Amazing Son-in-law 2565-2566 English version

 Chapter 2565

"Divine Dragon Descending


      Lord Banks expression was shocked and at the same time with a few questions.


      In his heart, he thought: "What divine dragon descending, this word sounds unreliable!


      However, he quickly thought of, just a few times Mc Chengxing tossed that coin, the final word head up, coincidence can not be so coincidental, so he felt that there seems to be something wrong.


      So, he tentatively asked Mai Chengxing: "Uncle Mai, what is called the Dragon descending how I sound so mysterious it


      Mai Chengxing whole person have a few shivers, stammering said: "If you look at this trigram, the divine dragon descending means that your destiny, there is a destiny for the divine dragon of the big man appeared


      Lord Banks frowned: "Then this big person for me is an enemy or friend?"


      Mai Chengxing said seriously: "At the moment, it seems that the possibility of being an enemy is far greater than being a friend


      "How is it possible" Lord Banks said out of the blue: but I have not recently provoked any powerful big man, why will suddenly appear such an enemy


      Mai Chengxing shook his head and said: "I can't tell, maybe I don't have enough said, or maybe my fate is not enough, the rest I can't see through."


      Said, Mai Chengxing said: "But this trigram to see, for you is really not good, it is likely that all the problems you have recently encountered, are derived from this"


      Lord Banks is still not quite convinced, he pointed to the copper coin in the hands of Mai Chengxing, opened his mouth and asked: "Is it that as long as this copper coin head up, it represents the so-called divine dragon descending into the world"




      Lord Banks asked again: "Will the trigram be wrong?


      Mai Chengxing said seriously: "This is how the trigram is, it will never be wrong.


      Lord Banks is not dead, and said: "Uncle Mai, then can you please throw the coin a few more times, in case if the word head down, does it mean that the trouble has gone away or disappeared"


      Mai sighed and said: "I threw a few more times, the result is the same.


      After saying that, he grabbed the heavenly scroll treasure and threw it upward again.


      Everyone was staring at the coin, and the coin was still facing up. Up.


      Lord Banks gritted his teeth: "Please try one more time, Uncle Mai!


      The coin is still facing up.


      Mai did not speak, picked up the coin and threw it again


      This time, the result is still since the head up.


      Mai sighed: "Banks, this is the fate, the trigram is a manifestation of the fate, it only shows your fate as it is, if you want to change the fate, you must solve the problem at the root, definitely not a few more times to throw the coin can be solved.


      Lord Banks was already drenched in cold sweat.


      His mouth can not help but mutter: "really f*cking evil door this is clearly a 50-50 probability, how can five times in a row all the words face up"


      He said, his eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness, rushed over to grab the piece of heavenly scroll pass treasure, and then threw it in front of his body.


      This time, the coin spun on the ground for a long time, and when it finally stopped, Lord Banks said excitedly: "The word head down this time is the word head down!


      Mai helplessly shook his head and said: "I started the trigram, only I tossed to count, you tossed is meaningless.


      He said, he picked up the copper coin again, and threw it out with his hand.


      The copper coin is still the head of the word facing up


      Lord Banks heart some hair.

Chapter 2566

He looked at Mai  and asked after him, "Uncle Mai, this so-called divine dragon descending, how much influence will it have on me"


      "This, I can't say." Mai said truthfully: "The other party's fate is too strong, I can't see through it.


      Lord Banks with a few moments of defiance, asked: "Is this person's destiny stronger than mine"


      Mai nodded and said solemnly: "This kind of destiny is the strongest, three words to describe it is strong invincible, there is no way someone can beat him in destiny again


      Lord Banks shocked, the heart can not help but mutter: "I have been suspecting before, know fish and Deana is likely to be alive, and is likely to be saved by the mysterious man in Japan, and now the old man said what divine dragon descend, could it be that he is talking about"


      Thinking of this, Lord Banks heart a panic, if all this is as he guessed, then this mysterious high man, will definitely become his own, and even the Banks family's great enemy!


      In the panic, he suddenly remembered Donald Webb, and hurriedly asked his butler Banks Anshun: "Where is Donald Webb?"


    Banks Anshun hurriedly said: "Master, Donald Webb has come, I arranged for him to rest in the parlor, at your command.


    Lord Banks blurted out: "Quickly call Donald Webb over!


    Banks Anshun said: "Yes, sir, I'll go now.


      After Banks Anshun left, Lord Banks said to Mai: "Uncle Mai, this Donald Webb, is the patriarch of a large local family in Suhang, their family had a very strange thing happen some time ago


      Saying that, Lord Banks explained Kian Webb's glorious deeds to Mai.


      Mai listened with a horrified expression and asked offhandedly: "Is there really such a thing?


      "The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


      Mai  frowned and analyzed: according to common sense, even if a person has some changes, psychologically devastated, but he should have a random attack, there can not be such a strict uniform frequency


      Yes," Lord Banks  said: "That's why I suspect that behind this 80% of the ghosts of someone but that Donald Webb himself did not find out, so I want you to give him a look at Uncle Mai, to see if you can find any clues, whether these clues can be combined and unified."


      Mai nodded gently and said: "I'll try it


      At this time, Banks Anshun walked in with Donald Webb.


      Lord Banks immediately greeted Donald Webb to his side and introduced him, "Mr. Webb, this is the famous feng shui master in America, Mai.


      Wu Donghai said respectfully, "Good day, Master Mai"


      Mr. Webb, has your son's condition improved?


      Donald Webb shook his head and sighed: "There is no improvement, it is still the same as before.


    Mai said: "This way, you bring him here for the old man to see.


    Donald Webb was overjoyed and hurriedly said: "Mai, you wait a moment, I will inform the people at home and hurry to send my son here!


      Zayne hurriedly pulled him aside and instructed: "Mr. Webb, remember to instruct your family to let your son have a meal before he goes out, and never have a fit in front of Master Mai.


      Donald Webb said awkwardly: "Yes, Mr. Banks, you can rest assured!


     After saying that, he hurriedly walked to the side and took out his cell phone to call his family's housekeeper.


      Ten minutes later, a helicopter slowly landed in the courtyard of the lakeside villa, and Kian Webb, who had just finished refilling his meal, walked down from the helicopter with the help of his brother Sean.


    Banks Anshun handed Kian a mask, as well as a bottle of chewing gum, instructed: "this bottle of xylitol are chewed, none left, and then put on the mask before going in!


      Kian knew that the other party disliked himself, depressed, but also did not dare to have any delay, hastily opened the bottle, the whole bottle are poured into the mouth.


      Chewed half a day, chewed until the cheeks are sore, Banks Anshun greeted: "Hurry up and put on the mask and go in with me!


      Kian can only obediently put on the mask, together with his brother Sean, step into the villa