Amazing Son-in-law 2625-2626 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2625

Charlie didn’t quite understand why someone would investigate Kian webbb’s affairs now.

    After all, Donald webbb already knew that Kian webbb’s accident was his own work. As a stakeholder, the Webb family would definitely not take off their pants and fart, and then came to investigate again.

    Therefore, the only possibility is that the people who are investigating Kian webbb now are not sent by the Webbb family.

    Charlie thinks about it carefully. Most of the people he has offended are already cold, and the ones who haven’t been cold are nothing more than the Banks family  and the Hogwitz family in the United States.

    The two families are under their own hands and have suffered heavy losses, and they are knowing that they are in the dark. If they want to find themselves, they can only clear the fog layer by layer.

    So Charlie immediately deduced that the person who was investigating information about the Kian webbb incident at this moment must have an inseparable relationship with one of the two.

    So he asked Aurora: “Who is investigating Kian webbb’s affairs? Have you seen it?

    ” Yes . Aurora said: “It’s two people, one old and one young.

    Charlie asked again: “Where are these two people now?”

    Aurora said, “I met them in the small square outside the teaching building just now, and it is not clear where they are now.

    Charlie thought that the teaching building is opposite. , So he walked to the window and looked downstairs.

    Sure enough, in the small square opposite, I saw two people, one old and one young, walking out.

    The old man among them looked at the bones  , and his body was faint With a little unusual temperament, Charlie once felt this kind of feeling in Orion Exeor but the temperament of this person seems to be weaker than that of Orion Exeor.

    Since Charlie got the Nine Profound Heavenly Sutra, He was particularly keen on this feeling, so he immediately realized that this old man is either a Feng Shui master like Orion Exeor, or a metaphysic master like Jack Yaleman from Hong Kong.

    So he took out his mobile phone, called Isaac Cameron, and said, “Isaac, there are two people in Aurous Hill College of Finance and Economics, one old and one young, and they seem to be visiting things related to Kian webbb. You arrange for someone to keep an eye on them. But you must remember to choose the strongest person for long-distance observation, refrain from

    rushing to the ground, and report any movements to me in time. Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “Good master, I have sent a few in the special forces. The scout’s men passed.

    At the same time, the small square in front of the teaching building.


    Mike asked many students one after another and couldn’t help but whispered to Mai : “Grandpa, I’ll just inquire about Kian webbb’s affairs so openly, if that big man is really in this university, or here If the university has eyeliner, wouldn’t it be exposed soon?”

    Mai nodded and said lightly: It’s right to be exposed. The other party is a real dragon, and it’s far from an existence I can see through. If his deity doesn’t If we are willing to come forward, no matter how hard we try, it is in vain. Instead of doing this, we might as well disclose our purpose directly. If it attracts his attention, maybe he will show up on the initiative. “

    Mike asked again: “Grandpa, will the other party anger us for this and treat us as enemies?”

    Mai said: “If you are a person who must report or are suspicious, you will definitely treat us as enemies, but such a person, With a narrow belly, it is generally impossible to have a true dragon fate. “

    And the real life style of the true dragon must be broad-minded and clear-cut, and will never be malicious to us just because we came to investigate Kian webbb.

Chapter 2626

After speaking, Mai continued: “Besides, we are here this time, not to be disadvantageous to him. The Banks Family wants us to find out his identity, but I am not going to intervene in the fight between the Banks Family and him. , So even if we find him, I will not reveal his identity to the Banks Family.

    Mike couldn’t help asking: “Grandpa, we have responded to the Banks Family’s request and come to investigate the enemy behind the Banks Family. If we don’t help services, would be tantamount to violation of the spirit of the contract it?

    wheat Mai glared at him, angrily: “stupid at that moment we intend to Aurous Hill, it is not working for the Soviet Union at home!!”

    he said , Mai  continued: “My purpose in coming to Aurous Hill is indeed to find this big man, but I want to see if we can find a chance from this big man, otherwise, if Banks just to deal with the great man, let me find out this big man, how could I promise? I really dragon with a man against fate, even give me more money, I can not promise. “

    then , Mai  said again: “If we really find this big man, although I will not disclose his situation to the Banks Family, I will definitely return the money the Banks Family gave me, a lot of money. ., it would help the Soviet Union when I was home free half-done

    Mike awkward said: “the lack of a temporary breach of contract is also a manifestation of the spirit of contract ah, if not the reputation of a person, but also how the community

    Mai He shook his head helplessly and reminded: “You have to remember that the more you believe in Fengshui Mingshu, the more you should not be against the Mingshu. The other party is a true dragon . People like us are definitely not his opponents, so no matter what. Standing on the opposite side of him, do you understand?”

    Mike nodded slightly: “I know my grandfather

    Mai said: “Okay, let’s find a place to eat at noon, and then come around in the afternoon. .

    Charlie didn’t care too much about Mai ‘s grandparents.

    Whether it is a master of Feng Shui or a master of metaphysics, as long as they are hostile to themselves, then they will have no return for the first time.

    Moreover, he was also very clear in his heart that although these two people are much stronger than ordinary people, they are still too far behind him. If they really start, their strength will not be much stronger than that of Jack Yaleman. .

    Therefore, his current attention is all focused on Ziva Hank.

    I look forward to Ziva Hank’s ability to give himself a clear reply as soon as possible.

    In this way, as long as Ziva Hank comes to Aurous Hill, he can immediately set up an ocean shipping company and quickly start this business, which will definitely make the Banks Family more uncomfortable.

    Hank finished class and returned to the office. When he saw Charlie, he hurriedly asked him: “Charlie, did Ziva return your information?

    Charlie shook his head: “Not yet Uncle Hank, didn’t she say it, leave After the base, there is no internet, so you have to wait until you get back to communicate with the outside world. “

    Hank nodded his head, sighed and said:” Just in class, right eye always stop dancing, I feel like is a good sign, so that the heart is also very worried. “

    Charlie said with a smile: “Uncle Hank, don’t worry so much now. Please wait patiently for the news from Ziva. They are six hours later than ours here. If they go back at 8 o’clock in the evening local time, then we are here. It’s already early in the morning, so please wait steadily. I will contact you as soon as I have news in the evening. “

    Hank said helplessly: “Now there is no good way, I can only wait. “

    After speaking, he hurriedly said to Charlie: “Let’s go Charlie, I have reserved a seat at the Aurous Hill Archway near the school, let’s eat there at noon!