Amazing Son-in-law 2553-2554 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2553


When Lord Banks heard this he immediately cursed coldly: “Damn, Ito Yuhiko, that dog thing, isn’t within the street in the least . We had to settle on between him and therefore the Takahashi family initially . At that point , he was sort of a dog licking us all day; now the Takahashi family and Matsumoto family are dead, but he’s still arrogant. it’s really outrageous. “

Ocean shipping is one among the foremost profitable industries at the instant . If a container ship runs on European and American routes with a full load and a container freight of 20,000 to 30,000, one trip will earn a minimum of tens of many freight. The

Bank family has the most important transportation fleet in China. As long as these ships run, they will The profit created is extremely high, and it’s definitely the core and most vital source of revenue for the Bank family at the present .

However, now that the license has been revoked, none of those ships can get the route approval.

Without the approval, these ships are only having the ability to dock at the port, not only can’t make a penny back, but also has got to invest tons of cash for maintenance a day .

additionally to the whole shipping company’s transportation and support team, although there’s nothing to try to to , but The Bank family absolutely dare not lay off staff and may only still spend money to support it.

Therefore, Lord Banks felt very anxious about this, and said during a deep voice, “Hey, blame me. The impact of this incident is basically bad. i do not know when it’ll be possible. After browsing it, we probably won’t have an opportunity to urge back the license before things rotate .

Zayne thought for a flash and said, “Dad, or I’ll attend Japan again, and ask Ito Yuhiko if he’s willing to speak to once we cooperate, we use a shell company to register a replacement company in Japan with Ito Yuhiko, then take the japanese license to temporarily change all of our ships to the japanese name , in order that we will solve the urgent need .

Lord Banks nodded, sighed and said: “approach really may be a good idea, but just don’t know what would Ito Yuhiko attitude, this guy definitely feel blessed opportunity Ito family now, not be ready to comply with cooperate with us.

Zayne said: “The Ito family has been Ito Yuhiko’s daughter lately , and Ito Nanako is at the helm. Although this girl is young, her sort of doing things remains very radical. during a very short time, she has integrated shipping resources of Japan, enhance the general strength quickly.

Lord Banks frowned: “Nanako Ito, Ito Yuhiko only daughter is true .”

“Yes. “Zayne Road, said:” She is now Iraq

vine family heir and helm. “

Lord Banks sighed thoughtfully: “Ito Yuihiko and Orrin Sun, why these two have only born to at least one daughter? Wouldn’t it’s worthless to offer to others within the future?”

Zayne shrugged, “Who knows what they are doing consider it, and there are quite two big entrepreneurs who have just one daughter.

Lord Banks sighed: “Hey, if you check out it this manner , Ito Nanako’s price-performance ratio is far better than Stefanie Sun.”

He said, he couldn’t help but figure it out, and said, “Look, the Ito family has now seized the unique opportunity. , The strength skyrocketed, not only the primary family in Japan, but also the second and third places are far behind. In contrast, the Sun family is indeed a touch bit worse, and Stefanie Sun has not yet appropriated Sun. the important strength of the family is far worse than that of Ito Nanako.

this is often true .” Zayne nodded in agreement, and said: “This Ito Nanako has always had the title of Yamato Nadeshiko. Now the japanese media simply treat her referred to as the richest man in Japan within the future, there are

probably many men who want to marry her.” Lord Banks asked tentatively: “Hey, you said, are you able to try

Chapter 2554

Zayne hurriedly said, “Dad, don’t you comply with pursue Stefanie Sun?”

Lord Banks said very seriously: “But now it seems that Stefanie Sun is way less expensive than Ito Nanako.”

Zayne said embarrassingly, “Dad, know If we just visited Aurous Hill just , let’s change our minds at this point , and it’ll definitely have an enormous blow to his enthusiasm. After all, he really likes that Stefanie Sun.

“Lord Banks smacked his lips and said: “If you don’t know, let him still attempt to pursue that Stefanie Sun, you’ll find another chance to form a meeting with Ito Yuhiko, or just make a meeting thereupon Ito Nanako, and see if you’ll make another appointment for an interview. the large deal is that we will give them more profit. they’re willing to line up a venture with us to assist us revitalize this business. we will distribute 20% of the profits to her.

Zayne nodded and said, “Dad, let me ask the Ito family, if possible. , Just make a meeting with them as soon as possible. “


At this moment, Tokyo, Japan.

Inside the Ito Mansion, it’s a busy scene.

Ito Nanako ran round the room constantly, packing all types of garments and daily necessities into

her suitcase. She His assistant Kawana Kurei, at this point , was during a hurry and

caught within the kennel within the backyard. Finally let her grab a really naughty little Akita, and she or he quickly hugged the Akita tightly In her arms, she hurried to the door of Ito Nanako’s room.

Miss, does one think this puppy is okay”

Ito Nanako just put a cherry blossom pink jacket with a robust girlish breath into the box and searched at her The puppy in his arms smiled and said: It clothed to be Momotaro. To be honest, i used to be really reluctant to send it to

Najiu Kawari and hurriedly said, “Miss, then I’ll get another one.”

Ito Nanako hurriedly stopped her and said, “No need Kawana, just it. After all, the opposite party is Charlie’s friend. Since she likes Akita dogs, i will be able to naturally give her the best-looking dog.

Kawana shakes. She shook her head and sighed: “Miss, you’re so hard thereon Charlie, not only with him, but also together with his friends.”

Ito Nanako said with some shame: “Charlie is true , we Ito The family is gracious, in fact I even have to try to to my best for a touch thing.

Kawana blurted out subconsciously: “But he’s already married,

  Ito Nana-chan said with a somewhat embarrassed expression, "Charlie is my kindness I just want to repay the kindness, it has nothing to do with being married or not."


      Kawana Kurenai put the Akita named Momotaro on the ground, grabbed Nanaiko Ito's right hand, pointed to the ring on her middle finger and said, "Miss, if you really just want to repay your kindness, why do you keep this ring on your hand? Up


      This ring is a gift from me to myself and it has nothing to do with Charlie wade.