Amazing Son-in-law 2585-2586 English version

 Chapter 2585

Aurora felt a touch lost when she heard the two mention being rescued by Charlie.

She held Momotaro in her arms, sat down on the bottom , and sighed: “Hey, I suddenly envy you. the

two couldn’t help watching her at an equivalent time. Jasmine asked, “Aurora what does one envy us?”

Aurora Seriously said: “I envy you all of you’ve got the experience of being saved by the heroes of Master Wade, why have I never encountered such a thing?”

Ito Nanako hurriedly interrupted her, and said, “Aurora, don’t talk nonsense! it isn’t a joke!

“That’s right!” Jasmine also said extremely seriously: “This quite flag must not stand upright! Peace and safety is that the most vital thing!

Aurora said softly, “But, i actually envy you

Jasmine and Seeing her hopeless look, Ito Nanako couldn’t help but glance at one another , and burst into a wry smile.

On the one hand, the 2 of them were surprised by Aurora’s amazing brain circuit, and on the opposite they couldn’t help feeling in their hearts. The same, i really like Charlie deeply in my heart, otherwise it’s impossible to possess such a thought suddenly.

Jasmine checked out Aurora and said with a smile: “You, don’t envy others indiscriminately. Actually, I envy you. At every critical moment, Master Wade has the experience of escorting her, a bit like a touch princess who is protected by the prince all the way, without knowing the sinister world. “

Aurora suddenly blushed, stammered, said:” ah Nana I’m not a master leaves little princess

Jasmine nodded and checked out Nanako Ito, smiled and said: “It seems Aoxue not want to be masters of small leaves Princess, we’ve to

remind Master Wade once we reminisce . Ito Nanako nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, when Charlie comes, i will be able to find an opportunity to inform him. “

Aurora look anxious, blurting out:” Oh, you are doing not miss I didn’t mean

Jasmine deliberately ridiculed her and asked her: “Then what does one mean?”

Aurora replied shyly , “I. i feel i feel Master Wade wouldn’t treat me as his little princess.

Jasmine smiled and said, “Aurora, listen. you the meaning of words, you ought to not be just like the master leaves it ah Aoxue, once the red? “.”

face waved and said:. “I didn’t I didn’t .”

“I don’t believe.” Jasmine laughed: ” you want to like Master Wade. check out you, your face is blushing. “

‘Yes. “Ito Nanako also joked: “It seems like a ripe red Fuji apple. i can not wait to require a bite. If Charlie sees it, maybe he will have an equivalent idea.

Aurora covered it with both hands. Face, said shyly: “Don’t talk nonsense, i do not have a face

. Although she said that, she was very worried in her heart. She hurriedly stood up and said hurriedly: “Sister Jasmine, Nanako, I’ll go a toilet , let’s mention it first

, then she ran away quickly.

Jasmine and Ito Nanako checked out her back and couldn’t help but smile at one another . Jasmine said seriously, “Nanako, does one say Master

Wade cares ? Ito Nanako pursed her lips and said seriously: “I do not know if Charlie isn’t bothered, but I Feeling that he himself may be a flower, and it’s a flower which will attract bees and butterflies. Jasmine nodded in admiration, and said with emotion: “Apart from him, there could also be no other flower which will attract bees and butterflies.

Chapter 2586

At this moment, the lads within the other corner of the banquet hall also had a really happy conversation.

After everyone chatted, Mr. Moore checked out Mr. Quinton and smiled: “By the way, President Quinton , don’t you’ve got tons of business exporting to Japan recently? you’ll get in-tuned with Mr. Ito within the future to ascertain if there’s any good cooperation. Direction.”

asked curiously: “Oh? Mr. Quinton also has business in Japan?”

Mr. Quinton nodded and said truthfully: “To be honest, i used to be originally within the business of medicinal materials, originally just for China’s domestic market. , But recently the export volume from Japan has soared, accounting for half all my medicinal materials sales, and even continuing to increase! Long.

Yuhiko Ito asked in surprise: “Mr. Quinton supplies Japan so much?”

Mr. Quinton looked respectful Incomparably said: “You aren’t to be concealed, these medicinal materials are all supplied to Master Wade’s Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical. Didn’t Master Wade buy Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan a while ago, then handed over all the availability of medicinal materials for several production lines to me. Side. “

So that is the case!” Ito Yuihiko suddenly understood.

he also wanted to take a position in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, but he didn’t expect that he had a touch trouble with Charlie due to this, so Charlie was scammed by 4.5 billion US dollars.

initially Ito Yuihiko thought that the 4.5 billion US dollars hated Charlie, on the other hand Charlie saved his daughter, avoided the Ito family from being harmed, and even saved his own life. , Made him stop brooding about the 4.5 billion US dollars. albeit he thinks of it, he doesn’t feel distressed in the least , but feels fortunate.

actually , the rationale why Ito Yuihiko doesn’t care about the 4.5 billion US dollars now, and— -A vital reason, that is, the Ito family survived the Tokyo turmoil almost intact.

However, the Takahashi family and therefore the Matsumoto family suffered heavy losses and one was exhausted . The

Ito family relied on integrating them. The resources and market of China have rapidly increased in strength, and this huge increase is just not like that of US$4.5 billion.

Therefore, not only did Ito not hate Charlie, but he regarded Charlie because the benefactor of the whole Ito family.

Mr. Quinton is really an equivalent . He said with respect and emotion: “Since Master Wade handed over the availability of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s medicinal materials to the Quinton family, the Quinton family’s business volume has quite doubled, and therefore the revenue rate of growth has increased.

“More importantly, Master Wade isn’t like other manufacturers, other manufacturers wish to hold our payment.

“Among the businesses I work with, the longest


period is quite half a year! Take the previous Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, for the raw materials I supplied him in January, he has got to await July to settle the bill ! “During this era , i will be able to still supply raw materials for the five months from February to June, which is like just being within the hands of their family, which has suppressed my half-year payment for goods, and therefore the financial pressure is extremely high.

“However, now working with Master Wade, Master Wade has never pressured any settlement. As long because the medicinal materials supplied by me have arrived and passed the inspection, the finance will immediately transfer the cash to me.’ Mr.

Moore on the side smiled and said with emotion: “You, me, and everybody , are greatly favored by Master Wade. If it weren’t for Master Wade, we wouldn’t be within the same state as we are today

. He checked out Jasmine who was chatting with Ito Nanako and Aurora, and exclaimed:” If it weren’t for Master Wade, Jasmine and that i would have died way back , and therefore the Moore

family couldn’t have this.” Ito Yuhiko also exclaimed: “Yeah! If it wasn’t for Master Wade, not only would the small girl be killed by the evil man, but the Matsumoto family would be killed. , i’ll need to borne by the Ito family

Mr. Quinton busy: “Since we are courtesy of master leaves grace, it’ll be the master leaves come, we must be quite two cups of leaves master King!

at this point , Charlie just stewards Leading step by step, when he heard Mr. Quinton’s words, he smiled and said, “Why? You guys are discussing it well. Are you getting to drink me at night?