Amazing Son-in-law 2529-2530 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2529 

Donald Webb was still asleep when he was woken up by a phone call from Isaac Cameron.

        On the phone, Isaac Cameron told Donald webb that Charlie wade had asked him to take his eldest son to Aurous Hill by helicopter immediately.

        Not daring to delay, Donald Webb hurriedly got up and brought his son straight to Aurous Hill.

        At 10am, the helicopter that Donald Webb was travelling in gradually approached Isaac Cameron's hotel.

        As the helicopter continued to descend, Donald Webb could not help but recall the last time he was here, when his father and son were beaten out by Isaac Cameron's men.

        That time was the most humiliating day in Donald Webb's life.

        Not only were a number of Webb family experts, including those, having highly humiliating statements carved on their foreheads, but even himself and his son were violently beaten out the door by Isaac Cameron.

        Thinking back to that moment, Donald Webb's fists could not help but clench.

        But then he suddenly thought of the Eight Heavenly Kings who were buried at the foot of Changbai Mountain.

        He could not help but shiver at the thought of the Eight Heavenly Kings' tragic deaths.

        It was because of the death of the Eight Heavenly Kings that he realised the most crucial fact: Charlie wade was strong enough to kill himself, or even his whole family.

        The Eight Heavenly Kings had fought against Charlie wade on his own orders, and the fact that Charlie wade had killed them without taking his own life was already his own creation.

        Plus, now that he knew Charlie wade's true identity, he became a little more scornful of Charlie wade.

        At this time, Donald Webb's eldest son, who was beside him, said with some concern, "Dad, what exactly do you think Charlie wade is looking for us for?"

        Donald Webb hurriedly scolded, "Bastard, is it possible for you to call Mr. Wade by his name?"

        His eldest son said with some aggravation, "Dad, isn't this a private conversation between us? Why are you so sensitive ......"

        Donald Webb blurted out, "You're not stupid! What is the status of Mr. Wade? The young master of the wade family, a top expert! He can kill the eight Heavenly Kings by himself! Don't mess with him, even if you call him by his name behind his back, you'll easily get into trouble!"

        His Eldest son bristled, "Dad. Aren't you being a bit too sensitive?"

        "Sensitive?" Donald Webb asked him rhetorically, "Did you watch that video on the short video platform yesterday?"

        "No." His eldest son said, "Ever since that thing with my brother and the comic of those two ba st ards were both uploaded to the short video platform, I stopped playing the short video platform, but I did receive the news push and probably knew what was going on."

        Hearing His Eldest son mention that, Donald Webb couldn't help but feel a little diarrhea in his heart, forcing himself to hold back his anger and asked him, "Then do you think, apart from Duke wade in Aurous Hill, what other person has the ability and courage to directly kidnap the second duke of the Banks family?"

        His Eldest son thought about it, and his expression could not help but be a little nervous as he said, "This ...... Dad, according to what you mean, the second son of the Banks family was kidnapped by Duke wade?"

        Donald Webb said, "In my opinion, this matter, in the entire Aurous Hill, only Duke wade has the strength to do this, except for him, no one has a chance ......"

        "I go ......" his eldest son couldn't help but exclaim, "Why did Duke wade suddenly make a move against the Banks family?! It couldn't be that he wants to declare war with the Banks family, right?!"

        Donald Webb shook his head, "I'm not sure exactly why, but as far as I know, the wade family and the Banks family have always had a long-standing feud, so it's possible that Duke wade is trying to avenge his father."

        His eldest son shrank his neck and sighed, "His style of action is too fierce, the second young master of the Banks family just arrived in Aurous Hill and let him kidnap him, he is not afraid that the Banks family will find him and then take mad revenge ......"

        Donald Webb seriously said, "With his strength of being able to kill the Eight Heavenly Kings by himself, his kidnapping of the Banks family's second young master would only be as simple as a cat catching a mouse."

Chapter 2530

If the Banks family really went against Duke wade, it is possible that Duke wade could have killed Lord Banks by himself, and with his ability, it would not be in China to kill all the Banks family members one by one. To toy with him and torture him."

        His eldest son couldn't help but feel a sense of panic.

        Seeing that he was pale, Donald Webb reminded in a stern voice, "When you see Duke wade later, make sure to give him enough respect, put your posture to the lowest, I don't let you speak, you don't say anything, understand?!"

        His eldest son hurriedly nodded, "I know dad ......"

        The helicopter landed on the roof of the hotel, where Isaac Cameron was already waiting.

        As soon as Donald Webb took his eldest son off the plane, he hurriedly walked up to Isaac Cameron and said respectfully, "Mr. Cameron, I'm really flattered to bother you to greet me personally ......"

        Saying that, he gave his eldest son a colour and spoke, "Why don't you hurry up and say hello to Mr. Cameron!"

        Donald Webb's Eldest son said, "Good day, Mr. Cameron ......"

        Isaac Cameron nodded and spoke, "You two come with me, the young master is already waiting in my office."

        Donald Webb hurriedly followed behind Isaac Cameron and arrived at Isaac Cameron's office on the top floor of the hotel.

        At this moment, Charlie wade was standing in front of the glass window of his office with his hands folded.

        After Isaac Cameron brought the man in, Donald Webb hurriedly stepped forward, arched his hand and said respectfully, "Greetings, Mr. Wade!"

        His eldest son also followed suit and said respectfully, "Greetings, Sir wade!"

        Charlie wade nodded slightly and spoke, "Donald Webb, do you know why I've come to see you today?"

        Donald Webb couldn't help but shake his head and said, "Sir wade, I really don't know what you are looking for me to come here for, so I would like to ask you to explain."

        Charlie wade said indifferently, "I saved the Banks family's eldest daughter-in-law and eldest granddaughter yesterday, and then kidnapped the Banks family's second son, James, by the way.

        Donald Webb tiger body shook as he hurriedly said, "Back to Sir wade, we already know all of what you said."

        Charlie wade gave a hmph and continued, "Early this morning, Lord Banks, the head of the Banks family, quietly went to Suhang, I reckon that apart from wanting to go to Suhang to hide from the wind this time, he wants to use Suhang as a frontline position to come to Aurous Hill to investigate these few matters, especially to find the whereabouts of his second son."

        Donald Webb was busy asking, "Sir wade, are you declaring war with the Banks family?"

        Charlie wade smiled, "Declare war? Declaring war would be meaningless, the Banks family has always liked to play dirty, so naturally I won't play openly with them either."

        Donald Webb stepped forward and cupped his fist, "Sir wade, if there is anything I can do for you, please just give me an order!"

        Charlie wade nodded and said, "There is something I really need your help with."

        Donald Webb busily said, "Please speak, Sir wade."

        Charlie wade opened his mouth and said, "I presume that Lord Banks will definitely take the initiative to contact the local clans in Suhang, including your Webb family, and they might ask you about the situation in Aurous Hill, or they might throw an olive branch at you and ask you to become an affiliated clan of the Banks family and work for them."

        Donald Webb hurriedly stated, "Don't worry, Sir wade, I will follow your lead and will never have any kind of connection with the Banks Family!"

        Charlie wade waved his hand, "No, I need you to establish contact with the Banks family!"