Amazing Son-in-law 2577-2578 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2577

“Oh oh oh, although Jacob felt a touch disappointed in his heart, he still pretended to be suddenly enlightened, patted his head and exclaimed: “Oh, check out my brain, patronizing the memory of the past, and forgetting the business. .

After speaking, he hurriedly said again: “Matilda, you sit and await me first, I’ll get you wet the towel.”

Matilda hurriedly said , “There may be a bathroom on the primary floor. Turn left ahead .

“Good to

see Jacob rotate . After the toilet , Matilda was finally relieved.

actually , Jacob’s purpose was very clear to her.

To be honest, Jacob isn’t only her first man, but also the person she loves most in her life, so she naturally has some illusions and expectations for Jacob in her heart.

However, she is, after all, a highly educated woman who has been an honest woman all her life.

She knew that although Jacob and Elaine had separated now, their view of marriage still existed. supported this, she felt that she couldn’t make a principled error anyway.

Although Elaine shamelessly used her body to intervene in her and Jacob’s feelings, she was unwilling to try to to an equivalent thing.

even as she sighed in her heart, Jacob had already walked over with a wet towel.

Jacob wiped her forehead with a wet towel, and said, “Matilda, I bought you some digestible dinners. After a short time , i will be able to assist you return to the space and lie on the bed. Then i will be able to feed you something. additionally , you’ve got already taken the anti-fever medicine, and that i believe it’ll take an extended time.

Matilda nodded: “Thank you, to be honest, I’m really hungry. i have never eaten much all day.

Jacob hurriedly said: “Hey, why didn’t you tell me earlier? you ought to tell me as soon as you fell ill, but you’re fine. If i do not ask you on WeChat, you will not tell me the reality .

Matilda said, “I don’t need to bother you either. i feel I can survive it. I didn’t expect it to be getting worse.”

Jacob sighed and said lovingly, “If you’ve got such a thing within the future, i need to notify you immediately . I, i will be able to definitely come here


soon as possible. does one know Matilda nodded and said gratefully: “I am only satisfied once I realize Jacob , and said: “By the way, Matilda, where is your mometer? you’re taking your blood heat once to ascertain if

it gets better.” Matilda nodded, pointed to a thermometer on the cocktail table , and said, “I wanted to require it again before you came, but i used to be really exhausted. No, I can’t shake the mercury-in-glass thermometer . Could you please shake it for me?

Jacob hurriedly reached out and grabbed the thermometer in his hand. While shaking it, he said distressedly, “Hey, i actually don’t know that Paul is on a business trip, otherwise. i need to have come to ascertain you an extended time ago. you’re ill reception . What if you would like to possess an extended and two shortcomings?

He handed the handed temperature meter to Matilda, and said: “Clip it quickly. Buy an electronic thermometer to stop you from being inconvenient alone.”

He just remembered something, and hurriedly changed his words: “Don’t buy electronic ones. Electronic ones aren’t as accurate as mercury. If you cannot shake it alone, Find me, I’ll assist you .”

Matilda nodded moved.

She was naturally very happy with the thoughtfulness of Jacob in her heart, especially when she was sick, she suddenly didn’t know where the sense of dependence grew.

So, she said with a touch of

shyness : “Thank you. Jacob smiled and said, “You still need to say many thanks to me. Didn’t you’re taking care of me like this back then?

Matilda’s expression turned her face. It’s even more popular.

She whispered helplessly: “It’s all about old rotten grains, so don’t always mention it

Chapter 2578

“How can it’s done?” Jacob said emotionally, “I won’t forget what happened that day, albeit I die. I even have been eager to tell you for therefore a few years , but I did not have an opportunity . I finally took an opportunity . You didn’t let me say it. ..”

Matilda said helplessly: “I didn’t allow you to say that i’m , I am.

Having said that, Matilda didn’t skills to continue on this subject , so she sighed and said:” Hey, I just think that if you run to me so late, Elaine will certainly be angry if you discover out, otherwise you should return quickly, lest Elaine is unhappy.

When Jacob heard her mention Elaine, he snorted coldly, and said, “Matilda, don’t mention that shrew ahead of me. If it weren’t for her, how could we two become like now? Already married and having two or three children,

Matilda smiled helplessly, and said seriously: “Some things are fate, and you’ll not really blame the horse.

“Of course it’s her.” Jacob said angrily, “I just consider you these years. I hate her and hate her teeth.”

After saying that, Jacob waved his hand and said, “Okay, let’s not mention her. It’s too disappointing to say her.”

Matilda hummed and said, “I guess I should rest in bed for a short time . you’ll be ready to recover slowly. If you’ve got problems reception , return early to avoid extra branches.

Jacob didn’t expect that when she just received Matilda’s house, she couldn’t wait to let herself head home .

This made Jacob a touch bit hurt in his heart . .

but he soon put it all attributed to Elaine’s head, thought to himself: “I want to travel back to the us and sunny, and positively don’t want to speak to me, but the fear of Elaine that bitch that smelly bitch, really ghosts everywhere leave

this in mind, he heard angry, said: “I’m not leaving until you are doing not recover, I’m not going anywhere Elaine So what I usually don’t bother ignores her, in my mind, she isn’t you The thermometer in

his armpit is vital to him.

Matilda didn’t skills to urge back to the present moment. Jacob checked the time and said hurriedly: “Five minutes, show me the thermometer.

Matilda took out the thermometer carefully and handed it to Jacob.

Jacob glanced at it and breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “It is 39 degrees immediately . You measured it to be 39 degrees 2, right?

Matilda nodded.

Jacob said happily, “It has dropped by 0.2 degrees. Although the decline isn’t large, a minimum of it’s begun to say no . I guess, if you lie and eat something, take an honest rest, you ought to be ready to recover . , I helped you upstairs and

Matilda said hurriedly: “Or don’t toss and lie on the bed and eat, I’ll just have a bite here.

When Jacob heard this, he waved his hand hurriedly and said, “Isn’t it uncomfortable to take a seat here? The longer you sit, the more uncomfortable you’ll be. Go, i will be able to take you to bed and put two pillows on your back. you’ll feel far more comfortable. As for eating, I’ll just feed you.”

Matilda hesitated for a flash . Seeing Jacob’s firm expression, she nodded and said, “Well then, you’ll help me to the elevator.”

Jacob was overjoyed and couldn’t help but sigh . : “Haha, the chance is here