed his gaze back.

    At this time, Mai and Mike didn’t know, the person they were looking for was sitting not far behind them.

    They came a little earlier, the food was already ready, and they had been eating for a while.

    While eating, Mike asked Mai, “Grandpa, do you have any preliminary plans to stay in China this time?”

    Mai shook his head and said, “Let’s take a step, I vaguely feel this The next visit to Aurous Hill will be a chance, so I don’t plan to leave until the chance appears.”

    Mike nodded slightly, wanting to say something, but looked at the surrounding environment and resisted going back.

    At this time, Mai’s cell phone rang.

    He glanced at the screen, saw that Lord Banks was calling, and pressed the answer button.

    On the phone, Lord Banks asked, “Uncle Mai, did you find out who the dragon was born?”

    Mai said helplessly: “We have just arrived in Aurous Hill for a few hours, so it can’t be so fast.”

    Lord Banks Then he asked: “Uncle Mai, are you sure to kill him after you find him?”

    Mai’s expression changed, and he said solemnly: “I just promised to check it for you. For the kind of thing you said, I am I don’t know how to do it.”

    Lord Banks said anxiously, “What is the use of checking alone, but it can’t be solved. Isn’t the result the same? I had a nightmare last night and lost all the copper money for the whole night. Upward, my fucking anxiety is about to be forced out. If I don’t get rid of this confidant worry, I won’t be able to sleep peacefully in the future!”

    Mai said in a cold tone: “Bank, I only do three things in my life. These three things are watching, calculating, and correcting! To see and calculate is to discover problems, and to correct them is to do what I can. way to help you improve problem I found, which will not include the kind of thing you just said! If you’re looking for the kind of dirty tricks to do things that you still find another clever it! “

    phone that Lord Banks on the head suddenly became silent.

    After touching for half a minute, Lord Banks also spoke in a cold tone: “If this is the case, then Uncle Mai will help me find out how the dragon was born, and then tell me the name of the other person. The rest will not I need you to worry about it.”

    Mai was a little angry, but quickly suppressed the anger in his heart and said lightly: “Well, if there is nothing else, I will hang up first.”

    Lord Banks said coldly: “Uncle Mai, please That’s it.”

    Mai hung up the phone, and the opposite Mike hurriedly asked: “Grandpa, what’s the matter?”

    Mai sighed and said: “It’s not convenient to say here. I’ll tell you when I go out. .”

    Mike nodded, and stopped asking, bowed his head to eat.

    Not far away, Charlie, because of his extremely keen senses, had already heard the conversation between Mai and Lord Banks.

    Hearing Mai call the other party Banks, he knew that Lord Banks was on the phone.

    In this way, the two grandparents were sent by Lord Banks to find him!