Amazing Son-in-law 2555-2556 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2555

When Kawana Kurenai saw the way Ito Nana-chan was trying to hide her face, she sighed and said helplessly, "Miss, if I had a mirror in front of you right now, you would know that you are the best woman in the world at lying.


      Ito Nana-chan blushed in shame and stammered, "I didn't ah I really"


      "Come on, come on, come on. Kurenai said helplessly, "Miss, I'm just your assistant, you don't have to bother lying to me, just don't act so rash when you face that Charlie wade


      Ito Nanaeko said with embarrassment, "I'm sorry Kawana, I actually


      Speaking of this, Ito Nanaeko suddenly got a bit speechless and sighed helplessly, saying: "Hey, no more, thanks for the reminder, you help me put Momotaro into the airline box, and give it some water, we're going to take the helicopter to the airport later.


      Kawana Kurenai nodded, "Ok Miss, is there anything else I can help you with on your end I'll come back."


      Nanaeko Ito waved her hand and said:




      Just help me get Momotaro settled and pack your own bags, we're going to be in Aurous Hill for quite a while."


      Kawana Kurenai asked, "Miss, you're not going to come back until the concert is over.


      "Right." Ito Nana-chan said seriously, "I'm going to stay in Aurous Hill until the concert is over."


      Kawana Kurenai asked again :


      "What about work? The family


      The family has so much business to attend to."


      It doesn't matter." Nanaeko Ito smiled faintly and said, "I take eight hours out of my day to deal with work issues, and all work will be solved online via computers and mobile phones, I have been pushing for online, office reform throughout the Ito Group for some time now, and this time it is just the right time to see the results in action."


      With that, she smiled again and said reassuringly, "Kawana, don't worry, I'm not the kind of woman who plays around or takes no responsibility for her work, even if I go to Aurous Hill, I won't be sloppy with the work I should be doing as well.


      Kawana Kurenai nodded gently.


      She had to admit that Nanaeko Ito was a very hardworking woman. She had not been in charge of the family for very long, but she had done a very serious and responsible job, and many of her innovations had been quite effective.


      Her father, Yohiko Ito, was a very traditional Japanese businessman, an older generation of Japanese entrepreneurs who were usually very ritualistic, always dressed in a suit whenever they left home every day, and meticulous in the company, with many of the company's management processes being very rigid and rigid.


      The first thing Nana Ito did after she took over the Ito Group was to gradually transform the Ito Group into a more modern company.


      The first step was to implement a paperless office in the company as far as possible. Paperlessness was only one aspect, but the larger aim was to put the vast majority of work, documents and files online.


      In this way, not only is it fast and private, but it is also secure and easier to access and view.


      At first, many of the older staff were a little uncomfortable with the idea, as they still followed the old ways of working, where everything had to be done in a structured and step-by-step manner.


      However, with Nanaiko Ito's facilitation, not only did everyone accept the new way of working, but they actually felt that there was a very significant increase in productivity overall.


      Now, Nanaiko Ito is continuing to promote online interaction in the company, and has even enabled a live video conferencing solution specifically to ensure that she, and other executives, can work without any disruption, no matter where in the world they are, as long as they have internet access, even if they are 10,000 miles apart.


      This is something that is very simple for many emerging Internet companies, and has even become a basic part of their daily routine, but it is still very new to older, traditional companies, and it is by no means easy to change their working habits in a short period of time.


      It was only thanks to Nanaiko Ito's uncompromising management that these innovations were able to be steadily implemented.


      During this period, while reforming the Ito Group, Nanae Ito also made every effort to integrate many other resources, taking in all the markets released by the Takahashi family and the Matsumoto family, and taking the Ito family to another level, which is something that Kawana Kurenai admires.


      So she is not worried that Nanaiko Ito will leave her work behind when she goes to Aurous Hill.

Chapter 2556

But she also had her own fears.


      She was worried that Nanaeko Ito would become unhappy after she went to Aurous Hill and met the man she loved.


      Sometimes, many people who are particularly capable and promising lose their will to fight and pursue for the sake of their beloved.


      So, she was also afraid that Nanaeko Ito would become unwilling to return to Japan after she went to Jinling.


      But Kawana Kurenai did not dare to voice her fears either, for she was afraid that if she did, she would instead leave a psychological implication for Ito Nana-chan, so she spoke up and said, "Miss, then I will go and settle down Momotaro first, and meet you later when I am ready."


      Ito Nanaeko looked at the time and said, "You won't have to come back for me, the helicopter takes off in ten minutes, we'll meet on the tarmac then."


      I'll be there.


      Okay Missy, I'll be there then


      After Kawana Kurenai left, Ito Nanaiko was packing her things when her father, Ito Yohiko, slowly entered the house with an electric wheelchair and seeing her packing, he asked, "Nanaiko, how long will you be going to Aurous Hill this time"


      Ito Nana-chan hurriedly put down the clothes she was holding and said shyly, "Ondo-san, I'll be going for about ten days this time.


      "Ten days" Ito Yohiko couldn't help but exclaim and asked, "What's taking so long"


      Ito Nana-chan blushed and said, "Odo-san, I want to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days, so I can rest and relax.


      I think you're not tired, but you want to see Charlie wade sooner rather than later."


      "Odo-san," Ito Nana-chan said in shame, "since you understand everything, don't ask questions knowingly.


      Ito Yuuhiko looked at his daughter's shy look and couldn't help but say with some heartache: "Nana-chan, Odo-san doesn't object to you liking Charlie wade, but you have to promise Odo-san that you must never, ever fall too deep, or at the very least, don't delay your own future because you can't be with him.


      Nanaeko Ito said hurriedly, "I know Oudosan, don't worry."


      Ito Yohiko nodded, stretched and smiled, "Gee, I'm bored of staying at home these days, if you don't mind, let Oudosan go with you to Aurous Hill too, okay?


      Ah," exclaimed Nanaiko Ito, "Ondo-san, you're going to Aurous Hill too."


      Yes." I have a few bottles of fifty year old whisky that I'd like to bring to Mr. Wade to try."


      Ito Nana-chan nodded hastily and said, "That's great Ondo-san, then we'll go together.


      She suddenly remembered something and said awkwardly, "But Oddo-san, I have agreed to stay at Miss Jasmine's house this time, so I'm afraid it would be inappropriate for you to stay with me at her house.


      Ito Yohiko laughed: "It doesn't matter, you and Kawana are still staying at Miss Jasmine's house, I'll stay at the hotel with Tanaka, just so your aunt can come along too.


      Nanaeko Ito asked hastily, "Tanaka-san is coming too?


      "Right." Ito Yohiko sighed and said:Tanaka has been a bit demoralised since his leg was amputated, after all he is still young and not quite able to take such a serious blow, so I am going to ask him to come out with me for a bit, he has been to Aurous Hill in the past, so this time I will take him there to revisit the old place and see if I can cheer him up again"


      Ito Nanae was also moved by the fact that her father and Koichi Tanaka, master and servant, had a very strong bond and had always supported each other and never left each other.


      So she said, "If that's the case, let's ask Odo-san and Tanaka-san to get ready.