Amazing Son-in-law 2551-2552 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2551

Seeing that Charlie seemed indifferent, Isaac Cameron said anxiously, “Master, this Fitz , his mother and sister are still missing. he’s still within the mood to pursue Miss Sun so hard. This proves that this kid himself is ruthless. Injustice, Miss Sun is such an honest girl, if she is basically deceived by him, not only Miss Sun suffers a loss, will you furthermore may lose a lot?”

Charlie coughed twice: “Just stand back .” I’m worrying about it, I’m a spouse , it’s her freedom to settle on her spouse . it’s not a turn the two folks need to worry about.”

After speaking, Charlie suddenly felt a touch uncomfortable in his heart.

At an equivalent time, what surprised him was that his heart at this moment really agreed with what Isaac Cameron said just .

even as Isaac Cameron said, Fitz still had the guts to chase Stefanie Sun at this point , which proved to some extent that this person was a touch unjust.

More importantly, Charlie couldn’t help but hypothesized in his heart that Stefanie Sun and Fitz were together. Although it had been only an assumption, it still made him feel bad!

At this moment, Charlie truly understood that Stefanie Sun had already taken an area in her heart.

Seeing that Charlie hadn’t spoken all the time, Isaac Cameron couldn’t help but think: “Master, you want to concentrate to the present matter. you want to not let Fitz , a bastard, succeed!”

Charlie was silent for a flash and said: “This way, I don’t care about anything . You can’t sell all the advertising resources in your hands to him. No amount of cash will work!”

Isaac Cameron heard this and said in surprise, “Good young master! It’s you who are waiting. In short! As long as you express this attitude, i will be able to never sell even one advertising space to Fitz !” Charlie said with satisfaction and exhorted: “Please help me determine what Fitz has. Other tricks, tell me as

soon as I find them.” Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Oh yes, master, there’s another thing, i have never had time to report back to you.”

“You said.”

“Master, this Fitz features a group company specializing in cosmetics. This company also has many well-known cosmetics brands. this point he reached a cooperation with Miss Sun, and his cosmetics company named Sun. Miss Sun’s concert tour, and this title sponsorship is for charity purposes. The content of the cooperation he reached with Miss Sun is that each time Miss Sun starts a concert, he will donate 10 million to charity.”

Charlie Touching his chin, he said with a significant expression: “This Fitz will really find an entry point! She isn’t in need of money in the least , so she can’t even look down on any sort of advertising sponsorship, but he prefers to use charity to impress. then , this kid seems to be a master with a

sharp vision! Otherwise, there’s a master pointing behind!” Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Master, then you’ve got to quickly consider a countermeasure!”

Charlie said: “I know Fitz , you help me stare there, if he has any new actions, tell me in time.”

“Good young master.”

At this moment,

Zayne came to Lord Banks’s study early within the morning and reported to him: “Dad! Our shipping license has been revoked!”

“What!” Lord Banks immediately blurted out when he heard this, “This is what is the matter? How can the qualification certificate be revoked?”

Chapter 2552

Zayne said: “According to the shipping department, it’s because our Banks Group’s overseas reputation has declined an excessive amount of recently, and our overall score has failed. Therefore, we are required to form rectifications first. Before the rectifications are over, no Allow us to work ocean shipping business again.”

Lord Banks was shocked: “How could this happen?! Did they tell us how long we’d like to form rectification?”

Zayne shook his head and said, “There is not any deadline for rectification. They said allow us to as soon as possible. After the rectification is completed, they’re going to arrange a review consistent with their time. If the review is okay, the license are often restored.”

Lord Banks exclaimed, “Isn’t this a stumbling block? Our Banks Group has been the fastest growing within the past two years. it’s the ocean shipping business, and after entering this year, the shipping price of ocean shipping is getting higher and better . Now the freight of a container is three or fourfold costlier than before. it’s a rare opportunity for the shipping industry to satisfy during a century. If the company’s business is stopped, doesn’t that mean we’ve cut half our money?”

Zayne sighed: “Dad, I also told them about this, and even interceded with them, hoping to urge a probation. But the opposite party just didn’t abandoning . I also asked someone to seek out out what the above meant. If we can’t solve this reputation crisis, and provides a satisfactory explanation about Tate Landry’s intrusion into the Treasure Pavilion, within the future This business won’t be hospitable us

anymore .” Lord Banks gritted his teeth and said: “No one has been getting to thunder during this incident. they’re trying to force me to face up as a target!”

Zayne said helplessly, “Actually This matter also needs an evidence which will be explained above, but we’ve not given any solution thus far .”

Lord Banks snorted coldly, and said: “What solution is there? All the fingers are directed at me. Unless I get up and obtain beaten, this matter will never be explained…”

then , Lord Banks remembered something and hurriedly said: “By the way, you quickly prepare a sum of money to send to the families of the victims who Tate Landry killed in Zhenbao Pavilion. In any case, allow them to come to the fore and record a video of understanding. Then edit the video that everybody understands and post it on the Internet!”

Zayne said: “Dad, these victims’ families might not be ready to cooperate with us like this…”

Lord Banks said coldly: “Humph! They don’t cooperate? Give me money if they don’t cooperate! Five million don’t cooperate, give 10 million! If 10 million don’t cooperate, give 20 million! I still don’t believe it!”

Zayne nodded: “Dad, then i will be able to arrange someone to travel to Aurous Hill to speak to the victim’s family today!”

Lord Banks said blankly, “You must ask them!”

“Good dad!”

Lord Banks frowned and said coldly. “The biggest thing the domestic ocean shipping industry has done is our Banks family, followed by Wade family.”

“Now, if our transportation is stopped, wouldn’t it give the Wade family an excellent opportunity? Just this The stopped state lasts for quite three months, then the Banks family are going to be overtaken by the wade family!”

“Yes!” Zayne said sadly: “The Wade family is now actively exerting strength. I heard that they only had just two days ago. I ordered three container ships with the shipyard, and even visited South Korea , and negotiated the chartering business with the South Korean shipping group. it’s because the present business volume of the Wade family has surged and therefore the capacity is insufficient.”

Lord Banks shot angrily Table: “Unreasonable! Let the Wade Family devour an enormous bargain for nothing!”

After speaking, he sternly said: “This matter must not be so passively waited on, we must find how to mediate! Since our qualifications are temporarily suspended , Then let’s find a professional shell to hold in! a minimum of we can’t stop our business!”

Zayne said hurriedly, “Dad, I’ve already contacted this matter, but other domestic shipping companies Don’t dare to offer us a link because they’re also worried about being punished…

Lord Banks stuck with embarrassment: “Damn, these dogs wont to attend the Banks family to cheat our Banks family, and now all of them are damned! Since the domestic can’t handle it, then attend a far off company!”

Zayne thought. After brooding about it, he said, “Korea’s companies are listed first by the Wade family. Now our greatest choice is that the Japanese Ito family, the Matsumoto family and therefore the Takahashi family fell. Now the shipping in Japan is nearly beat the hands of the Ito family in……”