Amazing Son-in-law 2621-2622 Charlie wade

Chapter 2621

Charlie Wade didn’t expect Ziva to reject him as soon as he brought the cooperation up. However, it’s impossible for him to so easily admit defeat. His response was swift: 

"I thought you were in the United States, why are you now in Syria?"

Ziva replied: 

"Some of my college classmates and I came together to make a movie. It’s a documentary about war. We’re prepared to use the documentary as an opportunity to launch an anti-war charity fund."

Charlie Wade hurriedly said: [If Miss Hank is interested in an anti-war charity fund, I can personally donate a large sum of money: If you’re able to cooperate with me for a period of time, then I can donate 30 million U.S. dollars to your charity fund."

Charlie Wade said again: 

"To be honest with you, a financial genius like you shouldn’t be in Syria, shooting war documentaries. Professional talents should do professional things, not make documentaries. Leave that to a professional documentary team. Financial talents like yourself should do everything possible to create more jobs and wealth for society."

Ziva Hank replied: 

"Mr. Wade, what you’ve said makes sense, but to be honest, the situation in Syria is very dangerous. Even many professional documentary filming teams are unwilling to go deep into the conflict and film from the front lines of war.

We’ve also seen some the European and American documentary team’s methods of filming. They generally try to stay as far from the front line as possible. Their shooting angles are also very narrow, and don’t show the full impact of war. They praise and glorify the war!

It is impossible for people outside to realize how cruel wars are when events are filmed by such people, it makes it impossible for people living in a peaceful age to realize the meaning ‘of anti-war.’

Charlie Wade said immediately: 

"Miss Hank, would you consider this? I can personally sponsor your team 20 million dollars to better help your team shoot this documentary, but I only have one request. Miss Hank, you can’t stay in Syria anymore. The money goes to your team, but you have to come to Aurous Hill to help me establish my ocean transportation business. What do you think?"

Charlie Wade just finished saying this, and Mr. Hank on the side immediately pointed at him, thumbs up, and praised: “A good way to turn the tiger away from the mountain!”

Charlie Wade smiled and said, “I’m not turning the tiger from the mountain, I’m turning a lamb away from a wolf pack.”

Ziva Hank’s response came through, interrupting Charlie Wade and Uncle Hank’s conversation:

"Leave my team!? We all promised one another that none of us would back down."

Charlie Wade smiled and said:

"It’s not about backing down, it’s about giving your team a better choice."

With that, Charlie Wade deliberately changed the subject and asked her: 

"Miss Hank, how is your life going in Syria? Do you have adequate supplies and personal safety guarantees?"

Ziva Hank replied: 

"It’s been pretty difficult being deep in the middle of a war. We’re severely short on supplies, but as for our personal safety, the government sent a few soldiers to protect us. Overall, we’re relatively safe."

Mr. Hank on the side was relieved when he heard this.

Chapter 2622

Charlie Wade said with a smile at this time: 

"From what I understand, the government and rebel forces have had a lot of really close battles. The government forces are short of money, food, weapons and ammunition. They must be inadequately trained all the year round leaving their combat proficiency very low. In this case, the few soldiers they sent to protect you and your team are basically useless. Your team consists of a group of unarmed graduates. If something happens, you won’t escape."

Ziva replied a little hesitantly:

"It.. It shouldn’t be that serious."

Charlie Wade laughed and said:

"That’s what you think, but If something really happens will you still think it’s not that serious?"

As he said, he remembered something and said, 

"I heard that mercenaries are very popular in war-torn countries in the Middle East. Hire dozens of properly-equipped and well-trained mercenaries to protect your safety throughout the process. Your safety and survival are much better guaranteed this way."

Ziva Hank said embarrassingly: "Mercenaries cost far too much. We consulted the Blackwater Company in the United States. On the Syrian front line, their mercenaries’ salary requirements are settled on a daily basis. It’s two-thousand USD per person, per day.

The quote doesn’t even include the cost of weapons and equipment. Ammunition has to be calculated separately, and If they require vehicles, the price is ridiculously high. Our budget is very tight, we can’t afford mercenaries."

Charlie Wade smiled and said.

"Look at how significant the 20 million dollars I promised you just is now! As long as you come to Aurous Hill to help me, you can fund your team with that 20 Million dollars. If a mercenary costs two thousand dollars a day, then your team can hire twenty mercenaries at only forty thousand dollars a day. 

Even if your documentary team has to stay in Syria for half a year, at 40,000 US dollars a day, the total is 6 million US dollars. If we add in the cost of renting some armored vehicles, you’re looking at 10 million at most.

With the remaining 10 million US dollars, you can wholey invest in the filming. Imagine equipping your team with the best photography and filming equipment, the best aerial photography equipment. Even if you encounter a conflict on the ground and come under fire, your team can fund the rental of an armed helicopter used by the American mercenaries to protect you from the sky. This bird’s eye view of your team being rescued under fire would shock the world!"

Ziva Hank is obviously a little tempted, but she still hesitates and says: 

"What you say really makes sense. When my team and I set out, we already swore to come through this experience together, whether we live or die. If I were to leave now, I’d be violating the oath with my team."

Charlie Wade smiled and said:

"Don’t carry such a strong weight on your mind. Think of it like this: A group of friends are driving through the desert when their car breaks down. They are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Because of their lack of supplies, they won’t survive long together in the car. Someone will need to go out and find help or a gas station, to help everyone survive.

Even though this person had to get out of the car and leave the team behind, she can bring back enough gas and supplies, as well better vehicles and equipment. This allows the team to move forward better equipped, better prepared, and overall in a safer position. Don’t you think this is a good choice? Especially for your friends still in the car, this greatly improves their chance of survival.

I think you should discuss this with your companions. I believe they will agree this is a great deal!"