Amazing Son-in-law 2563-2564 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2563

Mai Chengxing's words made Lord Banks and Zayne, father and son, dumbfounded




      In fact, they originally did not have any faith


      Master Banks did not believe in God, immortality, nor did he believe in any karma or feng shui secret




      He believes in only one thing, and that is the real


      However, recently the Banks family frequently encountered various troubles, which made him feel that there is a possibility of retribution.


      But listening to the analysis of Mak Chengxing, it seems to have nothing to do with retribution.


      So, Lord Banks could not help but ask: "Uncle Mai, I would like to ask more specific, our Banks family, in the end, because of what, recently encountered a variety of problems


      Mai Chengxing did not say anything, but recruited his great-grandson Mike. He beckoned.


      Mike immediately walked . Up, handed a compass to the hands of Mac Chengxing, and a few dice made of animal bone joints, as well as a few old and mottled copper coins, and handed to Mai Chengxing.


      Mai Chengxing stood up, pacing back and forth in the living room, Lord Banks and Zayne hurriedly followed, nervously watching his every move, but did not dare to interrupt.


      After searching for a moment, Maichengxing pointed at the antique shelf used to partition the space on one side of the hall and said: "Mike, move this shelf!


      Mike immediately came forward, reached out and moved the solid wood antique shelf to the side.


      Mac Chengxing placed the compass on the ground at the original location of the rack, and then readjusted the orientation of the compass according to the scale and orientation on the compass.


      Afterwards, he spoke: "Banks, tell us your birth date and eight characters


      "I". Lord Banks said awkwardly: "I don't know ah




      "Then say the year, month, day and approximate time of birth


      Lord Banks thought back for a moment and reported his birth date to Mai Chengxing.


      Mai Chengxing finger calculations for a moment, said lightly: from the birth date alone, your life is generally smooth, but the birth date alone is not detailed enough, after all, there are so many people in the world, there are many people with the same birth date, this can only speculate a general direction.


      Lord Banks hurriedly asked: "Uncle Mai, then how to be more detailed it


      Mai Chengxing said seriously: "I just said, in the eight trigrams of the I Ching, everything in the world follows a set of invisible, untouchable law, affecting this law, there are many factors, the birth date is only one of them, in addition, there is your own bone phase, the feng shui of your Banks family Yang House, Yin House, and even your spouse and children's eight characters, are very important. "


      Lord Banks asked: "I see many feng shui masters is to use the compass to calculate a calculation, to you, why would be so troublesome"


      Mai Chengxing is not angry, said lightly: "Most people's fate and destiny, are constantly changing, which is why some people are so miserable to eat in the first half of their lives, the second half of their lives can be flat thunder, steep and rich, this is because his destiny has shifted, it may be that he married a prosperous wife, it may be that he gave birth to a birth date can bring him Great fortune son, these are difficult to predict for the average person."


      "This is like real estate, you develop a residential community in a certain area of a city, the building market price is the average price of 50,000 yuan, but if suddenly one day, the subway is open, the price may rise to 60,000; and suddenly one day, a well-known school in the vicinity of the establishment of the campus, the price may rise to 70,000; if you can then welcome other huge good policy, housing prices can even go all the way through 100,000 as well as higher, put on people, the subway may correspond to a good wife, well-known schools may correspond to a good son, which is good for the party.


      Lord Banks busy asking: "What about the bad direction?


      Mc Chengxing said: "The bad direction, the possibilities are more, the same with real estate, for example, you may also repeat the mistakes of many so-called ghost cities.


      Originally, you think the city is very development, desperately built a large number of buildings, but immediately after, it is possible that the local resources began to deplete, the local economy suffered, housing prices fell; may also be the local production of resources affected by the market, prices continue to fall leading to business have gone bankrupt, housing prices fell; may even be because of the emergence of other competitors, resulting in the entire city's industry suffered a crushing blow. "


      Said, Mc Chengxing and said: "Detroit story you should have heard, originally the largest car city in the United States, incomparable glory, but finally depressed to a large exodus of population, local property and even shrinkage of more than 90, but who really defeated the city is Japan's Toyota and Honda, is Germany's Mercedes-Benz and BMW, all these are factors that may change the law .


      Lord Banks suddenly realized, hurriedly asked again: "Uncle Mai, what information do you need, just say, I will be sure to say everything!

Chapter 2564

Mai Chengxing nodded and said blandly: "I want the birth date of your wife, as well as the birth date of Zayne.


      Lord Banks hastily agreed and immediately reported the specific date of birth.


      Mai Chengxing listened while calculating, the more he listened, the more he was puzzled


      A moment of hesitation, he spoke: "Your wife and Zayne are both wood life, it can be said that from this point, they are very prosperous you, and is the kind of burning themselves, for you to add wood to the fire of prosperity.


      Said, he added: "And your five elements of wealth is very prosperous, the four heavenly stems are in a prosperous phase, combined with your wife and children, from the fate, you are rich in this life, or even rich and noble."


      According to reason, your fate, not to mention one in a million, even one in a million, ten million is hard to find, almost impeccable, according to the development of your fate, your life will be smooth and prosperous, the peak, should not have this ordeal


      "Is that so" Lord Banks asked excitedly: Uncle Mai, so what is going on with me now?"


      Mai Chengxing shook his head and said, "Don't be in a hurry.


      Said, grabbed a handful of bone dice, casually thrown on the ground, and a few copper coins also thrown down.


      Immediately after, he kept observing the bone dice, as well as the position of the copper coins, the direction, the whole mouth chanting, do not know what to say.


      Lord Banks more and more nervous, staring at Mai Chengxing, eyes do not even dare to blink.


      A minute later, Mai Chengxing suddenly grabbed one of the coins on the ground, eyes dead on him, muttered: "No, if this trigram shows, this piece of heavenly family treasure should not be the head of the word facing up. Ah!




      He said, he threw the coin high again


      The four or five million dollar coin fell to the ground with a tinkling sound, and then it spun around several times and finally stopped.


      However, this time, this piece of Heavenly Scroll Tongbao, still the word head up.




      He was a little nervous and grabbed the coin and threw it again.


      But who would have thought that after the coin landed and spun several times and finally stopped, the word was still facing upwards?


      Come on.


      This time, Mai Chengxing cold sweat has flowed down


      The side of the Lord Banks see this, the heart is also hanging tightly, can not help but cautiously ask: "wheat this copper coin in the end is what is going on even three times, are the word up, too evil it"


      Mai Chengxing's forehead is already full of dense beads of sweat


      He stretched out his hand, wiped a handful of cold sweat with the cuff, murmured: "This piece of heavenly scroll pass treasure, in my eight trigrams, represents the dry sky, and the dry for the sky, it should have been the word down, but now I even throw three times, it is the word up, which means that this trigram has the change of heaven


      Heavenly change" Lord Banks heart thumped, secretly thinking: "Although I do not know exactly what the f*cking meaning of heavenly change, but I can clearly feel, this is definitely not a good fucking thing!


      So he hurriedly opened his mouth and asked: "Mai uncle, the sky change in the end what is the meaning"


      Mai Chengxing stared at the ground full of bone dice and copper coins, dumbfounded, said: "From the trigrams, it is a divine dragon descending into the world