Amazing Son-in-law 2561-2562 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2561

Lord Banks respectfully invited Mai Chengxing to sit down on the sofa, and after sitting down, he let out a long sigh and said painfully: "Hey, Uncle Mai, you must help me this time!


      Mai Chengxing nodded and said seriously: "Since I've come here, I will naturally do my best, so you must tell me everything in its original form.


      Lord Banks responded and sighed: "In the end, it's all my fault that I'm an old fool and made some not-so-sensible decisions


      The first thing that happened was that the two siblings, Fitz and Zara, were kidnapped in Japan, and then Xion destroyed the entire Matsumoto family, and then he betrayed Xion and assassinated Deana.


      After that, he asked with a worried face: "Uncle Mai, do you think I will be retribution


      Mai Chengxing waved his hand and said seriously: Banks, you are my nephew, so I will not come with you to that set of fanciful things, and remember, in this world, whether from the perspective of feng shui, or from the perspective of science, there is no such thing as retribution."


      Lord Banks asked in surprise: "Why do you believe in these Taoist jurisprudence, what do not say karma reincarnation, retribution?"


      Mai Chengxing shook his head and said: "You are talking about the Buddhists, and our Feng Shui metaphysics, is not a lineage of Taoism, we are Yijing Bagua, Qi Men Dun


      Lord Banks hurriedly asked: "Then you just said there is no karma, is this true?


      Mai Chengxing laughed: "In my opinion, naturally true, but if you do not believe it does not matter, I will give you a fine comb of our feng shui metaphysics point of view, just as a kind of discussion."


      Lord Banks said: "You please say."


      Mai Chengxing gave a slight beating and said: "Let me ask you, according to the saying of karma, those who do evil must be severely punished, and those who do good will be rewarded, right?"


      Lord Banks nodded: "According to them, it is indeed so."


      Mai Chengxing rhetorically asked: "Then I ask you, some babies are just born and die, he has just started this life, there is no evil, there is no good, why not even a chance to grow up healthy


      Lord Banks look embarrassed: "I can not say this


      Mai Chengxing nodded and asked: "Then I ask you again, why do some people do good deeds throughout their lives, but it is ill-fated"


      Said, Mai Chengxing some melancholy sigh, Xu Xu said: "I was young, coincided with the Central Plains war, my father to escape the war, so the family moved from the Central Plains to Eastcliff."


      "At that time, my family lived in Hao'er Hutong, and there was a woman in the neighborhood who ate fasting and chanted Buddha every day, remembering the way of doing good.


      "Her husband died early and she worked hard to bring up her three sons and let them start a family, but when she grew old, none of her three sons gave her old age.


      "The three daughters-in-law were fighting over the family's assets, taking turns to come to her door and scold her, and every time they came, they would deliberately take away the only rations she had, and even the water tank had to be smashed before they were satisfied, hoping that she would die early so that they could take over the old mansion.


      "The three sons did not go so far as to make a move against her, but every time they came over they were sneering and even pointed at her nose when a family next door was having a funeral, scolding her for not being able to behave like the old people in the neighborhood and die soon.


      "The old woman not only did not have enough to eat and wear, but also washed her face with tears all day long, although not so much as to cry blind, but her eyesight was deteriorating, plus she could not afford to light the lamp oil, and every time the sun went down, she could not see her fingers.

Chapter 2562

"But she did not expect any of her sons to find a conscience, and eventually froze to death on that extremely cold winter day in Eastcliff


      "On the day of the funeral, the three sons' cries could be heard across the three alleyways, but everyone could see that it was just a little show for the outsiders to see.


      "You say, if there is really karma, this old woman why a lifetime of good deeds and virtue, but also a lifetime of suffering"


      Lord Banks thought about it and said seriously: "Perhaps it is a debt owed in a previous life, this life to pay the debt


      Mai Chengxing snorted, said disdainfully: Only people who can not penetrate the law of events, will use such rhetoric to impose an explanation, if everyone believes in the last life, or the next life, then you might as well lend me all your family's money, I will pay you back in the next life is double, you agree?


      "This" Lord Banks although he knows that Mc Cheng & lt; Xing is just a joke, an example, but he began to agree with Mc Cheng & lt; Xing's statement in his heart.


      At this time, Mc Cheng Xing continued: "The same reason, some people are full of evil, the result is not only their own good beginning and good end, but also the children and grandchildren; generations can be shady


      "Just like the old woman I just said, after her tragic death, her three sons have a rainbow of luck, a business to do a prosperous, a warlord to join the flat, and one went to the South Pacific to fight, the offspring is still a well-known entrepreneurs, good people did not enjoy a day of blessing, the bad guys but the blessing of their own family for generations, you say this karma is not the opposite of the


      Lord Banks was speechless for a while.


      Zayne on the side could not help but ask: "Grandpa Mai, if, as you say, karma does not exist, then this family has these two extremes, in the end because of what?


      Mai Chengxing smiled slightly: "Zayne you are asking to the point, why if you can not see the law, you will only look up and curse a sentence, God is not long-eyed, plus a sentence 'good people do not live long, scourge left a thousand years, but have you thought about it, if there really is karma reincarnation, this sentence simply can not be valid, because karma reincarnation will not let good people do not live long, and will not let This is a contradictory paradox in itself."


      The first thing you need to do is to get a good understanding of the laws of karma.


      Lord Banks said: "Uncle Mai, what is the explanation for the fate?


      Mai Chengxing explained: "Fate, is the fate, is the truth of life, or the law of life."


      My father once said that the old woman is the fate of the Heavenly Fate, although she spent her days doing good deeds, but she did more good deeds, but it is difficult to change her fate.


      To use the simplest analogy, even if you eat more carrots, you can't become a rabbit, because these are two completely different sets of logic."


      You can't presume to think that all rabbits like to eat carrots, and that if you eat more carrots as well, you will rightfully become a rabbit.


      Lord Banks as well as father and son Zayne nodded thoughtfully.


      Mai Chengxing continued: "The Heavenly Fate Lone Star not only grams husband, wife, more grams offspring, and most tragic is that she not only grams others, she herself also can not escape the six relatives have no relationship, the end of the lonely years, that is why she has a lifetime of suffering, a lifetime of endless suffering.


      "Although her three sons are all unfilial, but in terms of fate, their own prospects of career, invariably also by the old woman's fate grams."


      "It is because the old woman died early, the three of them did not die for this, and this has the opportunity to later fly to the sky."


      If all three of them were filial sons and took turns to receive their mothers to do their filial duty, then perhaps all three sons would have died early for various reasons, and perhaps all died in front of the old woman in the end."


      "This, although it sounds absurd and unbelievable, but this is the true and real fate