Amazing Son-in-law 2581-2582 English version

 Chapter 2581

Before the word “bath” for Matilda to require a shower was finished, Jacob was stunned by the scene before him.

At this point , Matilda had already got out of bed and was standing by the bed.

The down jacket on her body has been began by her. She is merely wearing one reception , to not mention, the sleeves on each side are struck above the elbows.

And at this point , Matilda

, how can her whole body appear as if just now? She ahead of her, are often said to be in excellent condition, energetic, ruddy and glossy , and

even more exaggerated is that Matilda at this point is positive Extending his arms vigorously, he might feel that it had been not enough to alleviate his hatred, so he simply jumped on the spot twice.

Jacob was stunned, and he was surprised for an extended time before returning to his senses. He stammered and asked, “Then why did you get off?

Matilda said with full anger: Jacob, I feel that i’m completely better! because of your bowl of millet. Congee!

Jacob felt that the entire world appeared to became magical, and blurted out: “It’s just a bowl of millet porridge. Why is it so magical?”‘

Matilda–while moving her body, she said seriously: “But I Now I do feel that the entire person is totally healed, not only is totally healed, and therefore the condition is far better than once I wasn’t sick before. I now feel that my body isn’t only cold in the least , but also extremely popular , and more importantly, I feel everywhere my body. “There is endless

energy”” Jacob almost cried, and said with a dark expression: “What’s going on? I even have never heard of such an excellent effect of millet porridge. this is often not sense . Ah, this

Matilda pinched her waist with one hand, raised her hand high and stretched to the side, and said without changing her face: “I also think it’s extremely magical, as if you set some elixir within the millet porridge.”

Jacob sighed. Tone: “Where did i buy the elixir and miracle medicine? After speaking

, he hurriedly asked: “Matilda can we still soak within the bath?”

Matilda shook her head, and said

hurriedly : “Jacob, what time does one decide to go home?! Jacob asked depressedly: “Maybe Matilda, you ought to drive me away once you recover .”

Matilda hurriedly said : “Oh! , Where does one want to go? Am I that sort of person? i would like to call you to exercise, but i’m afraid that it’ll delay you too long, and it’s difficult to elucidate to Elaine after you head home .

“Exercise?” Jacob was subconsciously imaginative, and hurriedly said: “It’s okay! It’s okay on behalf of me to travel back any time! Anyway, I even have to possess two or three hours!

Matilda said excitedly: “That’s great That’s it!

Jacob asked subconsciously: “Matilda, what does one want to try to to for sports?

Matilda blurted out: “I want to travel for a travel by the river! you initially await me at the door, I placed on sportswear and that we both set off!

“What? !” Jacob said with a shocked look: “Going to the riverside for a run at night?

Matilda nodded and said, “Yes! I desire i’m filled with energy now, so I especially want to travel out for a run. Run a lap quickly!

After speaking, she checked the time and said, “That’s not too late. It’s just seven o’clock. many of us who wish to run in the dark usually start at this point and run until half past nine. Point.

Jacob wants to die.

“What the hell goes on? When does the fever recover so quickly? Normally, after a high fever, the body isn’t extremely weak, right? But this is often the case now. , It doesn’t seem to be in line with sense . Damn

, when Jacob was filled with depression and surprise, Matilda urged a touch anxiously: “Jacob, are you willing to travel ? does one want to go by myself? , i actually can’t hold back!”

Jacob is just too embarrassed to mention it?

“If you do not go, Matilda will choose a run. i can not occupy her house, right? albeit I occupy her house, what am i able to treat myself? i can not attend her bathroom to require a shower , right? This

damn thing is just too weird.” Thinking of this, Jacob could only say with a tragic expression: “Okay, since you would like to run, then i need to accompany you!

Chapter 2582

“That’s great!”

Matilda said hurriedly: “Then you leave first, I quickly dress and let’s depart immediately! “Well, Jacob, who is so depressed, can only comply with come down, rotate with a sullen face, and leave. Closed the door.

This bedroom, in his eyes, was the gentle homeland he had been faraway from for nearly 30 years.

But now, he can only stand outside the door, expecting Matilda to vary clothes inside.

The key’s that after Matilda changed his clothes,

Jacob , who was getting to take him for a run , gave an extended sigh, covered his face with one hand and his head with the opposite , and squatted down at the door of Matilda’s bedroom.

When he squatted down, he was still thinking: “Where is that the problem? Is it possible that the millet porridge really has such a magical effect?!

Three minutes later, the bedroom door opened.

Matilda stepped out, and she or he changed She placed on a full set of tight running clothes and tied her long hair into a ponytail. She seemed like a fifty-year-old woman.

many of us believed that she was thirty. Matilda saw Jacob actually squatting on the bottom and hurriedly asked “Jacob, why are you squatting here?

Jacob quickly stood up and said embarrassedly: “It’s okay, I’ll rest for a short time and

finish. He took a better check out Matilda in tights. His perfect body almost made him feel The eyeballs are all seen.

He really didn’t expect that Matilda would still maintain such an honest figure at such an age.

Because this type of tights exposes the pros and cons of the figure considerably . If the body features a little fat, you’ll see clearly under this type of tights

. But

Matilda ’s figure can hardly find anything wrong. Seeing Jacob during a daze, Matilda felt a touch bit ashamed, but she didn’t care about it. Hurriedly said: “Let’s leave quickly, I’m almost too hot!

Jacob could only nodded angrily, and followed Matilda downstairs.

The villa area where Matilda lives isn’t faraway from the riverside. After going out from the front entrance of the community, after passing a green area and crossing a road, you’ll be directly on the riverside road.

Over the years, the state has been encouraging people to strengthen workout . Therefore, Aurous Hill City built a 20-kilometer-long road along the riverside, half which was a track paved with rubber particles, specifically for citizens to run.

Matilda lives here since she lives here, and basically goes out and runs a lap a day . the rationale why she has such an honest figure is that she has continued to exercise for many years .

On the opposite hand, Jacob, although his body isn’t bad, he’s a standard middle-aged person. He rarely exercises. aside from drinking tea, beading beads and walnuts, the most important exercise is to spend time with others within the Calligraphy and Painting Association. Nonsense, the lips are more neat than the legs.

Therefore, as soon as he ran with Matilda, he was a touch out of breath and couldn’t continue within three minutes.

On the opposite hand, Matilda was almost as if he had been beaten up. With such a touch exercise, including panting, she didn’t even change her complexion.

Soon, Jacob really couldn’t hold it anymore, and panted, “I can’t run the sound, why don’t we take a break?

Matilda not only didn’t feel tired, but there was a sort of

She began to desire she was during a state. So she hurriedly said: “Jacob, how about you go slowly by yourself, i will be able to run a short time then come to seem for you? I don’t know what’s wrong with me, and that i don’t feel all energy is employed . , Can only be consumed by two legs, so I can’t stop in the least .”

Jacob gritted his teeth and said, “Then I’ll be with you.”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly used the strength of feeding and followed desperately.