Amazing Son-in-law 2569-2570 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2569

Mike's words made Mai whole body feel a sense of relief


      He had studied I Ching and Bagua and Feng Shui metaphysics all his life and seemed to be at the top of his game, but in fact he had just crossed the entry level in the Feng Shui metaphysical school at most.


      True metaphysics is much more than just feng shui and bagua, but a large school of thought that combines the wisdom of our Chinese ancestors.


      Many of these profound esoteric disciplines have been lost and are almost unknown.


      In his lifetime, although he was quite accomplished in feng shui, he was always under the pressure of several other masters, the one who pressed him the hardest being Exeor, who was ten years older than him.


      Among them, the one who pressed him the hardest was Exoer, who was ten years older than him. Exoer was considered to be the one who had the highest attainment in the field of feng shui among the Chinese Americans.


      There were two other masters of a higher standard, but they are no longer alive.


      Mai had always hoped that he would become a leading figure in feng shui after Exoer was buried.


      However, seeing that he was already in his nineties, it was surprising that Exeor, who was over 100 years old, had not yet died.


      A few years ago, Exoer left the United States and returned to China for three years.


      And those three years were the three years in which Mak Cheng-hsing had the greatest sense of achievement.


      Because no one could find Exoer, he temporarily became the most powerful one in the field of Feng Shui metaphysics in the United States.


      He once thought that the reason why Exoer had to leave the United States and return to China was that he had calculated that his life expectancy was over, so he wanted to return to his roots and spend the last days of his life in his home country, and would not return to the United States alive.


      But what he did not expect was that some time ago, Exoer had returned to the United States.


      What he did not expect, and could not accept, was that Exoer was in excellent condition, and although he was already over 100 years old, he looked even better than him.


      At that time, Exoer, who was almost 20 years younger, became the focus of discussion in the Chinese community in the United States, and countless people regarded him as an old god, and legends about him spread throughout the Chinese community.


      During that period of time, Mai Chengxing was depressed.


      Although he was depressed, he was also very curious and eager to see the changes in Exoer, so he made a humble trip to visit him.


      During the visit, he tentatively asked Exoer about the reason for his rejuvenation, and Exoer only told him eight words: "There is a world outside the sky, and there are people outside the sky."


      Mai also understood the meaning of his words, and he knew that Exoer was telling himself that he had met a superior person in China, and so had also met a heavenly creation.


      Although Mai did not know exactly what kind of creation Exoer had encountered, he surmised that the fact that Exoer could suddenly be twenty years younger at the age of his death was probably because he had mastered a higher level of metaphysical techniques.


      Apart from feng shui techniques, there are also symbolic and seal formations. The nine words of truth spoken by the old ancestors: "To face, to fight, to fight, to fight, to all, to form, to line up, to go forward, to walk" are the core of symbolic and seal formations.


      However, these are not the real top techniques in the field of esotericism.


      For there is an unproven legend in the field of esotericism today, and that is Reiki


      Ancient literature often mentions auras and cultivation techniques based on them.


      It is even recorded in many folk legends and famous stories.


      It is said that Reiki is the highest of all powers, and that if one has mastered it, one can master everything.


      However, in recent modern times, the occult world has not been able to find any gong method that can cultivate aura.


      Countless people in the occult world have searched desperately, but have not found any tangible and useful clues.


      Although Mai was also full of yearning, he knew very well in his heart that he certainly did not have this kind of creation.




      However, great-grandson Michael's words reminded Aurous Hill that it might be his chance


      As soon as he thought of this, he immediately said to Lord Banks: "Banks, your second son, eldest daughter-in-law and eldest granddaughter all disappeared in Aurous Hill, and Mr Webb's son was also hypnotised by an expert in Aurous Hill, in my opinion, this Aurous Hill must be hiding dragons and tigers, in that case, I will personally go to Aurous Hill to see if I can find any clues


      If that is the case, I will go to Aurous Hill myself and see if I can find any clues.

Chapter 2570

As soon as Lord Banks heard this, he became excited


      What he was most worried about now was that he could not get a clear picture of the situation in Aurous Hill.


      Since Mai was willing to go, of course he was eager to go.


      So he said excitedly, "Uncle Mai, if you are willing to go to Aurous Hill, it would be great to go there. If there's anything I need to prepare in advance, just ask!


      Mai waved his hand: "You don't have to prepare anything specifically for us, the more you prepare, the more likely it is that someone with an interest will find out about our connection.


      Lord Banks said, "Uncle Mai, then I will help you arrange for food, clothing and accommodation for Aurous Hill in advance."


      "No need no need." The first thing I need to do is to take the train to Aurous Hill with Mike in the morning, and when we get there, we'll find a hotel.


      Lord Banks saw that Mai was resolute, so he did not insist any more, arching his hand and saying: "Then everything will be fine with Uncle Mai


      An hour later, a Gulfstream g650 private jet landed at Aurous Hill Airport.


      The excited Nana Ito was already overwhelmed at the thought that she was finally in the city where Charlie wade lived again.


      After passing through customs, the group arrived at the exit of the business jet building, where a convoy of several luxury cars had been waiting for a long time.


      When Jasmine saw Nanaiko Ito pushing Yohiko Ito out of her wheelchair, she smiled and waved at her, "Nanaiko!


      Ito Nanaeko was happy to see her, so she hurriedly responded, "Sister Wanting, why did you come to pick us up yourself?


      Jasmine smiled, "You and your uncle came all the way over here, so if I didn't come to greet you personally as the host, wouldn't it be a breach of etiquette?


      Saying that, she hurriedly bowed slightly at Ito Yuuhiko and politely said, "Uncle Ito, welcome to Aurous Hill"


      Ito Yohiko put his hands together, bowed slightly and said with a smile, "It's hard for Miss Jasmine to come all the way to pick us up."


      Jasmine said, "Uncle Ito, you're welcome. I'll make sure to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days.


      I've prepared a dinner for you in the evening.


      Ito Yohiko said, "Miss Jasmine, I've already booked a hotel, I'm staying with Megumi and Tanaka, so I won't bother you."


      Jasmine hurriedly said, "Uncle Ito, you have arrived in Aurous Hill, as the host, I can't let you stay in a hotel, I have all the rooms at home, there are plenty of rooms, you can stay in peace"


      Ito Yohiko said with a smile, "Miss Jasmine, we don't want to cause any trouble to anyone until we have to, this little girl, Nanaeko, is a good friend of yours, so I don't have any problem with her staying at your home, but we won't be bothering you at home, otherwise, I would not feel comfortable with a dozen people bothering your home.


      Although the Japanese are polite and courteous on the surface, they are in fact somewhat indifferent at heart. This indifference is not really considered to be a lack of human kindness, but they do not like to cause trouble to others.


      So, Ito Yohiko prefers to stay in a hotel, free and easy, without having to restrain himself or cause trouble to others.


      Jasmine wanted to persuade him again, but Nanaiko Ito said hurriedly, "Sister Jasmine, you don't have to persuade my father, he is very stubborn, you won't be able to convince him.


      When Jasmine saw this, she stopped insisting.


      At that moment, Emi Ito came forward and took the wheelchair from Nanaeko Ito and said to her, "Nanaeko, leave your father to me, and you can talk to Miss Jasmine."


      Nanaeko Ito nodded her head repeatedly and smiled, "Then please, Aunt-sama"


      After saying that, she hurriedly took Jasmine's arm and ran quite far away, leaving the crowd 20 to 30 metres behind, before asking excitedly, "Has sister Jasmine seen Charlie wade lately? How is he doing and how is he?"