Amazing Son-in-law 2559-2560 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2559

When Donald Webb received Banks Anshun's(Banks family housekeeper) notification, his whole person was excited beyond measure.


      The problem of his young son Kian Webb had always disturbed him immensely, but he knew very well that Charlie wade would not be able to cure his young son for a while, and now that the Banks family had invited a feng shui metaphysics master, he naturally expected this master to help him solve this knot in his heart.


      So, he immediately said to Banks Anshun: "Thank you, Housekeeper Banks, for informing me, I will take my son over there and let Master Mai take a good look for my son."




    Donald Webb suddenly felt a hotness on his face.


      He only thought about the chance to cure his little son, but he ignored how much his little son was disliked now.


      So he had to respectfully say, "Thank you for your reminder, then I will go there by myself first."


      When Donald Webb left for Lord Banks's lakeside villa, Isaac Cameron received a report from his men that the presidential suite, which was vacant for half of the year, had been reserved by the Ito family of Japan.


      Moreover, in the list of residents sent by the Ito family, there was Ito Yohiko's name.


    Isaac Cameron was surprised and immediately called to report to Charlie wade.


    Charlie wade was also quite shocked by this.


      In the list sent to him by Isaac Cameron, he saw not only the name of Ito Yuhiko, but also Ito Yuhiko's sister, Ito Emi, and Ito Yuhiko's subordinate, Tanaka Koichi.


    Charlie wade was puzzled, he could not understand why Ito Yohiko suddenly came to Jinling, and also brought Koichi Tanaka with him


      You know, they both underwent amputation surgery, and now they are both legless disabled.


    Charlie wade does not have any idea of looking down on the disabled, or discriminating against them, but just can't understand why these two people are already in such a situation, and still came all the way to Aurous Hill.


      If you think about it, Jasmine said that Ito Nanaeko was also coming to Aurous Hill to see Stephanie's concert, so I guess this time Ito Nanaeko is also coming.


      The reason why I can't see Ito's name on the hotel's check-in list is that Ito is going to stay at Jasmine's house this time.


      But Charlie wade is also a little surprised, I do not know why Ito Nanaiko to Aurous Hill, why not give himself a greeting in advance.


      On the other hand, Donald Webb hurriedly arrived at the Banks family's lakeside villa.


      When he arrived, he didn't see Lord Banks and Zayne, he was received by the butler Banks Anshun.


    Banks Anshun arranged him to a rest room and admonished him, "Mr. Mai will not arrive until a while later, you wait here first, he left this room without permission, sit here honestly and wait for my news, understand?"


    Donald Webb was a little irritated by Banks Anshun's condescending and bossy attitude.


      After all, Banks Anshun was not a member of Banks's family, he was just a dog of Master Banks.


      Moreover, rumors in the jianghu, this person's original surname is not Banks, it is said that his real name is Dong Anshun, after staying in the Banks family for a long time, he licked his face to go to Master Banks, and begged Master Banks to give a Banks surname.


      In the past and present, only the emperor will give their own ministers, military generals to give their surnames, have not heard of any rich family to their own subordinates to give their surnames, let alone heard of which subordinates begged the master to give their own surnames, Banks Anshun this is still the first time, so he is also because the outsiders spit on.


      But Banks Anshun himself does not care, what he really wants to do is to become Master Banks's beloved, let Master Banks trust absolutely, as long as they can make their own future bright, what the surname does not really matter.


      Although Donald Webb despises Banks Anshun 10,000 times in his heart, but he does not dare to show any dissatisfaction in front of Banks Anshun and can only say respectfully, "Please rest assured, I will wait here honestly."


    Banks Anshun nodded with satisfaction and dropped three words: "Wait.

Chapter 2560

After saying that, he turned around and left the lounge.


    Donald Webb sat on the sofa with some resentment, annoyed and muttering in his heart: "F*ck, it's just a dog, how dare you pretend with me so much, so high and mighty, but you didn't even pour me a glass of water, what a f*cking asshole!


      Half an hour later.


      A convoy of several Rolls-Royces drove into the gate of the lakeside villa with great pomp and circumstance.


      Lord Banks, Zayne and Banks Anshun were waiting at the door, and as soon as the convoy stopped, Zayne personally stepped forward and opened the rear door of the second Rolls-Royce.


      Inside the door, sat an old man wearing a black embroidered Tang suit, full of silver hair.


      At that time to see, up how must be a more than 80 years old, but the whole person is very robust, not at all see the appearance of old age.


      Over 50 years old Zayne, looking at the old man in front of him, respectfully said: "Grandpa Mai you have not seen for many years"


      The old man smiled slightly, twirling his beard, and said cheerfully: "You are Zayne, right? Last time I saw you, you were still a young man, but now you have also passed the age of confusion, right?


    Zayne said respectfully: "Grandpa Mai, I am now fifty years old, unlike you, who still looks so healthy at the end of his life"


      The old man laughed: "I can't talk about any spirit, the yellow earth has reached my forehead, looking at the sky."


    Lord Banks hurriedly said: "Zayne, hurry up and invite your grandpa Mai down first, don't let your grandpa Mai sit in the car for a long time, it's not good for your health!


    Zayne then came back to his senses, hurriedly extended his hand and said: "Grandpa Mai, please!


      This old man is the thirty-first generation of the Mai family, Mai Chengxing.


      Although he is not as famous as Exeor family, he is definitely more famous than the American Chinese community. Although it is not as good as Exeor family, but it is definitely considered to be the relative top of the handful of Chinese feng shui masters in the United States.


      Because Exeor family has been relatively low-key over the years, and came to China for several years, so it just gave Ma Chengxing an opportunity to rise.


      Ninety-three-year-old Mak Chengxing, has not retired, and is still active in the field of feng shui, often going around for some of the top tycoons to read feng shui, fortune telling, because the strength is really extraordinary, so there is the reputation of Mak Tian Shi.


      This time, in order to invite him to come out, the Banks family threw fifteen million dollars, and at the same time, they bore the cost of his chartered flight to and from Aurous Hill, as well as all other expenses for food, clothing, housing and transportation, so that they could invite him from the United States.


      At this time, Mc Chengxing reached out in Zayne arm gently, people have been deftly out of the car, Lord Banks hurried forward, bowed and said: "Uncle Mc, so hard you so far special trip, really too embarrassed!


      Mai Chengxing smiled and said: "Zayne, your father and I are good brothers, you have something, how can I not come to help."


      As he was saying that, the passenger door was also pushed open, a young man of twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old stepped down, paced to the side of the old man, and respectfully said: "Grandpa Tai."


      Mai Chengxing reached him to his side and said with a smile: "Zayne, let me introduce to you, this is my eldest great-grandson, Mike.


      Mike" Zayne subconsciously asked: "Is that an English name or a Chinese name?"


      The young man said with a smile: "Uncle Banks, Mike is my Chinese name, but my English name is also Mike, the translation is also the two Chinese characters.


      Mai Chengxing laughed: "Young people are more fashionable, Mike's father gave him a name that is a combination of Chinese and Western names."


    Lord Banks said: "This name is very interesting, and the surname happens to be Mai, a double entendre, two birds with one stone, really wonderful!


      The name of Mike is just a little playful, not fantastic.


   Zayne smiled awkwardly and said, "Uncle Mai, I'm not as educated as you are, but as far as I'm concerned, the name is really great."


      Mc Chengxing patted his shoulder, said with a smile: "Okay, let's sit down and talk about your Banks family"