Amazing Son-in-law 2547-2548 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2547

In fact, Lord Banks himself is not much of a believer in fortune.

        His old father, who died long ago, was a great believer in feng shui fortunes, but he himself did not buy into them.

        Lord Banks's style of action is very ruthless, so he has always believed that man is destined to win, and when he was young, he acted in a thunderous manner, and in his old age, he was even more unscrupulous, not taking karma and reincarnation and fate into account.

        However, Lord Banks now has some doubts in his heart.

        If I were to say that it was a coincidence, it would be a bit hard to justify, how could I be so unlucky and have all the bad things happen to me?

        If it wasn't a coincidence, then I guess there was something wrong with his luck, otherwise he wouldn't have been unlucky like this.

        So, he wanted to take this opportunity to have an authoritative feng shui master take a look at him.

        The old man he asked Zayne to contact, Mr Mai, was the one who followed his father from Eastcliff to the United States in early 37.

        At the beginning, the five major feng shui families in China were the Lai family, the Zeng family, the Liao family, the Yang family and the Mak family.

        All of these families, without exception, are now settled overseas.

        The older generation of the Mai family had a close personal relationship with Lord Banks's father, so when Lord Bankss father was alive, he often asked them to come back and give him some guidance.

        However, since his father's death, Lord Banks had no interest in this area, so he drifted away from them.

        But then again, although there had been little contact over the years, the foundation of friendship between the two families was still there.

        Donald Webb doesn't believe in fate either.

        However, he now has the attitude of trying it out and not paying for it, so if it works out, he has nothing to lose if it doesn't.

        It was with this feeling of being able to get what he wanted that Donald's psychological pressure was immediately lightened.

        In addition, Lord Banks's attitude was so polite that Donald really felt at home.

        After the meal, Lord Banks asked Zayne to send the father and son out, and on the way back, Donald had a smug smile on his face.

        In any case, it was a good thing that he had established a connection with a top family like the Banks family. In the future, he might be able to develop some business cooperation, and the Banks family could take the Webb family to the next level with some resources.

        Sean could see his father's excitement, but he was a little upset in his heart.

        He didn't want his brother to recover, because once he did, he would grab the property from himself.

        The fact that Lord Banks suddenly threw out such an olive branch made him feel very up in arms.

        However, he did not dare to show such feelings in front of his father, so he could only ask, "Dad, should we report to Charlie  about the Bamks family's search for a feng shui master for us?"

        Donald said without hesitation, "Of course I can't report this kind of thing, otherwise in case Charlie wade makes some small moves behind the scenes, won't your brother have no chance of being cured?"

        Sean said with some concern, "But the mission Charlie wade has set for us is to come and be his double agent spy! If we deliberately conceal the clues involved and don't tell him, will he blame us in case he finds out?"

Chapter 2548

Donald Webb hesitated for a moment and spoke, "The situation definitely needs to be reported in part, but it's best to be reserved and avoid the heavy."

        Saying that, he took out his mobile phone and sent a voice message to Charlie wade: "Sir wade, you really are a godsend, Lord Banks invited me to dinner this evening and said at the table that he wanted to work closely with us, I have promised him that I will report to you in time if there is any movement from him next!"

        After receiving this message, Charlie wade replied to him with a single word "Good".

        When Donald received the word "good", he smiled slightly and said, "Look, isn't this a solution? What we need to do now is to make Charlie wade feel that we are doing our best for him on the one hand, and make Lord Banks feel that we are indeed a worthy candidate for his cultivation on the other hand. As long as we can do this well, we will be able to make the best of the two top families, the wade Family and the Banks Family!"


        This night, Fitz returned to Aurous Hill alone.

        Lord Banks gave him the task of not only continuing to try to find his mother and sister, but also to actively prepare for Stephanie concert in Aurous Hill soon, so that he could take this opportunity to chase her down.

        When Banks arrived in Aurous Hill, he went straight to his grandfather's old house in Aurous Hill.

        What he didn't expect was that his grandfather, great-uncle and second-uncle had all put aside their business and arrived in Aurous Hill, and had also started to mobilise all their resources to search for his mother and sister's whereabouts.

        When his grandfather, Lord Thorne, saw him, he was surprised and asked after him, "Fitz, you suddenly and inexplicably disappeared, where exactly did you go?"

        Fitz hurriedly told the story of how he had driven from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, and went to Suhang to meet with his father as well as his grandfather.

        However, he did not say anything about the Banks family's successor candidate.

        As soon as Lord Thorne heard that he had almost been beaten up by Lord Banks men and fled all the way to Aurous Hill, his heart was naturally very distressed for this grandson.

        Thinking of his daughter and granddaughter, whose whereabouts were unknown, he said with tears in his eyes, "Fitz, you've suffered! Don't worry, grandpa will not let you suffer again! Besides! Your two uncles and I will also stay in Aurous Hill for a while and do our utmost to find your mother and your sister! If they are still alive, everything will be fine, but if something bad happens to them, I will definitely not let that bastard grandfather of yours off the hook!"

        Hearing Grandpa's words, Fitz nodded heavily with red eyes.

        However, even he himself did not expect that at this moment, he suddenly had a hint of complacency in his heart.

        He also had the same kind of experience that Donald had of being able to get his way left and right.

        "Grandpa, who has always been strong, has to run over to please me for the sake of his reputation and his family, while Grandpa, on his side, is extra distressed about me because of all these things I've encountered ......"

        "If I really become the heir of the Banks family in the future, with the entire Banks family's huge business empire on one side and the powerful relationship background of the Thorne family on the other, then I could even take the Banks asked family to the next higher level in the future!"

        "If I can also successfully take Stephanie into my pocket, I will have reaped half of her family, by then, I will have combined the Banks family's assets, the Thorne family's background and half of Stephanie's family's industries, then I will be the richest man in the world! Who else under the heavens can compete with me?"

        "Now, it seems that my next priority is to take down Stephanie!"

        Thinking of this, a strong urge surged in Fitz's heart, he could not wait to turn Stephanie into his woman!

        The dream of becoming the richest man in the world was like a magic spell that quickly changed Fitz's heart.

        Now, he no longer cared about his mother and sister.

        All he wanted was to be the richest man in the world!