Amazing Son-in-law 2539-2540 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2539

Zayne’s words came to Lord Banks’s heart.

Although Lord Banks took the initiative to apologize to Zayne and Fitz  about Deana and Zara’s affairs as soon as he came up, deep down in his heart, he did not want Zayne. The father and son were troubled by this issue.

So Zayne took the initiative to change the topic now, just to cater to Lord Banks’s inner thoughts.

So he hurriedly said: “Zayne, you are right, we must work together to find out who is behind the scenes!”

With that said, he asked Zayne: “Who do you think is behind us?”

Zayne subconsciously said: “Dad, I think this matter is inseparable from the Wade family, 

but I don’t have any proof to prove that this matter is the Wade family’s work. I can only speculate through the Small video platform. 

The family should participate in it to a certain extent, and Aurous Hill is the Wade family’s sphere of influence, which is their home field.”

Lord Banks nodded and said seriously: “My previous thoughts were similar to You, but now I feel that the Wade family seems unlikely to have such strength, otherwise, they will not wait until today to start with us.”

Zayne fell into deep thought.

He had considered Lord banks ‘s point of view, and he didn’t understand it.

At this moment, Lord Banks looked at Fitz  on the side, pretending to be casual and asked: “By the way, what are your thoughts? Are there any clues that fit in your mind? “

Fitz  hurriedly said: Lord Bank…I…I really can’t think of any clues.”

Lord Banks nodded, then pretended to remember something, and said, “Oh, right! You and Zara were in Japan when you met a master? Who is that person? Have you found a clue?”

“No.” Fitz  said earnestly: “Zara has always wanted to find her benefactor, but we have tried many methods without any substantial progress.”

Lord Banks felt nervous and asked hurriedly: “You met him at that time, could you describe his Char, including looks and temperament, to me?”

Fitz  thought for a while and said, “My life savior should be about the same age as me, young, and he must be Chinese or Japanese Chinese. As He looks,

 he is honestly handsome, with facial features and facial features. They are all tough, but still very characteristic.”

Lord Banks asked him: “Could you find a professional in criminal investigation to help you make a portrait of a character?”

Fitz  hesitated for a moment, and said: “Lord, I thought about the portrait of people before and Zara, but to be honest, we only have a relationship with Benevolence, and we were too nervous about what happened that day. 

So we really want us to remember the appearance of Grace, but it is a little fade

…Unless we meet again, we can recognize it at a glance…”

Speaking of this, Fitz  couldn’t help but ask: “Lord Banks, why did you suddenly ask about Him? Do you suspect that He isthe one who controlling this time?”

Lord Banks sighed, pretending to say with emotion: “I am not suspicion, I am hope! I hope this benefactor will control everything behind his back this time. In this case, I believe that Zara and your mother will survive. Bigger.”

Fitz  nodded lightly, and said sincerely: ” a person with great supernatural powers. If it is really like what you said, I believe that it is much more likely that Mom and Zara will be alive, but we will find It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find him. The probability that he happened to be in Aurous Hill is very low.”

Lord Banks smiled slightly: “Even if the possibility is very low, there is still a possibility. We must think on the bright side of everything. 

If it is really him, then this incident is actually a misunderstanding. As long as the misunderstanding is resolved, this person may It may be used by our Bank family!”

After saying that, Lord Banks immediately ordered: “Fitz , except Zara, you are the only one who has seen the benefactor. He has saved you. So you listen to my instructions and go immediately with a high profile. Aurous Hill! See if you can bring out yout life savior !

Chapter 2540

When Zayne heard this, he subconsciously said, “LOrd, this place in Aurous Hill is very wicked!

James disappeared there. If you know the wrong and pass by, I am afraid…”

Lord Banks waved his hand: “Don’t be afraid! My guess is generally not wrong! What we have to do now is to lead the snake out of the cave.”

Zayne’s expression couldn’t help being a little tangled.

Zara’s footprint are still unknown and his life or death is still unknown, so he is really reluctant to let Fitz  go to Aurous Hill to take a big risk.

James was so high-profile that he was tied up as soon as he arrived in Aurous Hill.

If Fitz  is also very high-profile, then 80% will repeat the mistakes of James.

The only possibility of exemption is that the old man is imprisoned. The Hiden man who turned his hands in the clouds and covered his hands in the rain behind Aurous Hill is the benefactor who saved his son and daughter in Japan.

Just when he was hesitant, Fitz  mustered up the courage and said seriously: “Lord bank, I am willing to go to Aurous Hill!”

Lord Banks nodded in satisfaction, and smiled: “It’s the eldest grandson of my Bank family! The courage is extraordinary!”

After that, he asked again: “By the way, Fitz , I heard that you sponsored a concert before, and it seems to be held in Aurous Hill?”

Fitz  nodded: “Yes, Lord, I sponsored Stefanie, Miss Sun’s global tour. Aurous Hill is her first stop this year.”

Lord Banks smiled and said, “It turned out to be the girl from the Sun family! That girl is also very well-known now, so if you go to Aurous Hill this time, you can show up in the public eye in the name of sponsoring the concert.”

Fitz  hurriedly said: “Okay Lord, I understand!”

Lord Banks suddenly had a thought in his mind at this time: “Knowing this kid, he is definitely not doing anything idle, let alone a Boy who is not doing his job properly. Why do you want to sponsor a concert such a boring thing?”

“Things in the entertainment industry are indeed tall for ordinary people, but for super-class families, it’s not even a fart.”

“How many top stars in the entertainment industry have sharpened their heads and want to marry these  TOP Rich families, but the offspring of these Rich families are a little bit compelling, and they won’t even look at them.”

“I know it’s Bank’s grandson. If he beckons in the entertainment industry, I don’t know how many top female stars will rush forward desperately, but he ran to sponsor the concert of the girl from the Sun family.

 This is obviously a bit of a drunkard. Not interested in wine!”

Thinking of this, Lord Banks’s eyes turned, and he planned to give Fitz  a choice.

Therefore, he deliberately pretended to be very sincere, and sighed: “Oh, let me just say something to my heart. The girl of the Sun family is still very good overall. 

Although the strength of the family is not good, it is better than the image of this little girl. Good, and dignified!”

After that, he looked at Fitz  and said earnestly: “Fitz , you are now at the age of marrying a girl.

If you can catch the girl of the Sun family, it would be a good thing for the Bank family! “

Fitz  suddenly became excited when he heard this, and blurted out, “Grandpa…you…you will help me in pursuing Stefanie?!”