Amazing Son-in-law 2615-2616 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2615

At this time, Hank sighed lightly and said with emotion: “Your mother’s successful cases back then will not be finished at all. If you have the opportunity to go to Silicon Valley, you can find the boss of a top global group and tell him  My mother’s name is Ava. They will treat you as a guest and entertain you with the highest standards of etiquette…”

Charlie couldn’t help sighing: “If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t know these things about my mother…”

Hank looked at him, smiled slightly, and said, “Your mother’s vision and long-term planning are beyond our reach.”

“Back then, we didn’t even understand your mother’s investment operations. Many companies she invested in did not seem to us to have any development prospects.”

“Just like Apple. When your mother invested in it, we didn’t think this company had any future. At that time, there was no iPhone or even iPod. Apple was already in a huge business dilemma.”

“At that time, your mom had returned to China with your dad and gave birth to you, and Jobs had just returned to the head of Apple. 

Everyone thought that Apple was impossible to turn over, but your mom knew that Jobs was going to raise funds, and it was not far away. Come here, I only talked to Jobs for an afternoon and decided to invest money in him.

“This kind of forward-looking, more than 99.9% of ordinary people, when placed in the market, are absolute masters and absolute strategists!”

Speaking of this, Hank smiled slightly and continued: “Even the Rothschild family, which has been in power for two hundred years, is in awe of your mother. 

You don’t know how much the Rothschild family hoped to marry the An family back then. ……”

Charlie nodded lightly, and he finally understood why his father, Bruce, was able to fight the Rothschild family back and forth.

In fact, the strength of the Wade family is really not enough in front of the Rothschild family.

Just as Hank said, the family property created by the Wade Family’s hard work over the years may not be as good as the income that Rothschild could get by investing in a few companies.

In this situation, the father can resist the pressure of the Rothschild family, and the help and aura of the mother and even the mother’s family must be indispensable.

At this time, Hank looked at Charlie and said seriously: “So, I sincerely recommend that you go to the United States to meet your grandfather. If your grandfather is willing to help you, neither the Banks family nor the Wade Family is worth mentioning.”

Charlie nodded, but still said very firmly, “Thank you, Professor Hank, but I still don’t plan to see Grandpa. 

I have not met him a few times. Moreover, after so many years, he is right. I may not have any affection for me. Besides, as you said, he had been stubborn about my mother’s marriage to my dad back then, and maybe he didn’t treat me very much.”

Speaking of this, Charlie laughed at himself and said: “Although I have been just a poor pauper for many years, now I still hope to be able to go on step by step by my own ability, no matter it is the Banks family,

 It’s the Wade Family, or some other top family. If any of them needs to take responsibility for the death of my parents, then I hope I can rely on my own ability to defeat them all by myself!”

Hank sighed when he heard what Charlie said, and said: “Charlie, I understand your thoughts and your determination, but with the card in your hand, I want to do this, and It’s a long way!”

With that said, he added: “Ocean shipping is an asset-heavy project, and the start-up capital may be tens of billions of dollars. I advise you to be more cautious.”

Chapter 2616

Hank felt that Charlie should have an Emgrand Group and the 10 billion funds in his hands.

When these two things add up, it is just over 100 billion and nodded. If you want to compete with the Wade Family or the Banks Family, the possibility is almost zero.

Charlie smiled slightly at this time and said: “You said Professor Hank, I still have tens of billions of funds in my hands. Moreover, I have a pharmaceutical company with a good momentum and an annual profit of tens of billions. No, it may even exceed 100 billion next year, and it can definitely continue to supply blood for my other projects.”

Hank said in surprise: “You still have a pharmaceutical company with an annual profit of over 10 billion? What’s its name?”

Charlie said: “Oracle Pharmaceutical, I wonder if Professor Hank has heard of it?”

Hank was even more shocked, blurting out: “It’s the company that produces Nova Dias?!”

Charlie nodded: “Wrong, the current core product is Oracle Nova Dias.”

“My God!” Hank exclaimed, and said, “Nova Dias is now well-known worldwide! My gastrointestinal tract has always had minor problems.

 I also took a box of Weisan some time ago. It’s ready immediately. I used to not dare to eat raw, cold, or spicy food. Now I have Nova Dias. What Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Yuzhou hot pot, and Japanese cuisine are totally beyond mention… ..”

After that, Hank said again: “There are also many of my friends in the United States who have asked me to help them buy this medicine. Everyone has a reputation for this medicine, but I really didn’t expect this company to be yours. …..”

Charlie nodded and said: “Originally, I reached a cooperation with Nova Dias’s Pharmaceuticals. I reorganized Nova Dias’s Pharmaceuticals and gave certain shares to the person in charge of Nova Dias’s Pharmaceuticals. 

Then I integrated Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, so the production capacity is also increasing rapidly. I believe that Oracle Nova Dias will soon cover the global market. By that time, hundreds of billions of dollars a year will be profitable.

“Indeed!” Hank said very seriously: “The biggest magic weapon of a pharmaceutical company is a good medicine! The world’s top pharmaceutical companies have annual revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars, equivalent to several yuan. 

Trillion, but their net profit is generally not too high, because the research and development costs are huge, and the research and development cost of a drug can easily cost billions or even tens of billions of dollars. Is the research and development cost of your Nova Dias high?”

Charlie shook his head: “The research and development cost of Oracle Wei San is not high, so my Oracle Pharmaceutical, in terms of profit margin, will be larger than other pharmaceutical companies.”

Hank couldn’t help giving a thumbs up and sighed: “This is really amazing! Look at it this way, you can build your own business map in a few years! The future is limitless!”

As he said, he sighed helplessly, and said: “To be honest, now is really a good opportunity for you to cut into ocean transportation.

 The market has released such a large share, and you do not lack cash flow. Quickly build up a huge transportation fleet, and then quickly advance related businesses…”

“Unfortunately, I really have no way to go against my oath to help you, and Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics also has high hopes for me. I look forward to my being able to bring the economic management major of Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics to the highest level in the country. I really want to The hometown elders make some long-term contributions and hope to train more outstanding talents for the motherland…”

Charlie nodded quickly and said, “Professor Hank, I understand what you said. In contrast, your current job has more social value and social significance. I personally understand it!”

Hank was silent for a moment, and suddenly remembered something, and said excitedly, “Charlie! If you don’t dislike it, let my daughter help you!”